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Published on 3 weeks ago

Dave Dangles Dave Dangles . 44 seconds ago
Fucking holding though
Seabass • 62 years ago Seabass • 62 years ago . 50 minutes ago
I’m not even a bengals fan but tj watt has to be one of the dirtiest players in the league. There’s no reason to even start blocking burrow in that situation 💀
Montana Grant Montana Grant . 1 hour ago
Not a fan of either team. I also don't make the rules. So if you want to be a move player and another player with in the 'Rules' embarrassed you twice? You get to pout like a child in a Man's game?
Kevin Coggins Kevin Coggins . 2 hours ago
Supposedly this is when that rumor about Burrow pooping his pants in game happened
Joe put up a fight
Konnor Kinser Konnor Kinser . 5 hours ago
TJ Watt was a non factor that game against Isaiah Prince 😂
Mitch Cumstein Mitch Cumstein . 6 hours ago
NOT IMPRESSED your holding blatantly holding with both hands his jersey, shoukd have been flagged
AiRTiMELOViNG AiRTiMELOViNG . 7 hours ago
Can you hold a person's jersey like that ?
Richard Bond Richard Bond . 7 hours ago
Dude you really need 2 handfuls of jersey to block a QB?
Ryan Repke Ryan Repke . 7 hours ago
Grabbed his jersey a ton
Mike Pinkham Mike Pinkham . 7 hours ago
S A S A . 7 hours ago
So we’re not going to talk about the blatant holding?!! Lol
isaac madrigal jr isaac madrigal jr . 11 hours ago
Nah man this makes me feel some type of way bc I just remember how fuckin bad our team got destroyed #PURETOXICLITYONME
Patrick Gray Patrick Gray . 12 hours ago
That was a hold bro😏
cochs00 cochs00 . 12 hours ago
Terrible technique. That's a holding penalty all day
Naftali Coan Naftali Coan . 13 hours ago
That’s Brandon Drury stop
Jacques Thompson Jacques Thompson . 15 hours ago
He's a player on the field. What's wrong with blocking him?
ZachsWorld ZachsWorld . 15 hours ago
Why does tj low key look like derek carr with short hair?
quinn driggett quinn driggett . 15 hours ago
What was the final score again?
Egg Egg . 15 hours ago
He didn’t make a move though
Richard Serafin Richard Serafin . 16 hours ago
Steelers won't make playoffs for about 10 yrs!! this shit is petty
Matt Orosco Matt Orosco . 17 hours ago
Joe burrow is a pimp.
Bryan B Bryan B . 17 hours ago
This is exactly what a class act does. Too many wannabe tough guys use these opportunities to level a QB, WR, anyone smaller than them or not looking. I'm a lifelong Browns fan and I was so pissed when the Steelers drafted Watt. I wanted him. He's a hard working, tough, class act who gives everything when he's on the field. Unlike the waste of money, overrated, pos Myles Garrett who I never wanted.
Travis Joseph Travis Joseph . 17 hours ago
Noneed Foraname Noneed Foraname . 18 hours ago
What part of grabbing 2 fists full of jersey was that blocking
Jameson FB Jameson FB . 18 hours ago
I like TJ but you can’t convince me it’s not weak for a d lineman to immediately try and block the QB. The least imposing player on the offense in terms of physicality. If watt was trying to actually help, he woulda gone after someone who’s a threat to make a tackle lol
Pizza rolls and wrestling Pizza rolls and wrestling . 18 hours ago
dig bick dig bick . 18 hours ago
Hell nah TJ you sad as hell you gotta block a QB for a confidence booster
Cachito 409 Cachito 409 . 19 hours ago
Hope he tears an acl
Ryder!1! Ryder!1! . 19 hours ago
luqs luqs . 19 hours ago
You held the shit out of him. Lol
EZ EZ . 20 hours ago
Hold much?
Ismael Velazquez Ismael Velazquez . 20 hours ago
Jajaja pobre burrow pero jugada legal, intercepción bola viva y burrow quiere defender! Pues pum tómala! Tj watt !! Jejejejejejje
thegrandtorino1 thegrandtorino1 . 21 hours ago
Didn't make a football play. You were just frustrated and hit him because you couldn't sack him. You also got crushed 41-3 when our starters were in.
toxic tim toxic tim . 21 hours ago
It was a good block tj playing the game better than a lot of people
ShoNuff_ Gaming ShoNuff_ Gaming . 21 hours ago
Yea Dare the smallest guy on the team to try to make a move. Big man had to show em. You really showed him. Play the titans an move Henry a real RB like that, then tell us what you did about that. Not the Quarterback…😕
kevin wilbanks kevin wilbanks . 22 hours ago
Looks like holding
Jah Slaya Jah Slaya . 23 hours ago
I mean it was definitely a hold but what do i know
Pete The Walrus Pete The Walrus . 23 hours ago
Burrow would be wise not to go up against dudes like Watt.
Aaron consaul Aaron consaul . 23 hours ago
Good. They should have protected the qb
Corey Botdorf Corey Botdorf . 1 day ago
Dude was clearly salted during the game Joe burrrrrr szn who deyyy
kado 300 kado 300 . 1 day ago
Ray Lewis woulda ran right thru him n into the ground smh 😂😂😂
L. Burna L. Burna . 1 day ago
And that block wasn’t holding?!!
George Inglett George Inglett . 1 day ago
U had him by his jersey and used it so don't act like u did all that.
D_Da_Tree D_Da_Tree . 1 day ago
or could be seen as targeting. Dude no where near the ball yet and hes in his face.
Tyler Dillow Tyler Dillow . 1 day ago
What happened the next play?
Josh Goodman Josh Goodman . 1 day ago
That's the only time he touched him all game
John Krajcir John Krajcir . 1 day ago
Why u holding him for so flag holding.
Ship Jumper Ship Jumper . 1 day ago
That wasn’t blocking TJ Watt. That was holding on your part since you gripped his jersey with under hooks.

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