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Published on 2 weeks ago

E-Tones E-Tones . 10 minutes ago
U are dolphin
T S T S . 13 minutes ago
Oh no now we're going to have a bunch of disrespectful punks flying in and out of the ocean! Wonderful. Just what we need. The jet ski wasn't bad enough?
Street blawger Street blawger . 22 minutes ago
BANG!!!!! Right into a 🐳
Drippy Drippy . 29 minutes ago
Wth is that thing?😂
L Hairston L Hairston . 35 minutes ago
What is that
Ethan Bailey Ethan Bailey . 39 minutes ago
Never jumped out of water I seen was him go under and you never seen anything else but water
TheFrieber_ TheFrieber_ . 46 minutes ago
1.Your engine is dead(The engine needs air to burn its fuel, water leaked into the engine and it's dead)
2.You would literally stuck in the water(Going that deep into the water means you would need much much more power to hold your current speed)
3 Dangerous: Your chances loosing the control of your plane is extremely high.
I wonder how that's possible
goodluckwiththat goodluckwiththat . 57 minutes ago
It's the bat boat
Martyn Elago Martyn Elago . 1 hour ago
Geez feeling anxiety just watching,, imagine a puncture on the glass , door jamming and drowning slowly to death
Clair willson Clair willson . 1 hour ago
Didn't you get this from seabreacher my parents customized one and they are so fun to drive
Achillies 50lb Boston Achillies 50lb Boston . 2 hours ago
Is it a gas engine? If so how does it run under water without air?
SwagboyTV SwagboyTV . 2 hours ago
spy kids only the real ones know
Bogo Bogo . 2 hours ago
That's scarry as f....
LightTerror LightTerror . 2 hours ago
rallyNEO K rallyNEO K . 3 hours ago
Вот прикол, нырнул, а там ядерная подводная лодка России😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣
DayDayDoo DayDayDoo . 3 hours ago
"Detecting multiple leviathan class
lifeforms in the region. Are you certain
whatever you're doing is worth it?"
Twin Turbo Twinz Twin Turbo Twinz . 3 hours ago
This is scary but fun all at the same time. Would love to try this
Luis Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez . 4 hours ago
It's all fun and games until you reach the edge of the pool.
راعي الطيب الحالمي راعي الطيب الحالمي . 4 hours ago
Only Gas Only Gas . 4 hours ago
Subnotica in real life
Ali Hassan Ali Hassan . 4 hours ago
*El Chapo would like to know your location*
Far from home Far from home . 4 hours ago
Easy way to hell😂
Muhammad Shoaib Muhammad Shoaib . 4 hours ago
It is Too Dangerous in Sea if the fish hit with it Driver will die
Robomoto Robomoto . 4 hours ago
I never knew a seabreacher existed 😳 but it does and i need 1 now.
SchnozzleCopter SchnozzleCopter . 4 hours ago
This thing looks like it cost 3 million dollars. Literally.
Webbys World💕 Webbys World💕 . 5 hours ago
What is that?
Deep-fried-zombie Deep-fried-zombie . 5 hours ago
Well if you’re a multimillionaire it’s fun
HB initials HB initials . 5 hours ago
I just lost 70% oxygen content in my room watching this.
My sixth claustrophobic sense got alerted so fast 🥲
HiHowAreYa HiHowAreYa . 5 hours ago
James S James S . 5 hours ago
What is that
TheElusiveMan TheElusiveMan . 6 hours ago
This guys worried about protecting himself and others from covid while hes playing roulette with his life, conpletely isolated, in an enclosed space, in the ocean?
Seabass Seabass . 6 hours ago
That thing is cool
Mad kiss Mad kiss . 6 hours ago
Worst way to sink under water in the dark alive !!
Abdulla Abdulla . 6 hours ago
Why is the guy wearing a mask 🤣
Alejandro Cabrales Alejandro Cabrales . 6 hours ago
Wow quiero una
JA RC JA RC . 6 hours ago
Alguien que me explique, por favor, que vehículo es??????????
Tony malacara TVee Tony malacara TVee . 6 hours ago
Da da da da Dada da Dada dadadada dadada da da.
Køna Fjällräven Refur Køna Fjällräven Refur . 7 hours ago
Gods above i wanna do that it looks fun
Wieczny Łowca Wieczny Łowca . 7 hours ago
PrinceCuddles PrinceCuddles . 7 hours ago
What's this craft called?
Kamryn Keith Kamryn Keith . 7 hours ago
Anyone else instantly think back to Spy Kids?
Friendly_UNN Friendly_UNN . 7 hours ago
Thought for a sec its a gru and realized its a reflection
MrNotHere MrNotHere . 8 hours ago
Can I get a ride?
Vladimir Bulbaschov Vladimir Bulbaschov . 8 hours ago
If Ukraine took spain If Ukraine took spain . 8 hours ago
What is dat
Grisha Grisha . 8 hours ago
Як цей апарат називається?
Antonio de Carvalho Antonio de Carvalho . 8 hours ago
What is this?
InsaiyanParkour InsaiyanParkour . 8 hours ago
What is this sport/vehicle exactly called?
its kingboy its kingboy . 8 hours ago
Where’s the fishy

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