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Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Coffee Cup Coffee Cup . 3 days ago
Honestly it’s just not fun entertainment anymore. Nothing is funny in movies anymore , everything has a weird message about feelings, I can’t remember how many times the characters in buzz light year were sad and all in their feelings. Ugh it’s just depressing nowadays to watch movies.
V1ntage V1ntage . 3 days ago
How about this stop using buzz words and just accept that you can’t change peoples opinions on themselves so shut up act professionally and grow the hell up
no joke, i'm literally an elf no joke, i'm literally an elf . 3 days ago
Do kids really connect the idea of mom and dad with, "the way they made me is by having sex". Probably not. I don't speak for everyone but for myself when I was raised I just thought of my parents as the people who take care of me and love me, not related to how they made me. How is that any different from two women or two men . When your a kid raised in the right family, you won't think any different if two people of the same sex kiss apposed to to people of the opposite sex. This isn't ruining kids minds, it's not forcing anything on them, if you raised them to be respectful and not see to see someone differently based on what gender they like, it shouldn't be a big deal.
Inez Inez . 4 days ago
So instead of the birds and the bees it's the birds and the birds. Kids will ask the question regardless of the couple's sexuality. Both should be acceptable.
Phoenix Luna Phoenix Luna . 4 days ago
We are imposing ideas on kids that being gay or being a lesbian is normal. It is not.
The Sheq The Sheq . 4 days ago
Gotta disagree here. I thought Disney was gonna make a big thing out of it but they didn’t even show the kiss, just showed her turning her head. I don’t think it’s that big of deal imo because homosexuality is being more accepted and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing unless it’s flaunted and has no relevance to the movie. For example secrets of Dumbledore said that Dumbledore is gay and never really played into that at all. Like it was only there to pander to alt lifestyles, which is bad. However disney didn’t insert it to insert it. They needed to show a family and chose a lesbian couple, which is ok.

Idk if im explaining the difference very well
Cheers ! Cheers ! . 4 days ago
"we have to get into the sexual behavior aspect" fundamentalists believe women's only function is making babies, they can't imagine people being in love without compulsory heterosexuality and biological purpose. you don't really have to get into the sexual behavior aspect and anyways, sex to produce babies is a component of the idealized relationship Ben is describing. ppl just love.
chadsworth gigafuck chadsworth gigafuck . 4 days ago
This argument would work if making babies wasn't sexual. Sometimes Ben needs to have an opposing thought on a subject.
LessRoffensive LessRoffensive . 4 days ago
Thanks Ben I think hirer up people are all stupid and blind I love your views you are so right with everything you say
Skit Su Skit Su . 4 days ago
"Are we supposed to pretend?"
-Ben Shapiro, young/adult guidance
I C I C . 4 days ago
Why can’t children learn about birth, wether it be hetero, adoption or IVF. They should have the right to know.
Casey Hazelton Casey Hazelton . 4 days ago
Jesus Christ, we got much bigger problems than two girls kissing in a Disney movie, if you don't like it don't take your kids to see it simple as that. Fine we'll add a new category to the rating system, now it's rated PG for violence, and gayness. BOOM problem solved
Princess Jamaima Recta Princess Jamaima Recta . 5 days ago
Please run for president. You make so much more sense that the leaders we currently have
¥u§h¡rø_美しい ¥u§h¡rø_美しい . 5 days ago
Sorry but wtf did I just watch.
Which movie are we talking about,please something clear it
Josette W.E Josette W.E . 6 days ago
My opinion is that kids show should not have any interaction of love or deeper meaning like kids doesnt need to know that they are learning basic stuff that are more needed
joe moma joe moma . 6 days ago
Clips like this make me realize how smart Ben Shapiro is
Nuha Ismaeel Nuha Ismaeel . 6 days ago
When I was a kid I thought women could just become pregnant whenever they wanted. I had no idea you needed a man to take part 💀
Death & a BlackWhole Death & a BlackWhole . 6 days ago
Either way, I believe a couple weather married or not shouldn't be in a kids movie. Now Lightyear is a Family film and not a kids movie. But I don't think a relationship same sex couple or not shouldn't be in a kids movie. It should be left out of kids movies. Because it causes kids to grow up quicker. I mean if you don't agree then let kids watch Heavy Metal, Porky's, or Shawshank Redemption, and see how fast these kids grow up. I mean look at Rugrats(classic) or Land Before Time. Those shows are made for kids and only focus on kids being kids. The only relationship in those films or show is friendship, which is the only relationship that should be shown in kids films or shows.
goongalagoaly goongalagoaly . 6 days ago
I got jumped in April for bringing up this concept I'm in highschool btw
TSC gaming TSC gaming . 7 days ago
Have christians not heard of insemination yet? Was that chapter not on the Bible?
Lauren Fife Lauren Fife . 7 days ago
My younger brother doesn’t understand anything about homosexuality, because he’s 8, but he watched the movie for the 2nd or third time yesterday, and was saying that it was weird that there were two women together, and that they were married, he was telling me how it was weird and that he was confused because one of them was pregnant, and they eventually had a child, he didn’t ask how because he doesn’t know how children are made but kept saying how weird it is. This is clearly proof to me that a lot of “lgbtq youth” is mainly by parental influence, granted we live in a Christian household, but again my 8 year old brother doesn’t know about homosexuality and what’s wrong with it, but he still found it very weird that two women were together, and had a child.
Sarah Pepper Sarah Pepper . 7 days ago
I’m just not sure kids think about it that deeply. I grew up watching classic Disney movies and I just learnt that kissing is a symbol of love (and not always after marriage either). I learnt that even though I never saw my parents kiss, since they’re anti PDA. So I disagree that kissing in a Disney type movie is ever sexually explicit and you don’t need to explain scissoring to children
QueenAdiTheKing QueenAdiTheKing . 7 days ago
Yes. It is morally equivalent. If a child asked me , why are two women together in that film I could tell them that women can love each other the same way as men and women do. You don't have to go into a sexual aspect. Also the line 'You can be tolerant without thinking they are morally equivalent' is pretty homophobic . Someone needed to say that.
Simplybeef Simplybeef . 7 days ago
Personally I hate ALL "love" lord of the rings anytime Aragorn and arwen shows up I always fast forward's just boring to me
JustGettinStarted JustGettinStarted . 7 days ago
This is just stupid. The idea that it's somehow explicit due to it being sexualised since they are gay and have a child? How do you draw that parallel... Why would you have to explain how they had a child, considering that it's not explained to children at a young age how straight couples have a child?? It's not overtly sexual and at this point you're just grasping at straws
origamipein18 origamipein18 . 7 days ago
Never saw Lightyear. Never will.
Eden Hatrley Eden Hatrley . 1 week ago
At first I didn't know what to think about this man but good God I don't know what to think about any of you
Andrija Bozic Andrija Bozic . 1 week ago
It's a fucking kiss, grow up
WistyGames WistyGames . 1 week ago
But isn't talking about where babies come from in a heterosexual level more innapropriate to kids than a small kiss?
Silver Star Silver Star . 1 week ago
Wait but like kids wont ask where babies are from after seeing people kiss on screen, especially after one scene.
Sumaya Sumaya . 1 week ago
I was watching this with my little brother and we were watching the movie and I saw it and I turned it off… he started asking questions I wasn’t comfortable answering… I’m happy I watched it before showing it to my students at school.
LadyRavenshaw LadyRavenshaw . 1 week ago
This is a loaded question and much to think about. The American culture is at a point where there most likely will need to be censored material again. Now before y'all blow my head off ....

