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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Anita Montes Anita Montes . 2 hours ago
omg you always say hello friends its me
Kerlyn Martinez Kerlyn Martinez . 8 hours ago
Who think she's pretty reply yes
Elsa Oppenheimer Elsa Oppenheimer . 9 hours ago
famous quote "oh no what an idiot"-sssniperwolf
bpseres bpseres . 11 hours ago
Me watching this and then clicking off and watching it again and it playing at 2:43 🤨
Dawn England Dawn England . 14 hours ago
What did the burgers order to get punched in the face
OOlliivviiaa OOlliivviiaa . 17 hours ago
I love watching your videos my day was good and now it's bad but your making it good again
Hi Hi . 22 hours ago
Waste the money waste of cake👊😡
That laugh tho
Jamie Odom Jamie Odom . 1 day ago
2:23 my soul left my body WHY FROGGY
Katelynn Nielsen Katelynn Nielsen . 2 days ago
Guitar string beats scissors
Britney Young Britney Young . 2 days ago
Good luck
Soft•Bear Soft•Bear . 2 days ago
Half the comments: Half the comments: Half the comments: Half the comments: Half the comments: “can we take a moment to appreciate how she posts everyday for us
Reyes Luis Reyes Luis . 2 days ago
She didn't even save the frog smh
Mango girl Mango girl . 3 days ago
I don’t get it does he still gets the two cakes if he pass
Not Animewatcher Not Animewatcher . 3 days ago
Aadinath Yogi Aadinath Yogi . 3 days ago
Can you make a video without glasse
Can you make more videos please
Mia Ve Ben Mia Ve Ben . 3 days ago
When will the next video drop?
ABE MEDYA ABE MEDYA . 3 days ago
Great video
Enjoyed it!
Bedirhan Gönüldaş Bedirhan Gönüldaş . 3 days ago
Musab Kılıç Musab Kılıç . 3 days ago
Yup Tii Yup Tii . 3 days ago
Abuzer Tapan Abuzer Tapan . 3 days ago
Incredible video!
No name No name . 3 days ago
Made my day!
New Brawler New Brawler . 3 days ago
When will the next video drop?
Liked and subscribed
《mr》 《mr》"JØKER》"oyun kanalı . 3 days ago
Wish I would have seen this earlier.
○KİNGJOKER● ○KİNGJOKER● . 3 days ago
So good
denoochavo denoochavo . 3 days ago
Awesome video!
KRANE 101YT KRANE 101YT . 4 days ago
Great vid
lila & life! lila & life! . 4 days ago
2:30 omg i shouldnt have laughted
Wes James Wes James . 4 days ago
You can't just take a frog 😆
*Crystal Boo* *Crystal Boo* . 4 days ago
Who else just got their merch??
hello peeps hello peeps . 5 days ago
If that dollar bill was pounds you could buy a mha manga
Clover Lin Clover Lin . 5 days ago
2:40 deym.. I don't like frogs but I pity that one. The trust the frog gave to her 🥲
Memphis Brown Memphis Brown . 6 days ago
guess she dont know frogs eat their fellow frogs
Aziz Rasul Aziz Rasul . 6 days ago
Bro the bear though XD
The Bear: so that’s how you wanna play huh??
The man: OH SH-
the bear do look jacked though
belinda tully belinda tully . 6 days ago
My old dog Dolsie is dead now I’m very sad about it but when she was alive she played with the frogs in her water bowl, she was so gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. B.T.W we helped the frogs out of the bowl after
Hiyoko & Mikan Hiyoko & Mikan . 6 days ago
6:06 - 6:12 AHAHAHA
rob rob . 6 days ago
i dont have money
Leah Hannah Leah Hannah . 7 days ago
Reason why she quit her employees were harassing her
Mary G Tedesco Mary G Tedesco . 7 days ago
I tried to see latest vid so i can say HEY YOUR THE BEST YOUTUBER EVERRRRRR bc you have all the love and subs and likes bc IM A FELLOW YOUTUBER I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL CAN WE ALL BE FRIENDS :D :3
Brittany Cannon Brittany Cannon . 7 days ago
i love your videose
Megangamer123 Megangamer123 . 7 days ago
Ur merch is soooooo expensive
Preppyxjoy🍉 Preppyxjoy🍉 . 7 days ago
Whatever you do don’t look at all the yellow cup
Dariana Martinez Dariana Martinez . 7 days ago
The girl that was holding the frog put her hands on her mouth 🤧🤢🤨🥲
yuhanniie yuhanniie . 7 days ago
I hate how every SINGLE COMMENT is “Can we take a moment to appreciate lia blah blah blah”
And all of them are scam accounts. One day I hope YouTube gets rid of them.
Antek Piekutosky Antek Piekutosky . 7 days ago
Beautiful clip ! ❤ perfect by clip .. ASMR in office working - sorting and ripping old papers, documents your beautiful hands.. Can You make that clip ?

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