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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Published on 9 months ago

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I never get lonely
I got these ghosts to keep me company
I took the rearview off this old Ford so I only see in front of me
Now the past is out of sight and out of mind
Swore I changed, now I’m back chasing these white lines.

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

These backroads got me
These pills pretend to be my friend
I’m done for the last time
I’m lying to myself again
I always say that
Now I’m on my way back here somehow
I should know by now

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

Mistakes I made I paid for them in cash
Walked a million miles on broken glass
I’m feeling like I’m fading
My hearts been slowing breaking
Might pop a pill, and smoke and maybe drink
Talk to God and tell him what I think
At first He’s gonna hate me
But eventually He’ll save me

I’m just a long haired son of a sinner
Searching for new ways I can get gone
I’m a pedal to the highway if you ever wonder why we write these songs
‘Cause I’m only one drink away from the devil
I’m only one call away from home
Yeah, I’m somewhere in the middle
I guess I’m just a little
Right and wrong

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trenton kofod trenton kofod . 2 hours ago
Now im back chasing them white lines !!! . Man that hits hard . Im Still struggling. But your music is saving me . Thank you jelly roll
MSG_ Smxsh MSG_ Smxsh . 3 hours ago
This song just kept me from getting loaded, thank you...
Chris Dropulich Chris Dropulich . 4 hours ago
I could listen to this over and over again, or should I say I already do. It touches your soul, especially mine. Thank you Jelly.
Riley Poe Riley Poe . 6 hours ago
I’m strictly a rap fan and this song prolly one of the best songs ever
Jason Jetton Jason Jetton . 7 hours ago
Thanks for your great music I'm very grateful to you
David Redden David Redden . 8 hours ago
Jelly you have no idea how this song hits home
kyle morrison kyle morrison . 8 hours ago
I just want to say that I love this song and they are playing it on the biggest country station in my area of Florida 93.7 k country
Maxim Maxim Maxim Maxim . 9 hours ago
I’m really happy for your brother! Hard work and God got you here. It takes both. And I know, you know that!!
10th planet striking 10th planet striking . 15 hours ago
Maaavarty Beeler Maaavarty Beeler . 16 hours ago
Long Head song of Santa searching from you ways I can get gone cuz I'm better to the highway if you ever wonder why we can watch me song
Gabriel Oresanya Gabriel Oresanya . 16 hours ago
American version of Rag n Bone man
Christian May Christian May . 18 hours ago
Christian may tour in Chicago
Andrew Stagg Andrew Stagg . 1 day ago
Okay I don't make comments a lot because I usually have nothing to say, but damn... Jelly Roll is crazy talented and those vocals, I wish I could actually afford to see him live some day, the guy is incredible on and off stage!
ssky0078 ssky0078 . 1 day ago
I was driving through Utah and this came on Y2K and I was like ‘hell yeah jelly breaking barriers in all places’
XMR_Mudslayer1k XMR_Mudslayer1k . 1 day ago
awesome song! my local country radio station plays this and I'm in Canada 👍
Timothy Scott McMillen Timothy Scott McMillen . 1 day ago
This is one of the best songs I have ever heard for anyone who has experienced true loss of a love one and tried at every turn to do the right thing even if it wasn't expected by the world took the hard road with no thought of him self Great song
Mr top 6 Mr top 6 . 1 day ago
I Love You song
Malayia Knapp Malayia Knapp . 1 day ago
My dad loved your music he loved Save Me and he committed suicide December 23, 2021 and you come out with this song and it keeps me going!! Thank you!
Bob Higgins Peirce Bob Higgins Peirce . 1 day ago
August 12, 22
Jelly...thank you for sharing your gift. So many people can relate and I am comforted, knowing I'm not alone in fighting the bullshit life throws at me. I'm sure many feel the same. Previous comments from others speaks the same. Thank you Jelly
dobby9dob dobby9dob . 1 day ago
They play this In ontario on kicks 106. So nice to hear one of my favorite artists make there way to the radio!!! Hope to hear many more on my local radio
Joe M Joe M . 1 day ago
Man, You nailed it with this song. TY !
Kershaw Upholstery Kershaw Upholstery . 1 day ago
Randy Hill Randy Hill . 1 day ago
My grandson love's this song. ♥️
Peter Yankit Peter Yankit . 1 day ago
Yup just found my new favorite song 🎧
Dave Dave . 1 day ago are fucking awesome bro. You are a Godsend to millions of people. Save Me is my theme song. I don't drink or smoke, but I do medicate my brokenness in other ways. This song...damn. You write some deep, heart felt reality. Love you Jelly!
Christopher Greenway Christopher Greenway . 1 day ago
Love this song
Misti Conyers Misti Conyers . 1 day ago
This song reminds me so much of my brother and alcoholism I wish he had just asked for help before it was too late
SkippaJenkins SkippaJenkins . 2 days ago
Keep the 🔥 coming JR. Loved the pod with Bert. Get lost in the music and you deliver every time!
Kristie McHughes Kristie McHughes . 2 days ago
Thanks for your music, it has helped me through some rough times
Lee Miller Lee Miller . 2 days ago
You know I won't lie. Untell I heard this song I can say I wasn't a big Jelly fan. Simple Man with Shinedown made me go wait there's something there. This song opened my eyes to his music!! #KeepChasingJelly #DeffANumber1Hit
TunaNoCrust218 TunaNoCrust218 . 2 days ago
Shout out to all those that sit at the end of the bar, solo and contemplate life. May you find peace and prosperity. And mad love for Da Man Jelly Roll! The guy that knows the feels. Legend from the bottom to the top.
Samantha N Samantha N . 2 days ago
REAL music. Perfectly song!! ❤️❤️❤️
LaganZ LaganZ . 2 days ago
Damn Jelly i love you brother 🙏 ,, thank you for being real !!
Brady Fontenot Brady Fontenot . 2 days ago
This song make my heart dance.
Chad Madaj Chad Madaj . 2 days ago
I can relate definitely feeling this, the song hits home . Not only for me but a few friends as well. It's one of our go to's
ryan hickey ryan hickey . 3 days ago
What's up jelly roll man I heard this song on k country Florida its awesome I was at and the boss man said who this I said jelly roll and blasted the radio to this plus I made a video of me at work with song thanks again man I cry listening to this cause it digs at you hits in chest man be safe and and great music
Thomas Miracle Thomas Miracle . 3 days ago
Thanks Mr.Roll for all the great music
Lee Smith Lee Smith . 3 days ago
77inches is 80i0988
Ashley Shelton Ashley Shelton . 3 days ago
DirtyD615 DirtyD615 . 3 days ago
Me too Brother!
Porter Young Porter Young . 3 days ago
This is what pulled Jelly out of his misery… this music.