The woke culture is all about including everyone right. With that logic then the culture will have to come to terms that some people are not going to agree and that it is taking away their freedoms. How do you solve this moral dilemma? Well no kissing on TV. No wait, no relationships. Done ,one size that fits all, problem solved. No one is affected or offended. 👏 Good job 👍 what's next......
Brandon Brandon . 1 week ago
I’ve been doing this thing that I don’t watch or let my kids watch Disney. Simple and effective
Reuspincer Reuspincer . 1 week ago
I was also thinking the same thing for the child thing but I was thinking like how have we got to the point where now we have to make things gay/lesbian to make all people happy you can’t do that and then make a child a main character
weeb weeb . 1 week ago
Bro how much iq you have
you opened a new door for me to think even more about these things ty
Aquarian Christianity Aquarian Christianity . 1 week ago
It's unnatural: It doesn't produce babies. It's sick to show that to kids.
Madeline Armitage Madeline Armitage . 1 week ago
People seem to forget that these movies and shows are made for children and not full grown adults. Not saying an adult can’t watch them but they are overall for kids.
Local Viewer of Geodes Local Viewer of Geodes . 1 week ago
Like there are different roles- conventionally so that needs to be accounted for. Do mothers and fathers need to take on different roles? No, effectively they can take on each other's roles for their children if their is the desire (minus the biological aspects obviously). However, sex was not inherently brought into the film by a kiss- that doesent happen, it wasn't brought in by people being parents- its no different a question then if someone asked where babies came from, instead it's an additional layer of "how do they have a baby?" Why is the question being treated as if it's different? It's the same in nature as the former.
JT_827 JT_827 . 1 week ago
They live on an alien planet, they can do whatever the hell they want over there but on Earth I’ll stick to Toy Story and The Incredibles
the insanely cool jared kleinman the insanely cool jared kleinman . 1 week ago
you are just throwing around big words to hide the fact you don’t know what the f_ck you’re talking about
the insanely cool jared kleinman the insanely cool jared kleinman . 1 week ago
how is that any different than explaining straight couples getting pregnant in children’s movies?
ᠻꪶꪊᠻᠻꪗ ρ𝓲ꪶꪶꪮ᭙𝘴 ᠻꪶꪊᠻᠻꪗ ρ𝓲ꪶꪶꪮ᭙𝘴 . 1 week ago
Ben is one of the reasons I haven’t given up hope for this world.
David Lee David Lee . 1 week ago
Is the explanation of procreation innate if it is heterosexual? But a learned behaviour if it is homosexual?
Zane Meckel Zane Meckel . 1 week ago
Your so homophobic
Mckae Tieman Mckae Tieman . 1 week ago
If your kid is curious about same sex couples just say that People can like the same sex , it happens sometimes, you don't have to go in depth about reproductive systems and stupid shit like that
Roby O Roby O . 1 week ago
Dr strange movie the character america had 2 moms 🙄
DOOMspork DOOMspork . 1 week ago
The daughter made a comment that she wasn't alone she had her mom her other mom and her father not that I'm justifying the act but they did explain where she came from
RaoulasaurasRex RaoulasaurasRex . 1 week ago
I refuse to operate on the premise that heterosexuality isn't normal, and that it's the same as homosexuality at a moral level. It isn't.
noobslayer NEWB SLAYER noobslayer NEWB SLAYER . 1 week ago
Nobody cares it’s a future movie with aliens. Anything is possible i guess

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