Play / Download MLB Pitchers Are Cheating Again But It's Ok Now
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Baseball Doesn't Exist

Baseball Doesn't Exist

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Peace Peace . 2 minutes ago
If they would have been suspended for life, there wouldn't be any cheating at all...
Matt Hix Matt Hix . 16 minutes ago
Works better if you snort it
sillysausage72 sillysausage72 . 2 hours ago
How about you kick them out of the league permanently once caught?! Simple as that. Smh.
Wolfdog Wolfdog . 3 hours ago
Sounds like they have a skill issue
weichenus weichenus . 4 hours ago
I would rather not getting hit in the face.
bestplayerhear bestplayerhear . 6 hours ago
not worth watching MLB anymore. I've been watching the NBA instead the last few years but I suspect Steph Curry is using an aimbot so I might have to stop watching sports altogether.
H1Z1 Logic H1Z1 Logic . 6 hours ago
Beej H. Beej H. . 6 hours ago
Honestly anything to make that game more interesting can’t hurt
Jonathon Davis Jonathon Davis . 7 hours ago
i don’t really get the like fiddling with your jersey or something, when i pitch i always mess with my jersey and have no clue why and have never used anything to cheat i mean there’s probably a lot of pitchers that are using a substance that do but idk just my perspective
x9x9x9x9x9 x9x9x9x9x9 . 7 hours ago
Why not implement a new rosin bag that is actually good? I get pitchers could just cheat still but if the rosin bag was like a half as strong maybe pine tar? I personally wish pitchers wouldn't use this garbage because most fans especially those who are more casual fans want to see offensive plays, home runs, etc... NOT pitching battles. One of my favorite clips of all time is Yadier Molina having a ball stuck to his chest protector because the sticky crap the pitcher was using. It was so strong it literally caused the ball to stick. For a long time after that happened I was ignorant and just thought it was some how caught on the stitching or something but no it was just the spidertak stuff.
Isaac Shuster S Isaac Shuster S . 8 hours ago
And people still argue that athletes don't use absolutely every advantage they can get
Eric M Eric M . 9 hours ago
I will never understand the appeal of baseball. It seems like the winner is just whoever cheats the hardest it sounds like basically every player or team is cheating
Pierre Beasley Pierre Beasley . 12 hours ago
Baseball is garbage. Rampant cheating, pitchers are weak minded and will throw a pitch at u, demon Hernandez still has a job, and I could hit a home run in one stadium that wouldn’t be in every other stadium in the country. Baseball is not americas pastime.
SPOTTED SPOTTED . 14 hours ago
The baseballs are too slick.
MattleW MattleW . 14 hours ago
I don't like, watch nor understand baseball. But this video was still good. Good work
LennyG LennyG . 18 hours ago
The spots on the hat aren’t necessarily substances. I’ve been a pro pitcher for 4 yrs and I naturally lick my fingers and go to the exact same spot on my hat every time. I have a dark circle on every one of my hats
MrWerewolve MrWerewolve . 19 hours ago
These pitchers today just suck apparently. Baseball has been played for decades. How are they just now complaining about not getting a grip on the ball…
Man Bear Pig Man Bear Pig . 20 hours ago
Imagine living in a world where there is no cheating in professional sports.. LoL.
Bombarded1 Bombarded1 . 21 hours ago
Pitcher’s hit u with a pitch throw your batt upside his head they will learn how to pitch without being a fakn cheat I say Pete Rose their azzes #BanTheCheats screw college & professional sports it’s a scam of cheating bytchez
CosmicJefe CosmicJefe . 22 hours ago
Red Sox WS rhey definitely use a foreign substance during playoff games and later had a huge white spot on pitcher hat. Nothing was even said about it
Rat Man Rat Man . 23 hours ago
not how the game works, but ok bud
justletmepostthis justletmepostthis . 24 hours ago
@4:19 - I didn't Know that Shia LaBeouf played Baseball. LOL.

