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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Published on 2 years ago

Jelly Roll - Tears Could Talk (ft. Bailee Ann) - Official Music Video
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"Tears Could Talk" - Produced by: ScatteredBrains

Jelly Roll delivers the 4th video from 'A Beautiful Disaster' along side Bailee Ann with "Tears Could Talk". This is a beautiful song from the perspective of the ones we love most and the pain they feel when we are hurting ourselves, without realizing we aren't the only ones that feel the pain.


Jelly Roll has always been one thing in his lyrics - honest. He sees his music as therapeutic, not just for him, but for anyone who comes in contact with it.

As genuine a modern day outlaw as you can get, Jelly's music incorporates influences ranging from Southern Rock to Dirty South rap. With his latest album, A Beautiful Disaster, Jelly Roll draws you in with his ability to tell a story that you didn't even know you were a part of. With songs like "Creature", "I Need You", "Nothing Left At All" and the dark, haunting love story "Suicide" along with features from the likes of Tech N9ne, Struggle Jennings, Krizz Kaliko and Lil Wyte, A Beautiful Disaster gives you a direct link to the life of Jelly Roll - the trials and tribulations, along with the celebrations and victories.

Edna Pugh Edna Pugh . 9 hours ago
Every..tear...has, it's sorrow tale...
Jennifer Whittaker Jennifer Whittaker . 1 day ago
I did time in rehab. Fell off the wagon hard. Your music and songs have changed my life. Thanks for all the love.
Benjamin Delp Benjamin Delp . 1 day ago
I been drug free 19 yrs now and your shit speaks truth
Kin Slayer Kin Slayer . 1 day ago
Omg I just cried for 30min.......
Lynn “Drama” Pilkington Lynn “Drama” Pilkington . 3 days ago
I'm 61 and I just found this music too from my friend and it's good listen to new stuff now
Carolyn Burton Carolyn Burton . 5 days ago
Thank you for this....I feel all alone in this cold world. Loyalty doesn't last.
Annabelle Mclaughlin Annabelle Mclaughlin . 6 days ago
This was awesome, Bailee Ann has your talent:)! Her voice has that same something special, smooth and soothing. Loved this with ya'll together and she did a great job writing!
Lisa Wittenburg Lisa Wittenburg . 6 days ago
wow I was watching you on TV so I looked you up. my tears would yell to. thanks for writing that song, just wow. your for sure on my play list and pandora.i will be sharing your music with my friends and family
Justin Collins Justin Collins . 7 days ago
Just saw this one 😮😢👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jessica Conner Jessica Conner . 7 days ago
Love this so much ❤️
WADSY 😉 WADSY 😉 . 7 days ago
Love your music 🎶
Lisa Gullette Lisa Gullette . 7 days ago
Mad props!!!! Giving that baby a voice that she isn't afraid to use is priceless!!!!!! Take a bow!!!
Kristina Schierholz Kristina Schierholz . 2 weeks ago
I love Bailee shes so good hope she's in more song love your family
Vicky Steffens Vicky Steffens . 2 weeks ago
The song made me cry thank you jelly roll
Sylvia Guerrero,C. Sylvia Guerrero,C. . 2 weeks ago
My daughter whom is gifted put me up on your music .I admire your vocals & appreciate your lyrics . Thank you.
Jack Jackson Jack Jackson . 2 weeks ago
Idk if you will ever see this but you & Jay “Jericho” Robinson should try a collaboration - it would be awesome
Candice Candice . 2 weeks ago
Felt this, very much!!!!
Elisa Deen Elisa Deen . 2 weeks ago
my drug addiction overpowered my life it stole from me everything my children are grown it's so painful to know how much time I've lost God's love he wrote a different story for me God blessed me with amazing granddaughter she has impacted me there is nothing more worth than to be sober for once I'm free from the past I love being grandma and I'm thankful for all your music jellyroll you have inspired me in my lowest and highest your music inspired my children thank you God bless you and your family
Sherri Sousa Sherri Sousa . 2 weeks ago
61 year old Grandma here and could listen 24/7! Love your voice, your testimony is phenomenal
Natalie Mcdaniel Natalie Mcdaniel . 2 weeks ago
I always come to this song and think back to when I was just a lil girl I would dance with my mom on her feet she was like my bestfriend but now it’s like we don’t know each other I’m 16 I just wish she knew how bad I miss our old relationship
Annette Garcia Annette Garcia . 2 weeks ago
Courtney Goode Courtney Goode . 2 weeks ago
I like to invoke my freedom of speech just to say thank you I love the music your title caught my eye if something I pray to God and my dear God letters keep up the good work and thank you love it I am thankful to all music artists that may inspire to write your music and speak out regardless of the pain and shame in questions I was writing to God and praying and pushing through the pain that we call life I'm very thankful for your movement God bless each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart sincerely Miss Courtney I gave myself a nickname called The Rose for life has been like a bed of roses just have more Thorn than ever roses some thorns it pierce your side internally and external time you remove one thorn another one cuts deeper and you realize that all humans are broken we all have internal scars from life the masquerade of life that consumes your soul and takes you to the unknown them unspeakable scars it leaves me mesmerized and maze for so genuine one of a kind you know my prayers made it all over the world and to the heavens too and I just want to say thank you personally and God bless us all
Audra Fincher Audra Fincher . 2 weeks ago
