Play / Download It took 10 years to hit this shot on Nuketown! 😱
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FaZe Blaze

FaZe Blaze

Published on 1 week ago

FaZe Blaze reacts to the BEST Call of Duty Noob Tube Shots

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mohamed adel mohamed adel . 36 minutes ago
There were cameras in COD😨
money on g money on g . 2 hours ago
Bro vanoss did it like 10 years ago
timelessness timelessness . 4 hours ago
you. yes you who's going to comment more shit
all of you need to get a life. this comment section is fcking sick.
it's his choice what he gonna do with his channel and this is the shit everyone is doing these days. fcking move on.

keep going strong so glad you didn't stop despite all this sick hate from lifeless assholes. 💪
Mion Mion . 4 hours ago
Just waiting till this dude blazes out of faze
faceless573 faceless573 . 5 hours ago
But this guy got the clip
eternal tsuki eternal tsuki . 5 hours ago
Bo1 was different
Free Commercial Free Commercial . 6 hours ago
Blaze you should get into construction
Ronald Dominic Larete Ronald Dominic Larete . 7 hours ago
Lie lying is a sin in bible
Jayden Snijder Jayden Snijder . 7 hours ago
Valorant lineups be like:
Nishyy Nishyy . 7 hours ago
So there's CoD lineups now? lmao
Jèger Csaba Jèger Csaba . 13 hours ago
Jèger Csaba Jèger Csaba . 13 hours ago
Intergalactic bleach Intergalactic bleach . 13 hours ago
Vanosgaminng noob tube funny kill cam moments vibes
LyricMMX LyricMMX . 14 hours ago
Btw this is the video I'm gonna show to anyone who says they play call of duty for a realistic military FPS game..
H4rryInd3r H4rryInd3r . 14 hours ago
Why does everyone hate this guy?
Kim hyun Sung Kim hyun Sung . 18 hours ago
Edited There is no such thing that can kill you from that and The launcher ammo Exploded In the Surface
Rigleygamer2.0 Rigleygamer2.0 . 21 hours ago
10 years 🙄
Aqua Aqua . 24 hours ago
sova lineup??
Beanlatifah Beanlatifah . 1 day ago
Gotta love how he feels the need to describe everything that's happening and continuously shake his damn hand idk how to describe that motion
Jeffrey Lasac Jeffrey Lasac . 1 day ago
is that call of duty????
In valorant this is rlly normal
this dude never stop talking like bro we can the video
tiktok mushup tiktok mushup . 2 days ago
I play call off duty
MJayyS MJayyS . 2 days ago
wonder if it still works on Newer CODs.
Estevan Limas Estevan Limas . 2 days ago
What call of duty is that
Fly high techno Fly high techno . 2 days ago
Mobile players be like:
Wow I love that graphics 😦
Jitender (jitu) Jitender (jitu) . 2 days ago
What happened to blazee ? Why this low iq content
Geistergaming Geistergaming . 2 days ago
Those are trucks not cars
Hatem AbulQaraya Hatem AbulQaraya . 2 days ago
Doesn’t even make sense the bullet wouldn’t have bounced off the chimney in the first place
AK Valley AK Valley . 2 days ago
Absolutely wait
realprodmatt realprodmatt . 2 days ago
what happened to you bro holy shit
thekingof......fortnitecancrank90s thekingof......fortnitecancrank90s . 2 days ago
Jared Tomongha Jared Tomongha . 2 days ago
AK-47 AK-47 . 3 days ago
🔥 my boy you got great talent but keep it hidden 🔥
Sour skittles Sour skittles . 3 days ago
It’s gunna take 10 years for you to make some real content
Greg pitogo Greg pitogo . 3 days ago
Call of duty?
Lian 007 Lian 007 . 3 days ago
We believe it yes 🙄
Ameenur Rahman Ameenur Rahman . 3 days ago
I am thankful for the don't recommend this channel button
Alone. Alone. . 3 days ago
Valorant lineups could never
Fattyham. Fattyham. . 3 days ago
Guys follow my cooking videos thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vindicator Vindicator . 3 days ago
Blaze really did fall off HARD 😳
Swaggy Ghosty Swaggy Ghosty . 3 days ago
bruh those two are trucks.. not cars
taki taki . 3 days ago
i was half asleep and thought this guy was ludwig
Exhausted Crew Exhausted Crew . 3 days ago
I play cod mobile and played nuketown
o o . 3 days ago
"the guy actually killths him!"
Malick Marshall Malick Marshall . 3 days ago
Damn son, sign him up for dude perfect
Yerdle Yerdle . 3 days ago
Wow such good content saying exactly what happens in a video good job
mister cream mister cream . 3 days ago
I think the bullet comitted suicide
Bro you still making the same content as 8 years ago. Stop nobody cares about this shit anymore
Nika Vargova Nika Vargova . 3 days ago
Lmao another Jonas

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