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FlowFit Life

FlowFit Life

Published on 8 months ago

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Karen Sutton-Giroir Karen Sutton-Giroir . 1 day ago
Great sync!!
MsAchampion MsAchampion . 5 days ago
I love it! ❤️
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes Yall life exercise workout with Ervin own no rights to song
Frankie Frankie . 4 weeks ago
Such a cute love right there. Great to see.
Pawknee123 Pawknee123 . 1 month ago
So cute. You two are adorable 🥰
Jennifer Rescott Jennifer Rescott . 1 month ago
Very awesome
Chance Chason Chance Chason . 1 month ago
I can't stop watching it I'd give anything to move like and hotttt
jessie thomas jessie thomas . 1 month ago
Mona Fipps Mona Fipps . 1 month ago
Best rendition of this dance that I’ve seen on social media.
Stephany Olson Stephany Olson . 1 month ago
Best yet
Marleigh Hancock Marleigh Hancock . 1 month ago
Love it my favorite song
Anita Kirby Anita Kirby . 1 month ago
Y'all look so great together... Love your dance..GoodOnYa..
Juanita Ferguson Juanita Ferguson . 1 month ago
My school therapist tried to teach me this it was hilarious
Kathy Reeves Kathy Reeves . 1 month ago
Love 💕 this
Chocolate_iphone1 Chocolate_iphone1 . 1 month ago
Y’all are so in sync great dancing
Jamie Goodell Jamie Goodell . 1 month ago
Personally I think that she got off more than that you did and you know what you fed off from her and it's all titties man you guys are going to good relationship I'm f****** jealous
Lori Holman Lori Holman . 2 months ago
Great song... excellent job on the dance! #relationshipgoals
Elizabeth Araujo Elizabeth Araujo . 2 months ago
So clean 😎
Ron E Ron E . 2 months ago
You guys nailed this!!! Great job!!!
Kevin Sinclair Kevin Sinclair . 2 months ago
Very cool 😎,, I'm a fan
jason baker jason baker . 2 months ago
M Hnoname M Hnoname . 2 months ago
Beverly Degrate Beverly Degrate . 2 months ago
I want to learn that dance 😃
Kristina Uballe Kristina Uballe . 2 months ago
Awe cute
Shaun Snyman Shaun Snyman . 2 months ago
Darlene Ables Darlene Ables . 2 months ago
I love it
You both performed Awesome no doubt....
Kemberli Tesch Kemberli Tesch . 2 months ago
My favorite
Like this song🤗🤗🤗
Colin Fletcher Colin Fletcher . 2 months ago
Bro the way your woman smiles in your presence is beautiful
Tina Clark Tina Clark . 2 months ago
Awesome git r done ❤️❤️❤️
Johnathan Baas Johnathan Baas . 2 months ago
This is a country music right here
Mary Patton Mary Patton . 2 months ago
Y'all are awesome 💃🎶🕺❤
Nana Banana Nana Banana . 2 months ago
Nailed it!! You two are so cute!!
Vanessa Andrews Vanessa Andrews . 2 months ago
Yall are so cute and gave me a big smile Thank You both
Micki Switzer Micki Switzer . 2 months ago
Nailed it!!!! I love it! Good job!
Carlette Merrill Carlette Merrill . 2 months ago
Awesome 👌
Theresa O'Neill Theresa O'Neill . 2 months ago
U two are great! Your dancing is the look like you are having so much fun 😊
Mel Mcallister Mel Mcallister . 2 months ago
U guys are the cutest 💗
Клавдия Терехова Клавдия Терехова . 2 months ago
EMME EMME . 2 months ago
Best one yet
Carolyn Kendall Carolyn Kendall . 2 months ago
Well.yall did great..
Drumer101 Drumer101 . 2 months ago
She has gotz SUM LEGS!!! Wow
Karen Gorss Karen Gorss . 2 months ago
Pretty good guys
Jami Rumpel Jami Rumpel . 2 months ago
You're really good! 💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥
Полина Дяченко Полина Дяченко . 2 months ago
Candace Borders Candace Borders . 2 months ago
Exactly what I want in a relationship. 😀
Kaitlynn Merriam - Nourse Kaitlynn Merriam - Nourse . 2 months ago
I love y'all so much 💕
Jender Arevalo Jender Arevalo . 2 months ago
Tama Kirkpatrick Tama Kirkpatrick . 3 months ago
Very 🥺🥰 cute couple 😉
R. James R. James . 3 months ago
I’m about to go out with a white girl for the first time to a country bar. I grew up hip hop. Pray for me. 🙏🏽

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