Play / Download Joey Diaz about Parents Hitting Their Kids on the Joe Rogan Podcast! #Shorts #jre #joerogan
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The Internet man

The Internet man

Published on 2 weeks ago

The Internet man The Internet man . 2 weeks ago
Dad chill! when I was a child, my parents and I played mental warfare bruh!
Like and sub so your parents love you!
Porta Rocc Porta Rocc . 52 seconds ago
You noticed how the captions reads something different than what the guy is saying? Notice the pics as well ?? I see what you’re doing here
😂😂😂😂 u fuknut u 😂😂😂😂
Lord_GhostBoner Lord_GhostBoner . 2 minutes ago
And then the parents wonder why their kids are either mentally scarred, not good socially, right cunts or hate them
yackfou2412 yackfou2412 . 3 minutes ago
I hate everything with joe rogan
Misses Witch Misses Witch . 6 minutes ago
yess I always beat as a kid!

Kicked even though!

being kicked in the face when you're soo little is like a truck hitting you!
Gordon Hollis Gordon Hollis . 15 minutes ago
Yeah he was the fucking devil because of abuse. Idiots. Glad Joe finished by saying that
Douglas Enzor Douglas Enzor . 24 minutes ago
Look at our society! Just look at it..talking to kids,being friends instead of parents, time out & safe spaces is the problem a child you screw up & take a beating you remember and you don't make those mistakes again go to time out you laugh and say these idiots, I can get away with anything
Dieverse Raps Dieverse Raps . 26 minutes ago
I was that kid..not the exact kid from the story but i was the kid
harris shob harris shob . 39 minutes ago
Not sure why people think it’s white culture to talk to parents like that but as a white person we were so abused as kids they could have been arrested. One out of line comment or tone got you a throw across the room or a face full of hands
TheNextBestName TheNextBestName . 41 minutes ago
Yes teemo is the devil…
James Sutton James Sutton . 44 minutes ago
Bollocks some kids need a slap
d Wilson d Wilson . 1 hour ago
Yes sir 100% accurate born in 1962 and beautiful Belleville New Jersey I lived in Bloomfield New Jersey most of my life I was one of the kids that got backhanded by my dad a former police officer when I did bad it was real ugly if I pulled that s*** about not eating dinner again I would have got five across the eye or maybe across the jaw plate of food would have been thrown towards the kitchen garbage however I would have been sent to bed with no food I have also seen in my life kids smacked right in the store I have also seen kids lifted off the ground by their hair at parents scolding them...... Looking back however still to this very day I finish everything on my plate and cannot waste food. 😎😁👍👍
WhoIsSimon WhoIsSimon . 1 hour ago
It went from beating to spanking to grounding to not even acknowledging your child's misbehavior
Matthew Russo Matthew Russo . 1 hour ago
Why bash teemo like that tho.

Stop The Teemo Hate!
k a l e y k a l e y . 1 hour ago
what are the odds my small town shows up on my feed, there’s barely anyone in Jersey who knows North Bergen
Tammatha Shade Tammatha Shade . 1 hour ago
WE WERE TAUGHT RESPECT AND BE HAPPY WE HAD ANY FOOD, HOUSING AND CLOTHES.. DISRESPECT AND YOU GOT YOUR ASS BEAT.. I always threaten to BEAT my grandchildren but still haven't.. Maybe someday I will..
Montez Gabriela Montez Gabriela . 2 hours ago
"Kid was the devil cause his dad beat him "this type of bulshit exist only in 2022 ..🤣🤣🤣 when my father used to say "I made you I kill you" I wasn't a devil . Just for a small grade..used to shit my pants and sit in the corner of the room on nut shells .. ya American idiots have no idea what REAL punishment is .. 🤣🤣 Come to Romania country side and walk down a country side road for 20 minutes.. I bet ya see at least one parent slaps a kid for little to nothing reasons... those little Villages that still live in 80s
Marvin the Martian Marvin the Martian . 2 hours ago
Does it matter if the "adult " was my older brother? Because he would beat the shit out of me just if he was bored
OneGxxdSpliff OneGxxdSpliff . 3 hours ago
Difference between punishment and abuse. Don’t agree with hitting kids but *some* kids do need a good slap.
Baron Von Wolfin Baron Von Wolfin . 3 hours ago
That kid might have been a devil cuz he was abused. But there are plenty of non devilish kids who got abused. Dont make excuses for shitty people you just enable their behavior.
Conman Clakkamus Conman Clakkamus . 3 hours ago
Abusive parents do not make devils.
Chana Chana . 3 hours ago
If this happened to me it should happen to them?
Eli Hoodfav Eli Hoodfav . 3 hours ago
Ya blame ya parents for everything as if you don’t decide your own life, if you know doing a certain thing isn’t right and you’ll get beat for it. Why even do it? You don’t have to be smart but have simple manners and common sense but nowadays that just isn’t a thing. Being wise is simply knowing right from wrong and it’s pretty easy to tell
Average Joe Average Joe . 3 hours ago
Average victim in the comments:

"Yeah I was beaten multiple times by my parents, because I deserved it 😅"

Wtf you Kings, you didn't deserve such harsh childhood
Jason Albran Jason Albran . 3 hours ago
Keep in mind Joe Rogan is drug user.

"Probably because his dad beat him"

Or he had a permissive mother who constantly got in the way of disciplining this child?"

