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FG Famous

FG Famous

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Song: Lost It All
Artist: FG Famous
Album: Life Stories
Licensed to Empire ( on behalf of Zero To Sixty Entertainment )
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yb yb . 2 minutes ago
yb yb . 3 minutes ago
Rip jd
Carl Cunningham Carl Cunningham . 28 minutes ago
This for my boy rip 23 fg
1BY1JAY 1BY1JAY . 32 minutes ago
My respects and condolence That shit go hard because he speaking facts He did wat he said he was going to Do for his bro bro 23
Yungeen Solo Yungeen Solo . 40 minutes ago
jesus loves you. this song hits diff i feel every bit of pain in this song
Seth Pruitt Seth Pruitt . 50 minutes ago
Shit hit me hard just found out my nanny only got a year to live with stage 4 cancer 🙁
latrell gordon latrell gordon . 50 minutes ago
latrell gordon latrell gordon . 51 minutes ago
brezzydakid brezzydakid . 1 hour ago
That shit sad brudda rip jay💙23
Enrico Jones Enrico Jones . 1 hour ago
This song hit different 🔥🔥🔥 knowing he slid for his homeboy 💪
Andrew Macias Andrew Macias . 1 hour ago
Adrian Vargas Adrian Vargas . 2 hours ago
Long live 23💯
The life of Jy The life of Jy . 2 hours ago
Youngboy my favorite rapper but rip Jay
Jj Hoi Jj Hoi . 2 hours ago
He gone go far
YDK Tl YDK Tl . 3 hours ago check this song out y'all,by the way this song is emotionally hard🔥❤ i feel your pain man🤲🏾
MoreSoloCEO MoreSoloCEO . 3 hours ago
Letra Wright Letra Wright . 3 hours ago
One of my favs rappers TIP JAY 💪🏾
Lil Uzi Introvert Lil Uzi Introvert . 5 hours ago
JPfrmCincy JPfrmCincy . 5 hours ago
Mann I know I’m not the only one who get chilis listening/watching this video 🙏🏾🕊RipJay💔
chuku ndlovu chuku ndlovu . 5 hours ago
Keep loving jay
Devontae Minor Devontae Minor . 5 hours ago
Salute bro it's understood man 💪🏾❤️
Jaquan price Jaquan price . 5 hours ago
Justin Justin . 6 hours ago
bruh him and kayb songs are the best tribute I ever heard you can hear their love in the lyrics
Nicodemo Scarfo Nicodemo Scarfo . 6 hours ago
RIP Big 23
Emiliano Davila Emiliano Davila . 6 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥 that some real shit right here fg rip big 23
Jayden Brodie Jayden Brodie . 6 hours ago
Rip 23 I know that feeling
nick nlmb nick nlmb . 8 hours ago
One of the actually real rappers!!that lives his raps!!sorry for your loss young 1!!
Yrn_Carlos19 Yrn_Carlos19 . 9 hours ago
Rip jay 23 forever
Chris Pierce Chris Pierce . 9 hours ago
wats the name of the song at the end
he slid for his dawg kept it 100 straight g
Jager Cousins Jager Cousins . 9 hours ago
Rest up 23
4kt 4kt 4kt 4kt . 10 hours ago
No cap in his rap
Jarris Williams Jarris Williams . 12 hours ago
He snap for his dog foreal
Kutthroat Gawdd Kutthroat Gawdd . 13 hours ago
I lost my brother to some snake ass niggas July 18, days before JayDaYoungan got killed. Losing a brother or any sibling in that matter is painful
Elnor Davila Elnor Davila . 14 hours ago
I’m so hurt I feel yo hurt Rest up 23 . Head up just know it’s yo turn right now . Don’t stop goin in dem ops ain’t gon see it comin 🤫
Chris Payne Chris Payne . 14 hours ago
Lil durk should learn from this man durk will neva slide 4 von
Scream YungCeejayy Scream YungCeejayy . 15 hours ago
Nigga slid for his brother on go then durk did
Ray Cason Ray Cason . 15 hours ago
This is 🔥🔥🕊🕊rest up man
Romeobadari Romeobadari . 15 hours ago
Durk take notes
Timothy Inger Timothy Inger . 15 hours ago
Izzy Glizzy Izzy Glizzy . 15 hours ago
Lil Skylar [Music]🥶 Lil Skylar [Music]🥶 . 16 hours ago
Blackleaf Blackleaf . 16 hours ago
might be gon but kuhz can carry his legacy
Jay Hill Jay Hill . 17 hours ago
🥲long live 23
Zora Plays Zora Plays . 17 hours ago
Durk should learn sum
TankRunIt TankRunIt . 17 hours ago
Rip fg
YoungBull 420 YoungBull 420 . 18 hours ago
The pain😓
Jackson Jackson . 18 hours ago
Rip 23 g rlly slid ngl respect
D. H D. H . 18 hours ago
I’ll run this up myself BUTTON

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