Play / Download Swear they be the coldest hoopers!πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ #shorts
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Published on 2 weeks ago

Via: @sosorondo1 /TikTok (

Swear they be the coldest hoopers!πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ

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Dhruv Dhruv . 2 hours ago
Me who does the same thing while wearing lower πŸ—Ώ
Lee Guidry Lee Guidry . 4 hours ago
Is that crocs he is wearing? That’s more impressive then the pj’s
L Junior L Junior . 6 hours ago
I always been more a stocky build-weight lifter type of dude with hella speed and decent hops. Defense is what I love the most, and I LOVE guarding these types of dudes cuz they always start off nonchalant. I love when they decide that the only reason they aint scoring is cuz they not trying hard enough... then when they go 80 to 100% I step it up to 70 or 100 too and shut that ass down.
I pride myself on shutting dudes like this down because I know he'd otherwise be the lead scorer..
Bostmen Bostmen . 8 hours ago
Nah hoopn without the crocs on sports mode is CRAZY
asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Smith asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Smith . 11 hours ago
Okay young fella
Mar Mar . 11 hours ago
smoov gio?
ripli327 ripli327 . 16 hours ago
he swiftyyyyy
TheNewKG TheNewKG . 16 hours ago
This card is broken
Requis Adams Requis Adams . 17 hours ago
Say what you want about to custom fit them stats maxed out πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯
Han Han . 1 day ago
With the crocs tho lol
jamaris jamaris . 1 day ago
you cold fr tho but really playing thats the most dangerous playstyle
Ice Man Ice Man . 1 day ago
AR_The_Lion AR_The_Lion . 1 day ago
Nah nah nah nah !!!

Hold up !!!!

Fucking wait a second !!!!

Bro just dunked in crocs ?!!!!!!
kl7392 kl7392 . 1 day ago
Melo ball be like
Ethan Midgette Ethan Midgette . 1 day ago
...Thank god im wasent the only one lol
The-7th The-7th . 1 day ago
The kid is good but This might be the most garbage song i've ever heard
jake jake . 2 days ago
Cuz PJ is flexible thats why
Snkrf33n Snkrf33n Snkrf33n Snkrf33n . 2 days ago
The layup was more impressive than the bunnies
Will Ingram Will Ingram . 2 days ago
That's tuff dang
IM_KIAH IM_KIAH . 2 days ago
Damnn that’s tuff
Skvid Skvid . 2 days ago
And his crocs arent even in sports mode, that's when you know you lost
maseman 713 maseman 713 . 2 days ago
Smoooth giiooo
Joe Ann Joe Ann . 2 days ago
I drove wakanda ,I did it
I drove wakanda , I did it
I drove wakanda , I did it
I just drove to wakanda , I did it.
Boa Cember Boa Cember . 2 days ago
Wait how tall r u?
David Daniel David Daniel . 3 days ago
This kid gotta 5’7 and getting up
Destiny Destiny . 3 days ago
This is facts. 😭😭😭
Judah Perez Judah Perez . 3 days ago
Pj hoopers are the goats
Never heard of this type of hooper
Tactical Roman Tactical Roman . 3 days ago
One day I wanna be like this this is my role model πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rasheen Williams Rasheen Williams . 3 days ago
PerfectCouch PerfectCouch . 3 days ago
No credit?
smooth gio thats you
Ty J Ty J . 3 days ago
I can definitely see the Curry inspiration πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
J C J C . 3 days ago
That was me. Used to wear PJs everywhere....even to play hoops. Not sure I can claim to have been super dope on the court, but I could throw down a nasty dunk in my pajamas!
ThatGuyCollins ThatGuyCollins . 3 days ago
You left out the PJ dude smells terrible part
That Guy That Guy . 3 days ago
Cringe no one guarding him. Delete this right now or I'm telling on you.
k smith k smith . 3 days ago
Bro fr
Michael Stevenson Michael Stevenson . 3 days ago
Your so cool!! πŸ™„
Nameless Nameless . 3 days ago
The song
PKD Orion PKD Orion . 3 days ago
The less serious a man shows up to the courts, the more serious I take him. 🀣😭
Ra-Neter666 Ra-Neter666 . 3 days ago
I swear he one of them
BodyBag4x BodyBag4x . 3 days ago
Ong they the tge coldest
LuiZ Guevara LuiZ Guevara . 3 days ago
I would still rather hear some real shoes squeaking on the gym floor then hear crocs flopping everywhere 🀦 #f*ckcrocs
Truly Ceedayo Truly Ceedayo . 3 days ago
Bro his crocs not even in sports mode😳
Lincoln Lincoln . 3 days ago
Put some shorts on you clown
JoshyJosh JoshyJosh . 3 days ago
literally marss in ultimate
Breaking2Heaven Breaking2Heaven . 4 days ago
I didn't know smooth gio could hoop

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