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Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

Published on 1 week ago

Rebecca Zamolo tries surviving on only one Penny with her baby to see if she can earn $250 off of one cent. It gets a little emotional when Rebecca realizes how hard earning money from nothing is.
It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Emotional Goodbye to Dad." Rebecca wants to prove to her daughter the value of money. But if she loses any reset challenges she has to go back to 1 cent. Do you think this will be a giant fail? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2022!

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Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca Zamolo . 1 week ago
This was tough, but even tougher with a baby. Thanks Ryan Trahan for inspiring this video!
XZY XZY . 7 minutes ago
This is the coolest challenge I seen thanks Rebecca
AriaPlayz AriaPlayz . 50 minutes ago
Just stole Ryan's thumbnail
MrStim1 MrStim1 . 52 minutes ago
me:mom can we have ryan trahan?
mom:no we have ryan trhan at home.
ryan trahan at home:
Roxy C Roxy C . 60 minutes ago
Aww the end
swag swag . 60 minutes ago
Linda Jenner Linda Jenner . 1 hour ago
You can have a new job
Neoma E. Neoma E. . 2 hours ago
Ok but thats not surviving off of a penny but pretty smart on how to earn more money baby is so cute
Shauna Cameron Shauna Cameron . 3 hours ago
Her birthday is right before mine
Willow Spidercat Willow Spidercat . 3 hours ago
When the dog ate the cone
I died.
zgamingz zgamingz . 3 hours ago
My name is Natalie
The Harrison family The Harrison family . 3 hours ago
I am at the beach that you were at
Lecalwis M Lecalwis M . 3 hours ago
May baby brother a month younger than zadey
Sana J Sana J . 4 hours ago
Matthew cover two of his answers on recent Number two
ScarlettPlayz ScarlettPlayz . 4 hours ago
Did you keep that pony
ScarlettPlayz ScarlettPlayz . 4 hours ago
Did you keep that pony
ScarlettPlayz ScarlettPlayz . 4 hours ago
Did you keep that pony
👾Princess Scarlett👾 👾Princess Scarlett👾 . 5 hours ago
So thoughtful you are the best mom
Sadie leigh Sadie leigh . 5 hours ago
Sadie is my name😊😅
UnicornLollipopGummy UnicornLollipopGummy . 5 hours ago
👍 ok
Balwinder singh Balwinder singh . 5 hours ago
Jason Daniel
Jayson Tanaotanao Jayson Tanaotanao . 5 hours ago
Someone is name sadie is like from stranger things
JET JET . 6 hours ago
Done done done done love you so much rebecca
JET JET . 6 hours ago
Something Daniel and something
Irum Tasmin Irum Tasmin . 6 hours ago
Rebecca zamolo
Rudra Kadel Rudra Kadel . 7 hours ago
Maddie’s second Crush is Daniel because it Said D on Madde’s head
Gacha friends Gacha friends . 7 hours ago
So you basically copied Ryan
Shi ting Tan Shi ting Tan . 7 hours ago
The moment when Rebecca said nothing could go wrong I knew something was gonna go wrong
xx streams xx streams . 8 hours ago
Bruh this is not 24 hours that was until 8PM lol
Queen lauren Queen lauren . 9 hours ago
Rebecca my baby sister Genesis has the same bottle as Sadie
MinhAnh Vo MinhAnh Vo . 9 hours ago
I subscribed
Z1PY Z1PY . 9 hours ago
You copied Ryan trahan
Melody Ai xuan Lim Melody Ai xuan Lim . 10 hours ago
Omg this is Amazing
Mimi Mimi . 11 hours ago
The moment with berry the dog 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Anna Powroznik Anna Powroznik . 13 hours ago
1:43 Sadie is the person=Zadie is the infant
Raja Vemula Raja Vemula . 14 hours ago
Aww so nice of you
Kensie Crushes Kensie Crushes . 15 hours ago
Take Shawn Mendes was f
Roblox_ Lover Roblox_ Lover . 15 hours ago
The D in Maddys crushes initials I think that’s Daniel
Kensie Crushes Kensie Crushes . 15 hours ago
So cute.
ClaireNuñezBBY ClaireNuñezBBY . 16 hours ago
That is so sweet!! I'm so glad that that's what it went to!
Banana rat Banana rat . 16 hours ago
Mom can we get Ryan trahan no we have him at home Ryan at home
Brinley Bug Kindle Brinley Bug Kindle . 16 hours ago
Rebecca that was a walking app I can’t do is take every step you take you get money didn’t have to do that
Travis Shorter Travis Shorter . 17 hours ago
Me when I saw the dog ahhhh goofy dog
Nyah Hyers Nyah Hyers . 17 hours ago
The baby is so cute
Hi my user name on Roblox is Ggosbhg Hi my user name on Roblox is Ggosbhg . 18 hours ago
Be happy of who you are
Avery Smith Avery Smith . 18 hours ago
I love your videos
GAF Rahn GAF Rahn . 19 hours ago
You copied Ryan trayhans thumnail
Nayra Uc Nayra Uc . 19 hours ago
J h
Nayra Uc Nayra Uc . 19 hours ago
Cesar Sanchez Cesar Sanchez . 20 hours ago
Back to school squad

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