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Published on 2 weeks ago

Life is in the struggle, not the victory. Fight by instinct alone with Udyr, the Spirit Walker.

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jojo p jojo p . 11 minutes ago
They kept the Phoenix but got rid of tiger and turtle, wack
Ghost of Aces Ghost of Aces . 3 hours ago
But... Anivia isn't technically a phoenix. Phoenix literally means fire bird....
SerDankalot96 SerDankalot96 . 4 hours ago
dad bod Udyr..
CauseQ CauseQ . 14 hours ago
i will forever miss the old Udyr but its like Rengar, once they're gone, they're gone//
X Gabiholo X Gabiholo . 15 hours ago
jeremias romano jeremias romano . 17 hours ago
Xzye Triskle Xzye Triskle . 17 hours ago
Tiger stance dead ;-;
Downtown Line Downtown Line . 18 hours ago
I will greatly miss Udyr turtle ability... anyone else with me too?
Rayymond Morgan Rayymond Morgan . 18 hours ago
Still the same..
Fabio Fabio . 18 hours ago
ok, robot killer
HadesAO HadesAO . 18 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what spirit the boar is?
The bear is volibear, the ram is ornn and the pheonix is anivia but the only boar I can think of is sejuanis mount.
Danni Larsen Danni Larsen . 18 hours ago
Cold fury of the pheonix which is a firebird. Mhmmm, nice brain xD
Kthatslife Kthatslife . 20 hours ago
He's being reworked again???
Ferkrat Ferkrat . 21 hours ago
Looks awesome but.....IN VOID WE TRUST !
Taylor Weeks Taylor Weeks . 22 hours ago
I'm really excited to try this new udyr out, my only deal is they took away from the original. why is the pheonix ice now. shouldve stayed fire. small things though. looks great keep up the good work!
Wrong Gone Wrong Gone . 23 hours ago
As a Season 1 player I confirm this as the best Old Champion Rework ever made by the RIOT team.
carlos garcia carlos garcia . 23 hours ago
cold fury of the fenix ...that is new
ru com ru com . 1 day ago
Urgot: finally a worthy opponent
Knight Stranded Knight Stranded . 1 day ago
Duck you Riot you took my favorite part of my champ away. RIP tiger stance dot
- - . 1 day ago
Tell me you have no idea what a phoenix is without telling me you have no idea what a phoenix is.
zuygj bnsv zuygj bnsv . 1 day ago
The Freljord has always been one of my favorite regions in Runeterra. So to see one of it's oldest champions get the rework he deserves just fills me with joy
Anthony Zheng Anthony Zheng . 1 day ago
Life is in the struggle. That's so true. Get kited 24/7
Vudu90 Vudu90 . 2 days ago
so its the same udyr right? a shield stance, a stun stance and a AA stance then the ult which is like a better version of the old phenix aoe. am i missing something? i mean its better than current udyr don't get me wrong, but its doesn't seems like a big rework. I must be missing something idk.
lolthispoops lolthispoops . 2 days ago
and it makes so much sense with the lore now! this is amazing, best rework so far imo
CODEX 0.3 CODEX 0.3 . 2 days ago
oh no... all i see is masha...
Night Power Night Power . 2 days ago
but why change the animals for stances tho ? a boar ? an anivia ? idk xD
Soul Soul . 2 days ago
All cool but ice phoenix???? Makes no sense
Bits of Pulp Bits of Pulp . 2 days ago
New players: Cold rage of the Phoenix???

Zeljko Sokolov Zeljko Sokolov . 2 days ago
Reminds me of Wim Hof
Claitor100 Claitor100 . 2 days ago
The actual gameplay footage was pretty badly done to be honest, which is surprising for Riot's usual effort on that front.
NickTheChick NickTheChick . 2 days ago
this is the worst news i got this year bro (have to find new main now)
Mason L Mason L . 3 days ago
R.I.P tiger and turtle
Brendan Collins Brendan Collins . 3 days ago
Coach Firefly Coach Firefly . 3 days ago
all i see are soon to be ashes "old spirit guard udyr"
Regdu Geht Regdu Geht . 3 days ago
Love when Riot reworks older champions :)
Brian ceron Brian ceron . 3 days ago
Evelynn Chose Evelynn Chose . 3 days ago
Evelynn... 🧁
Taha Sabia Taha Sabia . 3 days ago
how many more reworks are we still to expect for udyr ? :D
080ization 080ization . 3 days ago
okay..i 've been playing this game since 2009 and the last few years have been , to say the least, very boring and uninteresting for me regardng this game.
That said, this trailer and the skills rundown have got my blood run fast for the first time in years! Props to the team(s) that worked for this!
mlody flame mlody flame . 3 days ago
new rafatus
The Virgin Slayer The Virgin Slayer . 3 days ago
When will he be released on Wild Rift?
QuackyDucku QuackyDucku . 3 days ago
serdy ximi serdy ximi . 3 days ago
Honestly the updated rework route would be refreshing at this point. The second I saw the ice phoenix I got excited.
anyways anyways . 3 days ago
ah yes auto attack auto attack auto attack and some more auto attack
Abang Thor Abang Thor . 3 days ago
I think the will of the boar is referring from freljord boar on runeterra, 8 mana 8/8 that can make enemies with 3 or low can't block
ᜃ᜔ ᜃ᜔ . 4 days ago
Udyr looks amazing! I think it's time for me to experience playing jungle now 😁👏
Szymon J Szymon J . 4 days ago
I love this music its so amazing
The Blazing Angels The Blazing Angels . 4 days ago
ziad jouda ziad jouda . 4 days ago
Oh boy another broken rework
sajindal1 sajindal1 . 4 days ago
First Voli now this ..........


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