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Published on 2 weeks ago

Taken from JRE #1852 w/Sam Tripoli:

Josh Gilbert Josh Gilbert . 17 minutes ago
He's talking about aliens that feed on negative energy when he's speaking of low frequency.
Michael Rivera Michael Rivera . 59 minutes ago
Isn't it incredible that people still think this is some weird story, when it is even in history books ?
greenglasful greenglasful . 1 hour ago
So dumb
Surf Widow Surf Widow . 3 hours ago
Now if Eddie Bravo were there and a sprinkling of Alex Jones and this would break the Internet! LOL! %)
Mark butler fox Mark butler fox . 3 hours ago
He clearly been smoking something so strong he lost touch with reality
Barth K Barth K . 4 hours ago
The Nazis, in 39 during hitlers extensive search for any paranormal artifacts also sent troops en mass to the south pole not only to build a military base there. But also to explore the area and look for what had long been a myth/legend of an advanced race, living in some type of Hollow Earth situation. They were thought to be a highly advance race of humanoid beings. That, Hitler (and his advisors) referred to as the Arayians. Supposedly tail, light hair, light skin complexion etc. Allegedly Much of the Germans reported advanced Flying saucer technology, anti-gravity technology and other Advanced weapons and Tech came from information given to them by these beings.
Admiral Byrd was sent there in '47 to find out what the Germans were doing. And put an end to what they deemed any nefarious Behavior . And there were several warships in the deployment he was heading, including Destroyers an aircraft carrier and other support ships. Initially the mission was supposed to last 9 months however it was cut short after only two with apparently, Admiral bird and his forces suffering serious losses at the hands of what was described as flying saucers shooting death ray type of weapons. Whether this was actually the Germans or these other beings was never confirmed. Upon birds return to Washington DC after what would be considered a failed mission he was debriefed and immediately told to never speak of operation high jump to anyone again. He followed those orders during his lifetime. However there seems to be a fairly credible story or information of him passing along a secret diary to his son on his Deathbed with detailed accounts of the things that he had seen and been through while on Mission. He himself stated that he had landed in an area that was apparently a very large very warm forested type area with dense tree covered hills and pastures and heavily populated with wildlife including what he referred to as herds of woolly mammoth type creatures. His instrumentation had been scrambled on one of his flights. During the time his instrumentation was scrambled he reportedly was navigating by use of the Sun's location in the sky. to maintain his bearings as he approached this area he had written that he was approached by two craft that resembled flying saucers one on either side of his aircraft and that his engine failed when they approached and they then took control of his aircraft with some type of tractor beam and landed him in this area. He had gone missing for approximately 3 hours. Had he not landed at some point and stayed on the ground for an extended period of time his small plane wood have run out of gas. He was allowed to leave the area by whomever he came into contact with. And again after debriefing was instructed to never talk to anyone about what he had seen again. And to this day regular people/citizens are not allowed to go to Antarctica. Other than on heavily supervised tourist excursions that allow you into extremely small areas of the continent. This is all done under the guys of protecting the natural environment. In reality there are at any given time between 4k and 37k scientists on continent from a coalition of what I believe now totals 14 countries. The US not being one of them. There is clearly something still going on at Antarctica. I also find it interesting how the star net satellite system completely encompasses the globe with the exception of the North Pole and the South Pole the South Pole is also a strict no fly zone for any commercial aircraft. Kind of makes you fuckin Wonder
Sheldon Johnson Sheldon Johnson . 4 hours ago
Man Alex Jones taught me this lol 🤣
Love4VAG Love4VAG . 5 hours ago
if you think, that it is wild that BMW made engine to German planes, then try to look into what happened with the Ford fabric in Germany, there was producing natzi vehicles, that fabric got bombed under the war, if you look into it then you will see that Henry Ford sued the US government after the war and won...
Herre Faber Herre Faber . 5 hours ago
This Sam can speak, so his iq must hit some lower bound. But it cannot be much higher than that.
TheWhite Shark TheWhite Shark . 5 hours ago
Facts the world is blind 🦮
MrDizyspell MrDizyspell . 5 hours ago
Think my dude made a link to the missing 411 and high jump I've never heard this version
gamers theory 101 gamers theory 101 . 5 hours ago
I mean once again more power to him but also once again you totally f***** everything up with this Spotify b******* now even searching Joe Rogan experience full episode on YouTube get you these little BS 5 minute clips not watching this s*** definitely not listening to it on Spotify what the f***
Christopher Whitener Christopher Whitener . 6 hours ago
aliens would kill us all and take our recourses. the difference between humans to something so advanced would be like us comparing the common black worker ant to another. absolutely ridiculous to believe any of this. the aliens were dumb to team up with the loosing side which is my favorite part of this. just because you smoking nazi meth doesnt mean you get to talk aliens, you know nothing
Support Team Support Team . 6 hours ago
Admiral bryd went on television and talked about a land mass the same size as US unexplored.
WillCo RogerThat WillCo RogerThat . 7 hours ago
There's this movie, Nazis at the center of the earth!, It's kinda based on this a little. I just love putting people on to it, it's great. I think it's still free to watch on YouTube.
Alex Saylor Alex Saylor . 7 hours ago
Something doesnt seem right here. I find it very difficult to believe this is the real joe. Old joe from like 2 years ago would have known about this for sure. This seems fishy asf
Zona Bot602 Zona Bot602 . 7 hours ago
Lol I’m sorry but Sam sucks at telling stories. He makes it sound like bs and then makes up 50% of the story on the fly 😂 I love it great clip
AceOfSpadz18K AceOfSpadz18K . 8 hours ago
Count how many times he says bro 😂
Nathan Eivers Nathan Eivers . 8 hours ago
Holy shit i've never lost respect for Rogan after a clip. This is embarrassing for everyone involved
james staggs james staggs . 8 hours ago
If the Nazis had alien tech pretty sure they would have won.
Stayup! Stayup! . 8 hours ago
Joe acting like he never heard of this…

