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Frosty #shorts

Frosty #shorts

Published on 5 months ago

#handsomer #shorts #russ

Welcome back everyone! Todays music freestyle #shorts video is (russ #handsomer remix ft ktlyn) If you enjoy these videos or even halo infinite content Feel free to subscribe. Also don't forget to destroy that like button and leave a comment with some feedback!

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Everyday1420 Everyday1420 . 1 month ago
This is the only version I've heard. I didn't know it was a remix
Sarah Fonseca Sarah Fonseca . 2 months ago
She is the reason I LOVE THIS SONG
Josh Johnson Josh Johnson . 2 months ago
She pitting heat🔥🔥🔥💥
Peace4V Peace4V . 2 months ago
He finee
David Beane David Beane . 2 months ago
Lol man claims to have money, which we all know Is an asset. chick is just a self proclaimed gold digger and lier that brings nothing but a pretty face and demands "perks" for a " Pusey that work more than an airmans purse"... ? What ever that means hahah Internet kan keep that one lol
Michael Vasquez Michael Vasquez . 2 months ago
I don't give a [email protected]#^ she is one bad B1!%$
Pablo Avina Pablo Avina . 2 months ago
Joseph Esparza Joseph Esparza . 2 months ago
Joel Partida Joel Partida . 2 months ago
Auto Girl Auto Girl . 3 months ago
She is dope

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