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MR - StarkSan

MR - StarkSan

Published on 1 week ago

Eminem, 50 Cent - Is This Love lyrics video. Eminem Curtain Call 2 album song complete lyrics w/Sly Pyper.

Eminem‘s ninth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, was released on November 5th, 2013. It is the sequel to his critically acclaimed 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP.

The album was produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin. Eminem wrote and recorded the majority of the album in a span of three weeks after being inspired by “old rock ‘n’ roll records” he listened to while working on his previous project with Rihanna.


MR - StarkSan MR - StarkSan . 1 week ago
Y Jun Y Jun . 1 week ago
We miss THIS Eminem.
Now he is too obsessed with rhyming
TheDayRapStoodStill TheDayRapStoodStill . 1 week ago
This shit is terrible like wtf
fazeyou225 fazeyou225 . 1 week ago
Flex premiered this to NYC/NJ on his set tonight on hot 97 - This hits like a club track and dudes gun play this if the reaction is right

The Monster probably last track to get played on the reg in nyc
Sawyer Bloxham Sawyer Bloxham . 1 week ago
I’m a rapper, but I’m not very good yet. Eminem inspires me to keep making my own songs. I have to keep practicing because I’m currently terrible at rapping.
Magenta Mirky Magenta Mirky . 1 week ago
"Hi I'm Shady's cum"
-50 cent-
Cartoon Post Cartoon Post . 1 week ago
I have a feeling listening to this low quality leak before the song got released will become a nostalgiac moment years later.
bluntlysnipes bluntlysnipes . 1 week ago
I hate when he spells out words. Very low replay value.
Vils Vidéos Vils Vidéos . 1 week ago
I love Eminem And 50 but this sucks
jeff sunun jeff sunun . 1 week ago
Man 50 cent verse is weak I see why this wasn’t released
Hamza Eljamal Hamza Eljamal . 1 week ago
yo how tf did you get your hands on this
Plate lunch express Plate lunch express . 1 week ago
I’m guessing Eminem has very little in the vault
Danny Nufer Danny Nufer . 1 week ago
Guys just listen to it on Spotify lol
4rl0ng 4rl0ng . 1 week ago
How can u listen to this song, quality is ass. Was it recorded on a toaster
Mar Mar . 1 week ago
I cant believe this guy rerecorded the vocals for a song from 09 like i wanted to hear the old vocals
Jon Jon . 1 week ago
Ash Humiston Ash Humiston . 1 week ago
I like it. It's really clever. The wordplay is definitely on point. It's really good. I wish it were better quality buuttttt I love it
Dre Dre . 1 week ago
Neh he should of released a album new material
Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson . 1 week ago
Never really like when em does these more goofy songs but oh well. When you have as many songs as he does we not gonna like them all
michael turner michael turner . 1 week ago
"That's how I rate your vibe. Let me be your vibe rater"
Chxrmxndxr Chxrmxndxr . 1 week ago
It already came out in New Zealand so the cd quality is out there now
Jordan Daboss Jordan Daboss . 1 week ago
good song 🔥
Xxlxvelydxeams 123xX Xxlxvelydxeams 123xX . 1 week ago
Well dam

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