It all makes sense, from the features with Haystack, worm, etc… from 2002 to 2022… the lyrics are telling us he wanted out.

To the new Jelly Roll fans….
Welcome 🤙🏼
Gera Montejano Gera Montejano . 3 days ago
Rodger Williams Rodger Williams . 3 days ago
Great song!
Kenneth adcox Kenneth adcox . 3 days ago
Alone is the worst pain. Known
Kenneth adcox Kenneth adcox . 3 days ago
You'll never know
Phil Phil . 3 days ago
For anyone out there struggling right now, I just wanna let you know, heaven is just over the horizon for those who put their faith not in their own good deeds, but on the deeds of Jesus instead. If you believe that Jesus was God, yet came to earth born of virgin, then died for the sins of the world, and physically rose from the dead three days later, then you certainly believe in Him. Just ask Him into your heart and you will be saved and will soon experience eternal bliss in heaven with your wonderful Creator. You see, as the old saying goes we are all sinners, and since God is perfect, He cannot allow any sin in heaven, so that is why God bore the punishment for our sins, so that we may enter into heaven with Him. If you want to get saved right now, say this prayer with your heart:

Dear Heavenly Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit,

I know I'm a sinner, as I repent, I put my faith that Jesus is God, and that He died, buried, and resurrected, so that His blood can wash away my sins. I put faith in that alone to save me, not my good works.

In Jesus name, I pray, amen.

If you said that prayer and meant it with your heart, congratulations! You are saved! No longer fear what is to come, because you have an eternity of pure, uninterrupted joy and bliss ahead of you! Salvation is a gift, enjoy it.

Romans 4:4-5
Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt.

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.
jillwoodsrealtor jillwoodsrealtor . 3 days ago
THIS!!! God save us ~
Omar Ruiz Omar Ruiz . 3 days ago
im 😭
Jackie Ivey Jackie Ivey . 3 days ago
wardboy814 wardboy814 . 3 days ago
million views in last week. doing well fam

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