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Published on 1 week ago

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Check out my reaction to benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions MV | REACTION!!!


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Akhangnungla S Akhangnungla S . 20 hours ago
Love your reactions 🤍✨Can you please react to How can i love the heartbreak by Jisoo AKMU... 🤍✨color code
Zarchiii Zarchiii . 21 hours ago
Plss react to XG tippy topes😎😎
teentitans0789 teentitans0789 . 2 days ago
React to Itzy - Racer, Voltage, 365
Kaori Senpai Kaori Senpai . 2 days ago
Could you react to NEWJEANS X ATTENTION
Lino Lino . 2 days ago
BRO you need to react to lesserafim fearless (if you havent yet) their debut is soooo good you should react to it!!
J Hnninn J Hnninn . 2 days ago
Can you please react to kiss by the song is sooo underrated and the whole group!
mari ana mari ana . 2 days ago
Watch and record reaction to CL- Tie A Cherry plssssss
Robert Lopez Robert Lopez . 2 days ago
Im just curious, where did you get that blackpink poster on the background.
Atenate Beans Atenate Beans . 3 days ago
wow! good vibe song💜💜💜
MacabreRomance MacabreRomance . 3 days ago
He showed up late after all that prep I’d cry 😂😭😭😭
MacabreRomance MacabreRomance . 3 days ago
He showed up late after all that prep I’d cry 😂😭😭😭
pls react to beomhan jay the awakening
mochi mochi ng mochi mochi ng . 4 days ago
Pls react to snsds comeback mv forever 1, they had a 5 yr hiatus
Luz Ayllon Luz Ayllon . 4 days ago
Benny he's to fanny he represents us getting ready for a Our BTS consert so fanny our vocal line amazing biutifull Snnopy love him🤟💜💜💜💜
Melondy Hopkins Melondy Hopkins . 4 days ago
Please do Forever1 by Girls Generation!!!
Zehranur🌸 Zehranur🌸 . 5 days ago
Can you add Turkish subtitles to your videos?
Sherri Bellard Sherri Bellard . 5 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 I really enjoy any video you review all over again 💪
Hebaha1 Hebaha1 . 5 days ago
Please react to girls generation new mv Forever 1
Sótano Sótano . 5 days ago
Bro, you gotta react to Twice Jihyo "I Fly" It's a beautiful song
zi ho zi ho . 5 days ago
Please reaction to new jeans
The book of AURA The book of AURA . 5 days ago
Everyone sang this line" ooh aah"😂😂😂 BTS ❤️❤️❤️
Teresa Galer Teresa Galer . 5 days ago
they did a great jib depicting what army goes theu to get to acinceet and the.potfalls. i went to the roseboel rven guve grs before the traffuc was bad. then the rules on taking things into the stafium. i had ti check my wallet it was roi big fir the plastic bag and i had ri check my.merchandusr too. did not have xash and i had to find sn atm. the criwds and lines were beyind anything
then getting home wss a nightmare i had to pay suoer high pricr yheu.lyft to get back to my hotrl in korea town. i.coildnt walj two and half miles into.pasadrna . i madr some bad decisions. .lol yeo lostening to music and oucking your clothes. i font get the camping oit either.
Pearle Pearle . 5 days ago
I show up 20mins early 😆 and that's it enough to walk to my assigned seat 😆
Monny Golden
🍄 Monny Golden 🍄 . 5 days ago
Eu não entendi nada do que ele disse mas ri muito ksk
stubbie196886 stubbie196886 . 5 days ago
All the vocal lines were impressive, but Taehyung got that deeper resonance in his voice that you even reacted to. Me, I was like "damn!"
Christine Enright Christine Enright . 5 days ago
Interesting that you and most of the comments are focused on the music video and not the song. The song is well produced and follows Benny Blanco's hit making formula. It sounds like many of his other songs-- Maroon 5 could easily have sung it. I am sure it will get air play ( which is denied to BTS's own music) and will be a hit but it is a waste of the talent of the Jin, Jimin, JK and V.
ArmySince2016 ArmySince2016 . 5 days ago
Let’s help Bad Decisions chart higher 😞 why do I feel Armys are not making much effort for this masterpiece. This involves our vocal line and they for sure made a lot of effort for this track. Let’s go Armys! Let’s do this for Bangtan 💜
This song is addictive!!
kobedog1225 kobedog1225 . 5 days ago
Early for the Merch!!!!!! Hahaaa! And sound check!!! Army best fandom!
Arielle Renee Arielle Renee . 6 days ago
ARMY dance anytime of the day, everyday to BTS. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Tania Cruz Tania Cruz . 6 days ago
Your laugh is so contagious 🤭😂 thanks for your reaction 🥰 love the song and MV💜💜💜💜
Diana Latimer Diana Latimer . 6 days ago
That would be me worried about the cake and not the mess in the car
California Ducky Mom. 덕희맘 California Ducky Mom. 덕희맘 . 6 days ago
Benny is a Genius
Min Izzy Min Izzy . 6 days ago
People like to get there early for the merch
Melody wilson Melody wilson . 6 days ago
i loved it
Jai Gee Jai Gee . 7 days ago
PLUS, the song is SO DANGED CATCHY! After I heard it, I couldn't get it out of my head. LOVE IT!
keira albadri keira albadri . 7 days ago
bris I'm literally waiting for a reaction on enhypen's paradoXXX invasion pleaseeeeeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nelly Mulyani Nelly Mulyani . 7 days ago
#PURPLE BTS #PURPLE BTS . 7 days ago
I love to watch your reaction videos 💜✨
WiNz GaMeRz WiNz GaMeRz . 7 days ago
Please react to #P1Harmony from #fnc
Sra. Anton Sra. Anton . 7 days ago
Benny represents ARMY 💜
BigBangPhoenix BigBangPhoenix . 7 days ago
snoop saved the song
katharina wonga katharina wonga . 7 days ago
Oot but please react to Girls’ Generation’s early comeback please. Im always looking forward to your reaction on their comeback 🥺
Travis Travis . 7 days ago
The song is mid
Ledie Adaya Ledie Adaya . 7 days ago
Can you do a reaction in NEW JEANS-HYPE BOY.. thank you!
Kaiworld Kaiworld . 1 week ago
Tesa Woda Lado Tesa Woda Lado . 1 week ago
Jadedragon Jadedragon . 1 week ago
Would love to have seen the boys in the video.
its sihamfn its sihamfn . 1 week ago
I can't get enough of your reactions, I just LOVE IT. it's my first time to request something so PLEAAAAASE REACT to " FAMOUS WEDDING SHOW (FULL) 2022 Quick Style " ❤❤❤
Monalisa Elias Monalisa Elias . 1 week ago
Queria curtir mil vezes esse vídeo

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