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Daily Videos

Daily Videos

Published on 2 weeks ago

Brent Rivera
Lexi Rivera
Ben Azelart
Dom Brack
Andrew Davila
Liv Swearingen
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thatonegirl thatonegirl . 2 weeks ago
lexi face when andrew almost kissed someone else
Oly Oly . 1 hour ago
Andrew was cheating on Lexi for dom
Emma vlog adventures🌈 Emma vlog adventures🌈 . 2 hours ago
i want one with brent and piersonnnnnn
Mason Jablonski Mason Jablonski . 3 hours ago
Ew Andrew
Mason Jablonski Mason Jablonski . 3 hours ago
I think I got sick
•Five• •Five• . 3 hours ago
Brent: Oh Hell Nah Bro!!!
*Pierson Has entered the Chat*
Brent: K I S S
shahina shahina . 9 hours ago
Livs like I wAnnA kiSS lExI
Haythan Nathan Haythan Nathan . 15 hours ago
Emily MacKinnon Emily MacKinnon . 17 hours ago
Did anyone else screen record slow down the vid and take screenshots
Chad Taylor Chad Taylor . 17 hours ago
Bro the 3rd one
lilyth mauldin lilyth mauldin . 18 hours ago
Ayo this is kind of homophobic
Cazando y Pescando a lo pequeño Cazando y Pescando a lo pequeño . 18 hours ago
Yes I like your videos I always like your light and elections like in subscribe your videos
edits ♡ edits ♡ . 20 hours ago
Lexi watching Andrew: Tf!
Vivian Askar Vivian Askar . 1 day ago
Andrew was gonna keep going andthen MWA😘
Mikey Bissram Mikey Bissram . 1 day ago
Done had his first kiss!
Nyzeria Bryant Nyzeria Bryant . 2 days ago
Is this gay ?
philip marriott philip marriott . 2 days ago
Lexis face when Andrew was about to kiss another person
Lucia Coleman Lucia Coleman . 2 days ago
Lexi when Ben and Brent were doing it: “Eww!” 😂😂
Anthony Gregory Anthony Gregory . 2 days ago
Lovely 😊 mate
⚡️ G I A N N A ⚡️ ⚡️ G I A N N A ⚡️ . 2 days ago
Lexi when Andrew was kissing another person: oo that bi*** better not be on my man!

Andrew: *tires to kiss Lexi last time she doesnt*

No hate I love and world!🤍
Awa Zehna Awa Zehna . 2 days ago
Hey why did landrew never kissed and lom kissed?
Serenity Soundzzz Serenity Soundzzz . 2 days ago
R0b!n_Cl0uds_And_!vy R0b!n_Cl0uds_And_!vy . 3 days ago
The end 💀💀💀
tamara launcike🅥 tamara launcike🅥 . 3 days ago
Hey I love your videos💞 I have a vid request Could you .please do a video showing your workout plan routine for each day of the weau
Aida voci Aida voci . 3 days ago
Kyrie Kyrie . 3 days ago
Monique Gant Monique Gant . 3 days ago
Jordahn Cannon Jordahn Cannon . 4 days ago
I can’t believe that Andrew and Don got the closest
Xandrya Rodriguez Xandrya Rodriguez . 4 days ago
And tell your girlfriend you're broke up the one with the curly hair so don't that never again God loves you so don't do that okay cuz you got a girlfriend don't do that
Kalani and Claire Kalani and Claire . 4 days ago
Luis Lopez Luis Lopez . 4 days ago
Hey she's a girl at uuith a guy at the first challenge .
Deme Istrefi Deme Istrefi . 4 days ago
Guys lexi loves Andrew because she was mad that Andrew almost kissed Dom at thE end
Money Management Money Management . 4 days ago
Daniel Martin Daniel Martin . 4 days ago
Andrew and Lexi almost kissed
Postive Vibes Postive Vibes . 4 days ago
Deminas way of life Deminas way of life . 5 days ago
Is it just me or I’m getting déjà vu with the new member if you get it you get it……
KING DANIEL 123 KING DANIEL 123 . 5 days ago
Please sub and like the last clip
bonnie rambadt bonnie rambadt . 5 days ago
This is so funny I keep watching it
katie ammerman katie ammerman . 5 days ago
Anthony Mulraney Anthony Mulraney . 5 days ago
Nick Nick . 5 days ago
Andrew was like this is the perfect time to make my first move😏but then Lexi was like nope and was discussed by him the rest of the time😅
Samer Youssef Samer Youssef . 5 days ago
OMG the last one
🤞F.R.I.E.N.D🤞 🤞F.R.I.E.N.D🤞 . 5 days ago
Lexi mad or jealous..
swat swat . 5 days ago
suss Baka
swat swat . 5 days ago
simone de bruyn simone de bruyn . 6 days ago
you guys are the best
Jade5t Terry Jade5t Terry . 6 days ago
My brother deleted all my stuff
Moon Light Moon Light . 6 days ago
Andrew wanted the kiss to happen but lexi doesn’t like him

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