For sure Eddie brought it up b4
stephan diehl stephan diehl . 8 hours ago
dude until you have lived in a place that is haunted where weird shit happens night after night after night not just to you but to others as well…… talk to the people that have worked at Skinwalker ranch and THEN go hmmm n haaa
Futious Styles Futious Styles . 9 hours ago
Hugo Boss also designed Nazi uniforms
Glenn Davisson Glenn Davisson . 9 hours ago
While this "conspiracy theory" re: byrd, ike, nazis, aliens, antarctica etc., is not commonly known, for anybody who had interest in the anomalous (Fortean Times, etc.), RAW Illuminatus! etc., this is known. Hell, Hollywood even made a movie about it...b movie, ultra campy, what the hell was it called; Elsa, Nazi She-Wolf on the Moon or some such? :D
colbtron colbtron . 9 hours ago
Sounds like a video game 🤔
Brett S Brett S . 9 hours ago
BMW emblem is the white propelar against blue sky background.
Frank Blackcrow Frank Blackcrow . 9 hours ago
If at any time in the far future, of if we the human race ever get to say.. welcome to our planet.. will then all the books come out as to say.. look at this written event.. did you guys do that to us.. on our planet.. it might not be the welcome that they think of getting, or that some people will agree with.. that it's something that we might have an issue with, as from all the testimonies of the shitty things being done to people.. and that the real possibility is that it was the U.S government that gave the go ahead for it all to happen.. to have the shitty society of the U.S to represent the earth, might be another issue... when we would probably want Switzerland to represent us... yeah all those Swiss bankers... go ahead.. anal probe them.

this is a joke.
Drake Crafton Drake Crafton . 10 hours ago
Makes sense, that’s why we Americans took in German scientists after the war and I assume maybe the technology info granted to the Germans was where to find old ufos from past contacts with earth, which could’ve put the USA in possession of ufos about 30 years before bob lazar claimed to have been working on them and said they were from an archeological dig.
I just had to type that all out😂
Jack Boyd Jack Boyd . 10 hours ago
Joe had a guest on that has already talked about Operation Highjump. He also had a guest that talked about show called "Hunting Hitler".
Steffiny Crockett Steffiny Crockett . 10 hours ago
The earth is flat, Antarctica is a ice wall & there is more land outside the wall, they’ve hide it because they can’t control us if there is more resources and land.
Ayyj Sanders Ayyj Sanders . 10 hours ago
High jump was an operation where they discovered an opening into the core and they were dispatched to explore it. They had to literally repel down
Fabrício Bispo Braga Fabrício Bispo Braga . 10 hours ago
I don’t believe this 😂😂😂
Fabrício Bispo Braga Fabrício Bispo Braga . 10 hours ago
I don’t believe this 😂😂😂
Andre T Andre T . 10 hours ago
That's why things ate going on .like what exactly.
Lychaon Gaming Lychaon Gaming . 11 hours ago
...........How dumb is this "Dude" ?
Joel D. Joel D. . 11 hours ago
Time travel. Aliens. Nazis. Dark state. Only thing missing was JFK.
Adommis Adommis . 11 hours ago
Joseph wilson Joseph wilson . 11 hours ago
Admiral Byrd spoke with fallen angels and lucifer as well they disguised themselves as normal people they had to sign an agreement that they wouldn’t say the word Jesus when they went underneath Antarctica
Alobo Alobo . 12 hours ago
Admiral Byrd and his journey to Antartica is old news. I'm honestly surprised Joe and crew have never heard about it considering some of the guests they've had on the show, and what they all have dwelled in, from Bob Lazar to Graham Hancock.
Makaveli Tha Don Makaveli Tha Don . 12 hours ago
Admiral Byrd was the first guy to fly the north pole and that's before he became a Admiral,he became a Admiral after flying over the South pole
Joseph Brown Joseph Brown . 12 hours ago
Notice how joe Rogan brushes it off as a joke at the end
JGRZL JGRZL . 13 hours ago
Joe's favorite topic is UFO'S and he's nvr heard of operation highjump smfh, and Jaime is such a dick riding cheerleader I hate that guy..btw missing 411 is real documented cases of missing persons in Americas forest but to hear it tied in to this is fascinating as far as explaining the disappearances
Astra Oliver Astra Oliver . 13 hours ago
Strange that Joe has never heard of the Antarctic admiral Bird story.
Fionnghall Selma Fionnghall Selma . 13 hours ago
This is a load of theories put into one (he's jarbled so many points)
Neuschwabenland has nothing to do with the 1954 treaty hes mentioned or Missing 411.

Theres ZERO correlation with Germans and missing 411. Its a broad spectrum of ethnicities but the most harrowing one is the disappearence of physicists (which is extremely high). Still, Paulides has skewered some cases and not revealed all the information. One of the stories mentioned in his hunted documentary has key testimonies left out, even from witnesses and the chief of the local police who tells a different story.

Fr this guy is full of shit, if you want a good researcher into this stuff look at Richard D. Hall.
Henry Otis Henry Otis . 13 hours ago
I like that hat 🧢 looks like a number 7 and a Vector symbol 🤔🤐
Henry Otis Henry Otis . 13 hours ago
I like that hat 🧢 looks like a number 7 and a Vector symbol 🤔🤐
Joe Fryfogle Joe Fryfogle . 13 hours ago
Ryker O'Laoghaire Ryker O'Laoghaire . 14 hours ago
How has David Paulides never been on this podcast!!!!
Gold Wing Gold Wing . 14 hours ago
Its damn near the story of Hydra

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