Time To Fly.
geoffa87 geoffa87 . 1 day ago
I mean, it's been widely known for decades that pitchers use foriegn substances. They even point it out in the movie major league. The line was crossed when they started using things like spider tack.
Chip Manly Chip Manly . 1 day ago
Baseball is a garbage sport.
Swamp Fox Swamp Fox . 1 day ago
Here is the issue. Fans don’t go to games to watch strike outs. They are not just cheating other players.
Shane_ Harris Shane_ Harris . 1 day ago
I’m a little late but as a player for a while I noticed that most of these actions with there hands are usually just a simple habit to pick up. Yes it is common to hide substances underneath the belt or on there pants but a lot of times it’s just a habit that you pick up especially when your sweating or are uncomfortable when it comes to the weather and it’s very common to see this happen
Con Troller Con Troller . 1 day ago
Elephant Grass Elephant Grass . 1 day ago
As a person who doesn’t really care about baseball and only got here from the algorithm and watching sports highlights of other sports, I don’t care about sticky stuff. Just make baseball more interesting and maybe I might spend money and time watching games.
Tasteapiana Tasteapiana . 1 day ago
It's all 100% corrupt. They changed the ball back in the 1990s and guys who had been hitting 40 home runs per year suddenly began hitting 70+. Disgusting. I was a huge baseball fan from when I was a kid in the 1970s until McGwire and Bonds supposedly broke all the records. When that happened I stopped watching and haven't watched another game since. The bean counters totally destroyed the whole thing by making it into a hyped tabloid racket. Professional sports is just an insulting lie and I hope it collapses and all the owners go bankrupt, they deserve it.
T M T M . 1 day ago
Caught cheating should be a longer punishment. Its a game, youre an adult.
SkyHigh Fadedguy SkyHigh Fadedguy . 1 day ago
I wouldn’t mind letting pitchers use substances but it’d be nice to let batters use metal bats so both sides have an equal advantage, that could ruin baseball tho so nvm
Auto Auto . 1 day ago
So you can pull a Trevor Bauer and win a cy young award while openly admitting to using sticky stuff and people barely bat an eye but Fernando Tatis jr who never failed a drug test only to fail it once is called a cheater and is suspended 80 games
douglepong douglepong . 1 day ago
Morale of the story is just cheat in life. Don't be a hero.
Lewie(PoStAlOnE) Lewie(PoStAlOnE) . 1 day ago
if no one is allowed spider tack then george brett is banned from telling shitpants stories
douglepong douglepong . 1 day ago
So... because pitchers cheated for so long.. it became more detrimental to take away the banned substance .. than letting pitchers continue to use them..
Freedom Canada Freedom Canada . 1 day ago
Get paid very well why is being checked a problem. Your all pathetic. Million dollar toddlers have a tantrum
Brent Y Brent Y . 1 day ago
Pitchers can't grip the ball 😂🤣👌👍
They're threatening to hit players on purpose if they don't get their way. Bunch of grown ass babies. The balls already get covered in tacky mud beforehand. Jfhc.
Mosbyraid2000 Mosbyraid2000 . 1 day ago
I guess since heating is common amongst the members of the government it must be ok for pitchers too, right? This country is going right down the tubes.
Lord Vong Lord Vong . 1 day ago
Pretty dumb that the batters don't wear a face visor/shield of some sort
Jp_8513 Jp_8513 . 1 day ago
Scherzer and Romo guilty for sure
Ameen Al-Omari Ameen Al-Omari . 1 day ago
good video but holy shit the music in your videos is annoying af
shawnye west shawnye west . 1 day ago
Imagine watching this video and drinking every time “foreign substance is uttered”
That guy That guy . 1 day ago
@pancakelmao hi
Philip House Philip House . 1 day ago
Every pro sport has a majority of cheaters. Thats what creates a cycle of cheaters throughout generations. Makes you realize these athletes aren't really that good at all.
Poncho_ X Poncho_ X . 2 days ago
Most pitchers are doing it. MLB needs to take a stance on this and then stick to it. Period. Let's just put this issue to bed and be done with it. One way or the other, at this point I really don't care.
Viking6 Viking6 . 2 days ago
Niekro had an emory board not sand paper
Trevor Rasbury Trevor Rasbury . 2 days ago
This is why I don’t watch baseball
AlaskanYeti907 AlaskanYeti907 . 2 days ago
This has been backed by decades of evidence: pitchers are the biggest babies on the planet
Down the Wind Down the Wind . 2 days ago
It’s simple, folks. If you cheat, you are sheet.

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