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FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Published on 1 week ago

This was by far the scariest experience of my entire life. I felt like someone was watching me the whole time..
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FaZe Rug FaZe Rug . 1 week ago
This was definitely the craziest experience ever. Please watch until the end
Basic Bman Basic Bman . 35 minutes ago
24:57 there are two eyes when noah shows the court room when the rempod was going off the eyes are white
Fxlse Axmzz Fxlse Axmzz . 37 minutes ago
Bruh Anthony look different yet he hates haunted things but he ain't scared
Ann Renee Albrigtsen Ann Renee Albrigtsen . 41 minutes ago
Somthings wrong with me😂😂😂😂
Melanie Michel Melanie Michel . 58 minutes ago
Idk if I am the only one who sees some pair of white eyes at 26:30 in a chair
Yu Steph Yu Steph . 1 hour ago
my boy back with the haunted videos 🤌🏾
Cassandra Charlot Cassandra Charlot . 1 hour ago
Scott Stevens Scott Stevens . 2 hours ago
Sebastian Herrera Sebastian Herrera . 2 hours ago
Am I the only one that saw the two small eyes looking when they put the remi pod in the court room the second time they were in it
RTX RTX . 2 hours ago
vecna is coming lol when the clock went off
Gunnar Tucker Gunnar Tucker . 2 hours ago
Queen mary is haunted
Tristan Simonetta Tristan Simonetta . 2 hours ago
augst 18 is my dad bday
skullzie bullzie skullzie bullzie . 2 hours ago
At 6:01 in the vid the guy holding those rods clearly moved it with his fingers if you took a look
Tristan Simonetta Tristan Simonetta . 2 hours ago
it said run fast
Danny Danny . 2 hours ago
At 26:29 you can see a black figure with eyes on the chair
Layla Thomas Layla Thomas . 2 hours ago
I’m going to have nightmares
Beast gamer Beast gamer . 3 hours ago
🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 don’t get possessed
Dom Schauls Dom Schauls . 3 hours ago
Go to the Coujing house
Jay boxed YOU Jay boxed YOU . 3 hours ago
I heard go now and never come back
Blake_Collat Blake_Collat . 3 hours ago
I love the haunted videos it made me sad when you stopped making these types of videos years ago
Rice#2653 Rice#2653 . 4 hours ago
rug pls stay safe pls if you leave what can we do????
Bret .Maverick Bret .Maverick . 4 hours ago
Driving a car is a lot more dangerous than spending a night there.
Rawad Sweid Rawad Sweid . 4 hours ago
The video was dope part 2 and when you sad he's under the table
ImXivenicy ImXivenicy . 5 hours ago
These guys are playing phasmaphobia in real life
XconquerX XconquerX . 5 hours ago
Can we all appreciate Noah's bravery as always cuz he is always in the back or front and doesn't give a Damm but record :)
Ayaan Ayaan . 5 hours ago
I saw the black shado🤭🤭🤭🤭
Ashley Lewis Ashley Lewis . 5 hours ago
i heard a Women saying huh
SuperVano SuperVano . 5 hours ago
Faze Rug the goat
melalderson70 melalderson70 . 5 hours ago
Hold on it said help me and then did a Demon growl
bossbaby_rulez bossbaby_rulez . 5 hours ago
As soon as I herd that growl I started crying with fear.😰
natedogg123 natedogg123 . 5 hours ago
13:20 crying or baby
Logan Kurzeja Logan Kurzeja . 5 hours ago
As jidion would say…..he don’t faze rug it
life with pinky life with pinky . 5 hours ago
i saw some1 walk by
Kim Muller Kim Muller . 5 hours ago
Sam and Colby Now be like Sam and Jokey
SistersCooking SistersCooking . 5 hours ago
Go back to the tunnel
Brandon Aguilar Brandon Aguilar . 6 hours ago
I think something died cause it said death go back, I think it was trying to help you and then it did that demonic growls
Layla bear Layla bear . 6 hours ago
When I watched your videos it made me think every time I sleep there is something in my room watching me sleep
_Sasuke_ _Sasuke_ . 6 hours ago
Why do the hosts seem like its a joke
fahad hussain fahad hussain . 6 hours ago
scariest video ever
Chauncey JR Chauncey JR . 6 hours ago
Hey got off brand sam and Colby
Ev and Mitch Ev and Mitch . 6 hours ago
No the creel house is scariest
europe mafia europe mafia . 7 hours ago
At 26:27 I heard a whisper fight
Hayden Mountz Hayden Mountz . 7 hours ago
Yo I went to see the reviews and one said that you could see the family dogs under the table that made me freak out so I don’t think I want to go anymore😅
R Uddin R Uddin . 7 hours ago
I think the beeps where morce code
Ashdar Ahundov Ashdar Ahundov . 8 hours ago
No 1 No 1 . 9 hours ago
I got the chills wen they sed Death go Back now DEMONIC GROWLS
kxtsy kxtsy . 9 hours ago
HvX. HvX. . 9 hours ago
At 32:34 i saw something behind brian someone explain?
ahmed asim ahmed asim . 9 hours ago
it was saying yes go away not joking
Longest comment Longest comment . 9 hours ago
Sam and Jokey - Sam and Colby

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