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No Life Shaq

No Life Shaq

Published on 1 week ago

#Eminem #CC2 #nolifeshaq

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EminemMusic EminemMusic . 1 week ago
St_Mary mary St_Mary mary . 5 minutes ago
I'm new to your channel. I was drawn to your Bone Thugs video. This is impressive. I love how you don't just hear, you listen.
Matthew Butts Matthew Butts . 42 minutes ago
Been here since the MGK and Eminem Beef. Proud of you Shaq
Nuna Beast Nuna Beast . 2 hours ago
"WHAT IN THE SPELLING BEE IS GOING ON HERE " got me so hard 😭 😫 😩 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Whitaker John Whitaker . 2 hours ago
😂😂”What in the Spelling Bee is goin’ on here?!”😂😂
B Dates B Dates . 3 hours ago
What in the spelling bee is going on here? 😭
Dr3am R3a£m Studios Dr3am R3a£m Studios . 3 hours ago
Lmfao🤣🤣🤣🤣 Second verse.. Aaaahhh HellNaw!!!! Why you can't never be normal ???!!! That cracks me up.😂
𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓸𝓷 𝓡.𝓛 🇻🇦 𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓸𝓷 𝓡.𝓛 🇻🇦 . 4 hours ago
This song is trash tho.. How could you critique games new track but like this?.. BOGUS
roachthedon roachthedon . 4 hours ago
if yall like 50 rapping faster check out an older song called psycho with em its dope
Gregory Bradley Gregory Bradley . 4 hours ago
What in the spelling bee is going on here?
Jensine De Anda Jensine De Anda . 4 hours ago
Omg I love Shaq he kills me...
Chicky B Chicky B . 4 hours ago
Ashley s Ashley s . 5 hours ago
So happy for ya Shaq. This was awesome!
Andrew Breeding Andrew Breeding . 6 hours ago
That’s awesome man and well deserved you know what real rap and music is about. It’s not about is it new or is it played in the club it’s about if it’s good or not and you keep it real. Hope you can met EM one day
Ryan Hanifan Ryan Hanifan . 6 hours ago
Man Feminem is sounding like he’s falling off
ApXperiment ApXperiment . 7 hours ago
Professor Shaq, How many hours of study of Eminem songs is the Barology PhD? I think I’m 500 hours😂😂😂😂
Ur_AsianMilfoil Ur_AsianMilfoil . 7 hours ago
The game: he don't make CLUB MUSIC
Ur_AsianMilfoil Ur_AsianMilfoil . 7 hours ago
Bryton Hersey Bryton Hersey . 7 hours ago
Shut up dude
Mike Rodriguez and Son Mike Rodriguez and Son . 8 hours ago
50 had a nice verse
Cash Cash . 9 hours ago
This goes hard af. Them Dre beats just hit different. Head noddin as soon as they get started
Cash Cash . 9 hours ago
Nah that's actually really cool. That's a W all around. 💯💯
strueskills LESCOBRANDON strueskills LESCOBRANDON . 9 hours ago
its funny Ceno still talking trash and Eminem is a rap god lyric wise to the t and so many other things in rap like i just can not understand how the haters exist ..
strueskills LESCOBRANDON strueskills LESCOBRANDON . 9 hours ago
Simple Gaming Simple Gaming . 9 hours ago
Shittt ima be honest I haven’t watched you in a minute, I remember watching you all the time when were small time, less then 50k subs…
Been off yt for a while, congrats man 😎 unreleased song from em? That’s huge!
Guil Guil . 10 hours ago
Remember this man reacting to em songs with only like 10 or 20k subs. Now, em is sendin you gifts and almost 4 mil subs. Greetings from the Philippines Shaq.
Hector Aguayo Hector Aguayo . 10 hours ago
Can that album cover be any more demonic? and none of you care
Kanaka Rockah Kanaka Rockah . 11 hours ago
It’s crazy to think this shi was originally recorded in 09’ and bangs!!
Leka LAXZ-A-MILLION Leka LAXZ-A-MILLION . 11 hours ago
Eminem captured his audience with his spelling verses on 🐐 status!
Blair Wilko Blair Wilko . 11 hours ago
What in the spelling B is going on here 🤣🤣🤣👊
Kanaka Rockah Kanaka Rockah . 12 hours ago
Everything goes hard on that track🔥🔥🔥
Lorena Andrade Lorena Andrade . 12 hours ago
nathan brehm nathan brehm . 12 hours ago
Insane as usual
nathan brehm nathan brehm . 12 hours ago
Mind f***ing you through the ears is his hobby, that's why. 😁
Seriouslee Seriouslee . 12 hours ago
Shaq on christmas😂🫶🏽
against all odds against all odds . 13 hours ago
legendary bro, keep at it
Shaymaa Salih Shaymaa Salih . 13 hours ago
Lucky you 👏😲❤️
Zo cLoWn Zo cLoWn . 13 hours ago
"What in the spelling bee is going on ?" 😂😂😂
Eric Rainey Eric Rainey . 13 hours ago
Man I just watched your reaction to The Games appreciation oops I mean diss track and then this video. What in sam hell does he think he did with that trash
Seth Stoots Seth Stoots . 13 hours ago
He pulled a Rittz with the 2nd verse rhyming all the words to the same letter.
Cedric Walker Cedric Walker . 14 hours ago
I love em but this trash as hell
Russell Campbell Russell Campbell . 14 hours ago
Em must have loved watching this Shaq👏👏👏👏
Serina Bolzonello Serina Bolzonello . 14 hours ago
My 11yr old says it's like a word search puzzle 🤣
Nelson M Nelson M . 14 hours ago
What in the spelling bee 🐝 is going on here,I am weak..😄😄😄
Wayne B Wayne B . 15 hours ago
Ems second verse was dope but 50 smashed it🔥
Fabian Gard Fabian Gard . 15 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣What in the spellingbee is going on here🤣🤣🤣🤣 That cracked me😂😂😂 Shaq is a legend. Em... Goat!
DizTheCryptoh DizTheCryptoh . 15 hours ago
This made my day man - it made me really happy with smiles all over as I'm watching you react and hearing the goats rap ^_^
Chris Maraccini Chris Maraccini . 16 hours ago
Hate to say it but this one is a skip.
New Product New Product . 16 hours ago
God damn all this plastic 😂
YoBoyAustin YoBoyAustin . 16 hours ago
Em's paying homage to the ones in the game he respects,notice how Em let snoop and 50 go after him in their last songs together

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