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Published on 1 week ago

the reason Pokémon is out of stock, is SOLELY because of me...
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In This Video, i randomized Pokemon Crystal, and gave myself only 50 pokeballs. Whichever pokemon I caught, i HAD to buy. I CANNOT RUN FROM POKEMON, which made this video.... Kinda expensive. I cannot wait to fill out my entire background with EVERY generation of Pokemon.

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Purplecliffe Purplecliffe . 1 week ago
These videos get a LITTTTLE expensive, since some of the plushes are super sold out, but Pokémon was happy to help us out! Make sure to check out Pokemon Unite on Mobile or Nintendo Switch for FREE! I will be playing Boss Rush mode with my friends all weekend! Click here to learn more about Pokémon UNITE ➡ ⬅
BLÅHAJ BLÅHAJ . 4 minutes ago
Pokémon unite is gigachsd league of legends
Joe Blurton Joe Blurton . 23 minutes ago
That move made LeBron James cry
Jennifer Molina Jennifer Molina . 25 minutes ago
How do you say that you
BeardedRyanEnjoyer BeardedRyanEnjoyer . 28 minutes ago
nice silver wing bozo
Mitchell Wheatley Mitchell Wheatley . 28 minutes ago
Papyrus07 Papyrus07 . 46 minutes ago
At gean 3 please get a zobat
Aman Aman . 1 hour ago
Woop woop
dubomer dubomer . 2 hours ago
What game are you playing
BlueDemo BlueDemo . 2 hours ago
how are you playing Crystal on the nintendo switch
YUNG WAI LI YUNG WAI LI . 2 hours ago
I love totodile
YUNG WAI LI YUNG WAI LI . 2 hours ago
I love totodile do u know is because i love crocodile
Bob Bob . 3 hours ago
Hazel Bender Hazel Bender . 4 hours ago
I play Pokémon unite it’s so fun
Shamoo_star Shamoo_star . 4 hours ago
Oh well at least he doesn’t need to get the celebi bc he got them from the crane games😝😝😝
Martin Klein V Martin Klein V . 4 hours ago
you wanna see my full art gardevoir card
EpicJFF EpicJFF . 6 hours ago
its iglybuff lol
BTD Cheeseburger BTD Cheeseburger . 6 hours ago
Give us a btd6 video
Pre state admin mq9037 Pre state admin mq9037 . 6 hours ago
Zaq L Zaq L . 7 hours ago
You didn't catch the ty on your first try you cut out when you missed
BTD Cheeseburger BTD Cheeseburger . 7 hours ago
19:10 thats the mo-
David Newman David Newman . 7 hours ago
If you kill a Pokémon you shave your hair
William gaming Bulbasur William gaming Bulbasur . 7 hours ago
I love thises videos
Simone Handson Simone Handson . 8 hours ago
yanma is a dragon fly
BigFatYoshi BigFatYoshi . 8 hours ago
I Mashed B for you The Entire time
Jordy Watson Jordy Watson . 10 hours ago
How does he create stuff like this?
skyler collins skyler collins . 11 hours ago
🔥lê lửa foxram🦊 🔥lê lửa foxram🦊 . 12 hours ago
Azumarill: why are we still here, just to suffer
Azumarill Plush: Sold out
Evelyn Octaviani Evelyn Octaviani . 13 hours ago
your laugh bro
N D N D . 13 hours ago
C. Walker III C. Walker III . 13 hours ago
Did you know that Cynthia is gonna retire from battling after the masters 8
saramedina213 saramedina213 . 14 hours ago
He really be dunking in crocs
Lalchhuanmawii Sailo Lalchhuanmawii Sailo . 14 hours ago
Zulkifli Osman Zulkifli Osman . 15 hours ago
Play minecraft
Mr mc Coleman Mr mc Coleman . 15 hours ago
4:17 bidoof
Jynx_Zero Jynx_Zero . 15 hours ago
In the next if I laugh a Pokémon dies if you get a shiny, the shiny would be invincible so if you laugh it doesn’t get released.
CandyKittyCat_Meow CandyKittyCat_Meow . 15 hours ago
I use hoopa a exclusive Pokémon in the Pokémon unite
Evan Hickox Evan Hickox . 16 hours ago
Idea for a video blindfolded you pick plushies from those boxes and those decide your team for the game :)
Trish Bevard Trish Bevard . 16 hours ago
Mans editor looks like his twin when he had that hair……..
Archer does GD stuff Archer does GD stuff . 16 hours ago
This is the video that made-
Julie Malone Julie Malone . 16 hours ago
Pokemon is gone get so much money from me also an ad from Pokemon witch makes Pokemon lose money to do that
Angel Angel . 17 hours ago
Nice silver wing bozo 😏
Lil haz Lil haz . 18 hours ago
just dropped ah song today hope yall can check it out thank you !
drttyu liqm drttyu liqm . 18 hours ago
I love this series! Have a great day Jack!
RamahfoolBoy 2013 RamahfoolBoy 2013 . 18 hours ago
Kalt 9 Kalt 9 . 19 hours ago
Its been a while since i watched purpleclife content
GME MC GME MC . 19 hours ago
7:50 LOL and why
Yu-Gi-Oh boy Yu-Gi-Oh boy . 19 hours ago
I got the really ugly Bulbasaur
Roblox gamer 24 Roblox gamer 24 . 20 hours ago
I went depper
SupedUpGamer SupedUpGamer . 20 hours ago
nice silver wing bozo

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