Thank you jelly I really needed to hear this song I got 11 days clean today this song could a been me and my son
Cynthia Belt Cynthia Belt . 2 weeks ago
I listened to the music with a old friend and been listening ever since
Theresa Watson Theresa Watson . 2 weeks ago
We r human and we Will fall sorry but I’ve been threw and my kids as well -we will fall short! I’ll I can say is sorry-forgive me-love me-I’m here for You! Just be kind when you try to mend broken hearts because a mom never tell All her stories TRUST THAT!
Theresa Watson Theresa Watson . 2 weeks ago
Great lyrics JR
Melissa Fluck Melissa Fluck . 2 weeks ago
Truly appreciate all your music
Charles Garrett Charles Garrett . 2 weeks ago
My name is Kristi I'm under my hubby's name. I suffer from Bipolar disorder.......I went to drugs because of the lack of insurance and help for people like me to try and control my mental health. I was 14 and by 20 I gave 3 children up for adoption because my mother was on drugs and my dad was a king pin dope dealer it was all over the news and in the paper I got really bad around this time. Well lord if all the tears I have cried could talk. I am now 34 sober my dad's doing great so is my mother. I have a wonderful marriage 15 year's now. And all 3 children I gave up for adoption know me as mommy and have ever since the day I give them the life I never had. There now 16,17 & 13. I'll have my first son graduating this year and then the next year my 2nd boy and my baby girl will be going into high school this year. I regret nothing in my past. I don't regret the adoptions or anything for that matter or anything I done for that matter....Because it made me the strong, healthy, wonderful mother and wife I am today. Love this song God bless y'all sending love and prayers all the way from Castleberry, Alabama ❤️🙏 p.s This is real music by the way Me and my family love you and Struggling Jennings!!! Bailee hunny your verse is what keeps me not missing anything with my children even though there adopted by my family 🙂 We have a wonderful relationship and because of your verse I'm sure some women struggling with mental health, addiction or whatever will not leave there children but fight for them. Keep it up beautiful you are going somewhere! God bless you sweetheart!
Christine Champlin Christine Champlin . 3 weeks ago
I want to thank you so very much for writing the songs that explain my everyday life!! So many of your songs explain how I feel but could never find the words to explain it to my loved ones💯 thanks to your music I can play the videos an then have actual conversations🥰 thank you again Jelly Roll!!
Bobbi West Bobbi West . 3 weeks ago
Wow!! That was beautiful. I haven't dealt with my addiction for almost 19 years now but seeing your daughter there with you put a whole new perspective on what I put my kids through. I'm lucky that my oldest daughter has a relationship with me and she had my first granddaughter she is 5 months old now. I'm a out to go to court for my son here soon. Your music really helps me get through some tough days.
Sia Kak Sia Kak . 3 weeks ago
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Sia Kak Sia Kak . 3 weeks ago
Let's insure our ear chips with the Lord's of London its my instrument and we are now free agents cell phones with 24/7 service!
Jackie Mccarthy Jackie Mccarthy . 3 weeks ago
I came across your tunes thru a freind and Im old school rick..Love your voice If thease Tears Could Talk....ROCKS
Melinie Fortier Melinie Fortier . 3 weeks ago
Ilove this song beautiful
Sia Kak Sia Kak . 3 weeks ago
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Latoshia Ashford Latoshia Ashford . 3 weeks ago
Me and husband feel the same way if tears could talk we been stressed and depressed and people took from us we been praying and never stopping praying we both reading Bible on our phones everyday
Billy Bishop Billy Bishop . 3 weeks ago
Thank you for putting it into words Brother
Uncle Willy Uncle Willy . 3 weeks ago
My sister loved you voice an songs she passed away 4 days ago her favorite was “save me “. Now I need some saving hurting my dude 🥺
Jodie Dionne Madden Ryan Jodie Dionne Madden Ryan . 3 weeks ago
If these tears could talk they say I miss you granny an mom I need you so bad an if we loose everything cause semi laid down will we still be able to be a family
Pink Trees Pink Trees . 3 weeks ago
To much dubbing
Danielle Smith Danielle Smith . 3 weeks ago
I got three pink teardrops going down my face cuz this song hots hard of only our tears could sya all the things we feel
Katina Keen Katina Keen . 3 weeks ago
Can't be perfect for every family ILEARNED IT HANDED DOWN R.I.P. Keen.
MrZonnie MrZonnie . 3 weeks ago
Man you and your daughter rocked this song! Another damn big hit! Tears were streaming down my face, damn you and your therapeutic music! I know if my tears could talk they would tell me it’s gonna b okay but that’s not gonna be today! I love you and your music brother and I’m so happy for all that it is giving you!
Your daughter did an awesome job too!
Peace and love always!
Sharon Baldwin Sharon Baldwin . 3 weeks ago
Baily you are awesome feel you sweetheart 😘 ❤️ you got this baby girl much love and respect 🙏 ❤️
Alee King Alee King . 4 weeks ago
The ending were everyone drops there bad habits on the table spoke to me very deeply
DeAnna Ruth Porter DeAnna Ruth Porter . 4 weeks ago
Please sing together more and more and more. I am not an addict but I am crying so hard. I love your family and your music. Amazing!
Essential Dental Repair Essential Dental Repair . 4 weeks ago
You just brought me closer to GOD 😇🫠❤️
Suzanne Gomez Suzanne Gomez . 4 weeks ago
If tears could my daughter would be hearing me say I love her everyday...

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