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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Jameel Far Jameel Far . 4 minutes ago
the pnly one that can do a trash talking and can trash you up too
TheMegaBoss1 Official TheMegaBoss1 Official . 43 minutes ago
You have 8 more rounds to go…
Jaake Jaake . 52 minutes ago
Whenever I watch that fight, I still can't get over how hard Foreman is hitting Ali. And Ali took all those punches like they were nothing.
virtualatheist virtualatheist . 1 hour ago
Ali talked a good game... But unlike most people, he could back his words up.
etalien edae etalien edae . 1 hour ago
Leave it to Ali to break down his opponent mentally and physically. Not just before the fight but literally in the middle of the fight. Taking weak hits and talking him down. What a legend!!!
david white david white . 1 hour ago
Sounds like a boss fight, talking through the whole fight 😂
Macc TheGodFather Macc TheGodFather . 2 hours ago
All praise to the most high. I pray Ali Rest In Peace
Shy East Shy East . 2 hours ago
I like the fact that he trash talks but he's aims to bring out the best of his opponents even though he knows he's gonna win.
Song name
ilyMarkz ilyMarkz . 3 hours ago
Remember God loves you, so no matter what your going through you have him to lean on. he loves you so much he sent his only son to die for you ❤️
Emelina Emelina . 4 hours ago
When YOU KNOW YOU REALLY KNOW and CONFIDENCE fuels the victory as do other real factors. Lmfao. 😍🤣🙏😆💯😭❤️😀 sent
Brian Quimbley Brian Quimbley . 4 hours ago
Personally I wouldn't take that level of disrespect
Charles Taylor Charles Taylor . 4 hours ago
ibrahim hassan ibrahim hassan . 4 hours ago
I love the way he speaks I kept replaying this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Morgan Shibby Morgan Shibby . 4 hours ago
Why this shitty music?
Mrmack Love Mrmack Love . 5 hours ago
Squeegee Daniels Squeegee Daniels . 5 hours ago
The goat
Boy D, Jay Boy D, Jay . 5 hours ago
This man is the master of breaking a man’s spirit.
Onyx Beats Onyx Beats . 5 hours ago
Slim shady has entered the chat
OopitsTJ OopitsTJ . 6 hours ago
Bro George Foreman had no chance 💀
Paddy Steadies Paddy Steadies . 6 hours ago
George foreman’s arguably the greatest boxing competitor of all time
MTUK MTUK . 7 hours ago
Just imagine that for a second - imagine hearing all that Sh!t whilst you’re burning out - each punch feeling heavier, slower and weaker than the last - not even halfway through and you KNOW Ali hadn’t even unloaded yet …. Damn
ZZ ZZ . 7 hours ago
“Ahh you finished boy”👨🏾‍🦱
Partido na Padangat ko Partido na Padangat ko . 7 hours ago
Funny reality ali was a super bully but hes a all time favorite and his image is clean as fresh water
Father's Tribe Father's Tribe . 7 hours ago
Sports are about mental war between opponents most of them are smart as hell it scares me.
Pjw16 Pjw16 . 7 hours ago
The way he talks sounds terrifying
Deryk Richards Deryk Richards . 8 hours ago
The goat. R.I.P legend
Mr. MeVsMe Mr. MeVsMe . 8 hours ago
Roger Balay Roger Balay . 8 hours ago
Nicest personality for a professional heavyweight fighter¡
Jeffrey Brown Jeffrey Brown . 8 hours ago
Get that nigga
goose goose . 9 hours ago
Too bad he wasn't humble
Gerardo Yepez Gerardo Yepez . 9 hours ago
One of the best fights I've ever seen. The way he used the rope a dope method. Lord, that was a masterclass. The energy in that place, amazing.
Isaiah Bush Isaiah Bush . 9 hours ago
God bless you don't give up amen. 🙏
Deadpool Deadpool . 10 hours ago
By that time his only trouble would be a Cuban named Stevenson...that would be the fight of the century but the cuban and American governments didnt allow .. SHAME
J Skate J Skate . 10 hours ago
this is why Ali is one of, if not the greatest of all time.
Braxton Payne Braxton Payne . 10 hours ago
Jesus loves you all
Oather Flowers Oather Flowers . 10 hours ago
What a beautiful man, he was surely meant to rule
Roderick Jr. Bayta Roderick Jr. Bayta . 10 hours ago
And now look at yourself.
Big Daddy Big Daddy . 10 hours ago
Sure…..many years later with brain damage and deceased poor thing white man used you to kill each other for amusement and financial gain how freaking sad
Tyler Hardesty Tyler Hardesty . 11 hours ago
This man was exemplary in his knowledge of gentlemans play with the art of boxing was nothing but a beautiful dedication to life until the end and I get chills not once but everytime I see this man commit greatness each time.
Cilaka 12 Cilaka 12 . 11 hours ago
i wish i cant meet him, we miss you champ
Payson Holt Payson Holt . 11 hours ago
It’s good tactic. Get in your enemy’s head
Black Skeletor Black Skeletor . 11 hours ago
the other dude I think I can beat Muhammad Ali
Mahammad Ali: and I took that personally
Cameron Rogers Cameron Rogers . 12 hours ago
i got in his head and TR👹LLED'EM the WHOLE TIME😂
DezcaughtIT DezcaughtIT . 12 hours ago
Best trash talker to ever live
felisha williams felisha williams . 12 hours ago
Ali was bad man with his mouth and hands. The real G.O.A.T. S.i.p Mr. Ali
TripGuerrilla TripGuerrilla . 12 hours ago
Allah Akbar الله أكبر
Merkey Jay Merkey Jay . 12 hours ago
Where is this sound from?

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