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Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight

Published on 1 month ago

Without warning, Beyoncé breaks the internet with visuals for her new single,
‘Break My Soul,’ as part of her ‘British Vogue’ feature. Queen Bey looks stunning as she gives us couture fashion and striking vocals for the house music hit. Just a day before, the singer released her racy album cover art. Morning show hosts take a poll on Bey’s new cover and react to her surprise video release.

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C 1 JD C 1 JD . 22 hours ago
Slay Queen Bee Slay🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
Keshi Kovack Keshi Kovack . 2 days ago
Hold up, wait a minute, y'all not catching this??? Since when did beyoncé make any music and didn't perform or promoted herself everybody else is talking about this girl's music but her. Where is beyoncé at??? Can anyone say military tribunal??? 🤔
Junie Phillips Junie Phillips . 4 days ago
Kairo....I call that smart. All this buzz and not out. Ingenious. Queen Bey!!!
Keya Sommerville Keya Sommerville . 5 days ago
She????? Miss Freedia???
Qu4ttro Tube Qu4ttro Tube . 5 days ago
Clickbait lies!!!!!!
Gretta Paisley Gretta Paisley . 6 days ago
No comment
Caio MPAM Caio MPAM . 1 week ago
Caio MPAM Caio MPAM . 1 week ago
Myron Roy Myron Roy . 1 week ago
Jay z said stop looking at his wife but I'm watching entertainment as soul apart of culture of entertainment like Jim Jones said product of our environment my environment is entertainment will Jay z say stop watching entertainment to then what I'm supposed to with my credentials if sports and entertainment won't allow make kind capital russ and Damon and Kani have made.
Danny Crow • 84 years and Danny Crow • 84 years and . 1 week ago
Can anybody else see the evil in her?
David Green David Green . 2 weeks ago
she always looks so dead behind her eyes. She needs to get with Tyra Banks.
Miranda Nathan Miranda Nathan . 2 weeks ago
Got a real life to live ain't got time to watch somebody else live their
sadfacehappyface sadfacehappyface . 2 weeks ago
This single is not it.
Karl Kuster Karl Kuster . 2 weeks ago
What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a follower of Satan do your research and open your blind eyes.
tidyupclean tidyupclean . 2 weeks ago
Yes, Satan will break your SOUL!
God's deliverance and sweet redemption for us all!
Crystal Covington Crystal Covington . 2 weeks ago
Where is her video?
Chynna Tai Chynna Tai . 2 weeks ago
She can have several seats pushing the agenda on the brain dead again 👿☠️🌈
Xavier Champagne Xavier Champagne . 3 weeks ago
I disliked this video, because of the misleading click bate… bating isn’t always beneficial
Char Cole Char Cole . 3 weeks ago
Awww Freedia 💜💙❤🧡
Mark Peterson Mark Peterson . 3 weeks ago
Saint Joseph terror of demons Pray for us. . .
Acacio Moore Acacio Moore . 3 weeks ago
Thanos Ave Thanos Ave . 3 weeks ago
is Freda trans ?
Vera Yancey Vera Yancey . 3 weeks ago
Beyonce back jamming on life again with Big Freedia mix epic y'all jamming okay Kudo's !
Kelli Tharpe Kelli Tharpe . 3 weeks ago
You Go Beyonce - you are so gifted and appreciated!!!
Pinky1111 Pinky1111 . 4 weeks ago
Azealia Banks inspiration 🤣🤣🦗
Alvaro Gamboa Jr. Alvaro Gamboa Jr. . 4 weeks ago
Good job for Beyoncé
A Elie A Elie . 4 weeks ago
Azalea Banks is much better at this ! Fall back
Casper Anthony Casper Anthony . 4 weeks ago
I have no use for Beyoncé she’s a knock off version of Azealia Banks!
I like Beyoncé 10 years ago once upon a time I liked her once she got political and racist I dropped her there’s nothing she can do that was ever impress me And Cardi B is another one another Muffet a minion now she’s using the gay community for her beats and her lyrics so unique another Madonna
Annie Ukekwe Annie Ukekwe . 4 weeks ago
My Neice was in the studio workin on a song just like this a few months before Bey came with this one 🧐
Lyrics are different but exact same concept rapping and all and yes it was house music needless to say she is extremely hurt about it
Delphine Delphine . 4 weeks ago
you down right gave me a heart attack
Angel Brown Angel Brown . 4 weeks ago
abbied abbied . 1 month ago
Whoa! Carson Daly sure gained weight tho, didn’t he? Lmfao haha. 😂😂😂😂
Joel Firma Joel Firma . 1 month ago
Leston Ramdeen Leston Ramdeen . 1 month ago
God's in charge
Gal Chino Gal Chino . 1 month ago
Yeah.... That song is TRASH!!!!!
rikki2259 rikki2259 . 1 month ago
ET = "Click Bait" 😮
Norma Hernandez Norma Hernandez . 1 month ago
Go Girl make it happen again!!! 🌺✨🦋
jboogie knows jboogie knows . 1 month ago
🚫🎯🎯🌚Breast implants & BBL...........come on @Beyonce!!! We know you had enhancements done✔🤐😢😬😨😨😨😨
King Zeek King Zeek . 1 month ago
How long y’all think it took them to realize this isn’t the music video?! 🫣
Nubian Queen Nubian Queen . 1 month ago
Its like a song for the gays🙃
Christopher Williams Christopher Williams . 1 month ago
This world is over I'm so glad when it just go ahead and do what it do 🔥🔥
Airmykii Airmykii . 1 month ago
Y’all really made me think I missed something
Blueridge4000 Blueridge4000 . 1 month ago
This is click bate!! Y’all know damn well this ain’t her video!!
starflower starflower . 1 month ago
accidentally called Big Freedia a she 🤣
Joy 58 Joy 58 . 1 month ago
That sucks beyonce can never just be...damn if you do damn if you don't
Elaine Scott Elaine Scott . 1 month ago
there is nothing revolutionary about this album her looks and the music.....absolutely not a trend setter....ITS ALL BEEN DONE AND FOR THAT MATTER DECADES AND DECADES AGO!!!
Bessie Ward Bessie Ward . 1 month ago
SashaXXX 😠 Song this many years ago
sam bayley sam bayley . 1 month ago
brings out a house tune with probably one of the most popular house tune sampled ...of course we are going to like it, we already do due to the sample used
Melissa Coleman Melissa Coleman . 1 month ago
She does look really good but I’m getting Lady Gaga vibes though.
Carlos Adams Carlos Adams . 1 month ago
I'm team Beyonce no matter what you haters say 😆

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