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Published on 1 year ago

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Galit na Pusa Galit na Pusa . 3 days ago
Should I watch Stranger Things after listening to this song? I haven't watched a single episode yet...
Lindsay Wiesen Lindsay Wiesen . 5 days ago
the fact that this was posted almost exactly a year before the new season came out. this was posted may 17th 2021 while the season came out may 27th 2022 lol -the account's daughter
Max Mayfield Max Mayfield . 5 days ago
This mf is a legend
Nova Pynx Nova Pynx . 6 days ago
As much as I love that this song is finally getting the love it deserves, I kinda hate that Stranger Things is the only thing people associate it with. As much as I enjoy the show..
Been one of my favourite songs for years, but now when I see things regarding it, it's all about ST or Max.
The Gregorys The Gregorys . 1 week ago
Amazing Kate Bush
Adri Gamer Adri Gamer . 2 weeks ago
So FAVORITE else is here because Max.
Kathryn Wright Kathryn Wright . 2 weeks ago
Me and my sister cried so much I couldn't even breathe 😭 😢
Jesus Vega Jesus Vega . 2 weeks ago
Who else is fixing to look for there song so if we get trapped by vecna 😂
Monty Saints Monty Saints . 2 weeks ago
I'm not here cause of stranger things, I just genuinely enjoy this song 👍
Ed Ribeiro Ed Ribeiro . 2 weeks ago
Kate é sensacional! Artista única em performance e afinação. -Kate is sensational! Unique artist in performance and tuning.
Tri Geminal Tri Geminal . 2 weeks ago
Love it 💓
Mariglen Duka Mariglen Duka . 2 weeks ago
Me when it's and if I only could and make a deal with God I react like max in vecna's curse
Danisha Moore Danisha Moore . 3 weeks ago
Am here just max was listening tonthis song lol love it tho
Matúš Pavlík Matúš Pavlík . 3 weeks ago
Im here cuz animetok edits
Innocent Henry Innocent Henry . 3 weeks ago
Stranger things sent me
Kaylee Colosson Kaylee Colosson . 3 weeks ago
To Collin zehner: I am I could not cuz it would not let me
Edit just to tell you: I'm obsessed with stranger things.... HELP ME I AM OBSESSED WITH ELEVEN!!!
Victoria’s crazy but fun korner Victoria’s crazy but fun korner . 3 weeks ago
POV you’re here because of Stranger Things
Lorenzo Bianchi Lorenzo Bianchi . 3 weeks ago
As pessoas mal conhecia essa música, só conhecem mais por causa da serie stranger things, sejamos sinceros!
𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 ♡ 𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 ♡ . 3 weeks ago
Chrissy, this one is for you <3
Azureah Blackk Azureah Blackk . 3 weeks ago
Yo who is max
Liam Chapman Liam Chapman . 3 weeks ago
So true
Muhammad Haq Muhammad Haq . 3 weeks ago
Veronica Veronica . 3 weeks ago
I am here because of max lol
DemonClaw DemonClaw . 3 weeks ago
I cryed when max died almost
Gabriel Gabriel . 4 weeks ago
bruh bruh . 4 weeks ago
its my fav song because it remind me of someone
iisxmplyroblox iisxmplyroblox . 4 weeks ago
I cried in this scene
Dwayne the Mango Johnson Dwayne the Mango Johnson . 4 weeks ago
This song hits different when it’s raining outside idk why
Luz plays Luz plays . 4 weeks ago
Max,s fav song..❤🥰 I hope she wakes up In season 5
Mark Simmons Mark Simmons . 4 weeks ago
Thing is it's not just about max anymore it has more of meaning to the stranger things
Ethan Hill Ethan Hill . 4 weeks ago
B1-series battle droid B1-series battle droid . 4 weeks ago
I think lucas is a fan of kate bush because the song not only saved maxs life but is also a really good song
stranger sophia stranger sophia . 4 weeks ago
my new favourite
krysten Dowson krysten Dowson . 4 weeks ago
Whis max?
Joseph Lowes Joseph Lowes . 4 weeks ago
"You've have already lost."
"No, you have"
beyond imagination!¿ beyond imagination!¿ . 1 month ago
But the biggest question is how did u knew and uploaded it a year before
Sunflxwer⭐️ Sunflxwer⭐️ . 1 month ago
Sorry I haven’t watched season 4 yet, so I don’t know what happened to max??
Offixial_ray Offixial_ray . 1 month ago
Who else is here from stranger things 4 when max was running for her life to get to her friends
John John . 1 month ago
Who's max?
Gemma Mulkerrins Gemma Mulkerrins . 1 month ago
Gemma Mulkerrins Gemma Mulkerrins . 1 month ago
Shae robinson Shae robinson . 1 month ago
Who here before max 😊😍
IReallyNeedATherapy IReallyNeedATherapy . 1 month ago
Legends says that Barbara is still at the pool
Crgamer Crgamer . 1 month ago
Ollie Valentine Ollie Valentine . 1 month ago
Here cuz anna, but I suppose Anna was here cuz max/stranger things
Francesca Skyler Francesca Skyler . 1 month ago
Miguel Music AJW Miguel Music AJW . 1 month ago
that song is annoying af
Amazon Amazon . 1 month ago
This music sounds like a throwback to the great women rockers from the 1980s; Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox, and Patty Smyth!!
ayyad9090 _YT ayyad9090 _YT . 1 month ago
Me lmao

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