Mothers who a are permissive are also abusing their children. I've seen kids who grew up in nice families turn to drugs and thuggin' all because their mothers were permissive and the father is either a pussy or more likely scared of the legal consequences of interfering. As she could ruin his life with one phone call if he questioned her (I've see that once in my life. Poor guy)

Mothers also beat their kids at a higher rate than fathers. Neither is good but I'm tired of men getting all the blame.

I got ass whoopings and I never became a criminal. I'm quite successful in my own right.

Because I had fucking discipline in my life. I was also made to do unpaid chores as that was the right thing to do. We all had things we did, our own lists as it were and we as a family were responsible for our lists.

That's also discipline.

Another form of discipline..
Was I started moving lawns at 12. My dad gave me his old mower, the first tune up and the first tank of gas.

However, from then on parts and gas were my responsibility. He'd help with repairs and as time went by he taught me more about maintenance.

What it taught me is the value of a dollar. That if you have your business. Then you need to understand that you nee to spend money to make money.

There's so much more to discipline other than ass whoopings. An ass whooping is just the attention grabber. To show that there are consequences to actions but the follow up and reasoning behind it is what's lacking in most cases.

The problem here is thst discipline if any kind is seen as abuse.

Just telling your kid "no" is considered abuse.
Saint Kevspeaks Saint Kevspeaks . 4 hours ago
Man Joe stop it kid was prolly the devil because he was the devil.
Stjepan Burger Stjepan Burger . 4 hours ago
Beeing a devil dosnt have NOTHING to so with beating the children. That kid was good when around his parents but went out and did shit because he could. I was beaten by my parents when i was a idiot sooo. You eather teach them a leason or keep beating them just because. There is a difference between slap->"get up you son of a b" and slap->now you see patrick you got fucked because you did this this and that, and if you do it again you gonna get 2 slaps next time and time after that it will be 3 times untill you dont learn to not do the shit i tolled you today"
Armando Carranco Armando Carranco . 4 hours ago
Snowflakes be like ** it's the parents fault***
John Urresta John Urresta . 4 hours ago
The reason adolescents are running around doing mass killings is because they were never disciplined. I don't agree with physical abuse, but smacking or hitting your kid when they're out of line is necessary to raise a stable individual.
Karthik Karthik . 4 hours ago
Ask Indian kids, I used to get hit like crazy, with hands, stick, rods and with whatever he could find, once it was so crazy that I passed out. Damn those times were horrible. And i wasn't even a devil kid. That's Indian parents for you.
Will G. Will G. . 4 hours ago
Abusive parents usually yield abusive offspring. Not in my case. My dad was like that growing up.
Mystic LGD Mystic LGD . 4 hours ago
shane kearsley shane kearsley . 5 hours ago
I was beat physcially and mentally by my family and i was the only male in the family full of feminist, im older now and dont go around them and even stop my children from spending time with them since my cousin ella spent time now she a dumb feminist like them that just complain about men all day long but dont care to look at their own actions
AfrobanditX AfrobanditX . 5 hours ago
There is a difference between discipline and abuse. I was disciplined by my mom when I did wrong. She didn't whoop me for every little thing but when I got in big trouble I got the belt or whatever and when I was a kid I didn't appreciate it but as an adult I definitely do. The problem today is people think every little thing is abuse. When your parents discipline you physically and explain why they did it you grow up understand certain things in life about respect, structure and actions having consequences.
Tarlochan Singh Tarlochan Singh . 5 hours ago
The photos are too funny, sorry 😂😂
James Christopher James Christopher . 5 hours ago
Thats my dad….
Jolly Blobfish Jolly Blobfish . 5 hours ago
Where the hell did they get a video of a guy punching a goddamn _BABY?_
shabazz360 shabazz360 . 5 hours ago
There’s a balance
Apothecurio Apothecurio . 6 hours ago
The staggering number of people in the comments who have been very clearly abused by their parents saying they weren’t abused saddens me.
Jonathan Fenton Jonathan Fenton . 6 hours ago
The difference between the two scenarios is that although there were similar outcomes, they are also far different outcomes.
Kuchi Hashman Kuchi Hashman . 6 hours ago
Beatings fix shit, they don't couse shit
Kevin Clark Kevin Clark . 6 hours ago
Lot of child abuse apologists in here.. absolute idiots
DankCat DankCat . 6 hours ago
*Kid was a devil cause dad was beating him*
Plot twist: then he wouldn't have brought his dad in the first place.
Georgetta Cleggett Georgetta Cleggett . 6 hours ago
Yeah that kid is that was because the father was the devil
S Harrison S Harrison . 6 hours ago
I feel bad for parent with bad ass kids... what to you do as a parent... people love to say it's because they gets beatings. Most of these kids are bad and beatings was the only things left to do or leave them to criminality.
Mark Gerundo Mark Gerundo . 6 hours ago
Discipline and abuse are different.
Joshua Cramer Joshua Cramer . 6 hours ago
It's about knowing how hard to hit. As the kid enters another weight division the hits get harder. With correct explanation and proper technique, you won't need to hit them forever....if you do, go for the knockout
ShtickWarrior ShtickWarrior . 7 hours ago
as a wise man said...

"Beatings will continue until morale improves."
redpill 👊 redpill 👊 . 7 hours ago
As an indian i must say this is accurate in here..i mean in most of the places wxcept america 🤣.....thats why kids in america are more f up than rest of the world....americans need to teach their kids the way they learn

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