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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Published on 7 days ago

Kansas votes to uphold the right to have an abortion, Alex Jones’s attorney accidentally gives his texts to the prosecutor, Beyoncé tweaks her album again, Brad Pitt wears a skirt to his latest movie premiere, and Airbnb will no longer rent out former slave quarters. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Honest O Honest O . 31 minutes ago
Too many votes for real, I can’t keep tab.
Julian Julian . 41 minutes ago
It’s just sad that the standard is so low that saying no to „forbid abortion“ and vote against limiting the life of every woman there is actually considered gamebreaking
judith sterling mendoza judith sterling mendoza . 3 hours ago
I think his attorneys did it on
Kaleb Collins Kaleb Collins . 4 hours ago
I think Alex Jones is just a nutcase but Trevor you are completely of sound mind and you are hardly one to comment on someone else being a liar. Your entire existence is just to push lies and defame people on your show that no one watches. Remember Trumps "collision" that you would shut up about or how Kyle Rittenhouse "got off on killing black people" even though not one single black person was involved? I do. What a joke.
Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smith . 4 hours ago
That's history. This is called White Wash
MariachiDan MariachiDan . 5 hours ago
What does Brad Pitt know that we dont?
WantingAndGetting WantingAndGetting . 5 hours ago
What? He was only caught in one lie? Somebody is slacking!
Anita T Anita T . 7 hours ago
The Alex Jones thing has an easy explanation: he hasn’t paid the lawyers or the retainer ran out. So the lawyers sent a message.
laskin riubn laskin riubn . 7 hours ago
I love Alex Jones trying to say he's "Not a tech guy " as an excuse. They're text messages dude its not like they asked you to write the a program in C++
mass status mass status . 10 hours ago
0 by
Cindy Lewis Cindy Lewis . 17 hours ago
Alex jones’ lawyers knew what they did because this guy is really bad.
Gabriella Abramson Gabriella Abramson . 17 hours ago
im sorry but u guys are so funny pls I cant
Paul M Paul M . 18 hours ago
What lies!!!? Only yours. You come from a country that depress free speech and now you sold out for money. Shame on u
Lync Price Lync Price . 20 hours ago
What the Republican politicians are pushing is not what the American people want on abortion, but neither is what the Democrats are pushing.
Noname Noname Noname Noname . 21 hours ago
My ex wife’s birthday.. sounds about right
ApexHallJr215 ApexHallJr215 . 22 hours ago
🤯look I'm just shocked Kansas...Kansas 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
splace51 splace51 . 22 hours ago
cesmaeili cesmaeili . 22 hours ago
Time to talk about the border again. Biden is opening borders, this is a problem, causing more drugs and crime to enter America and causing more costs on the Americans. Where is the love for people who live here
Dolly Adams Dolly Adams . 23 hours ago
The daily show is the best choice when you want to laugh, most of his comments are right 👍 about when it comes to politics ....
Dolly Adams Dolly Adams . 23 hours ago
I love this show very much 💗💗😍
nom deplumeone nom deplumeone . 24 hours ago
What a load of drivel.
tara Highlands tara Highlands . 24 hours ago
Wish Trevor was funnier
benhenjr benhenjr . 1 day ago
This dude is not funny.
Michael Adams Michael Adams . 1 day ago
Obama, Bush, Hillary and so on. ALL LIE...
So REALLY?????

morris portlock morris portlock . 1 day ago
his lawyer didn't mess up he did it on Purpose
Republicans have railed against the FBI raid on Trump's home in Florida. M.T. Greene posted "DEFUND THE FBI". They also promise retribution on the opposition. Violent rhetoric is already being posted on social media from Trump's mobsters. You can now see the truth about how the Republican Party really feel about law enforcement in the United States. Trump claims he's the victim like he always has. He believes that he's above all laws including God's. Trumpocracy is spreading like wildfire. If you want to stop this violent talk and action, vote for Democracy. Since Trump wants a civil war you better have those weapons ready to defend yourself from these homegrown terrorist. Law enforcement will be scanning social media and You Tube to place these traitors on the radar against American laws. (:
j wilk j wilk . 1 day ago
Even Alex Jones Attorney was like F..... It! I know we lost. So what's the worst that can happen if I send this "do not send to prosecutor" file

End result: 49 million dollar loss, perjury, and potentially on trial with Jan 6th committee
j wilk j wilk . 1 day ago
10:38 the official meme of I Just F'd Up!
joe gonzalez joe gonzalez . 1 day ago
Trump is why we should all vote pro abortion
j wilk j wilk . 1 day ago
9:21 The worst man in the world has the worst attorney ever!
j wilk j wilk . 1 day ago
Did Kansas just turned blue? Wow! Way to go to the voters for keeping abortion rights!
AllianceCarpentry [Blaxxtunes] AllianceCarpentry [Blaxxtunes] . 1 day ago
I thought they say the earth was slowing down??? Emmmm
Existential Dread Existential Dread . 1 day ago
As a citizen of kansas THANK YOU
Aggie Aggie . 1 day ago
Trevor, do another Hot Ones!
R C R C . 1 day ago
Yes, we need mass investigations starting in the White House the moving on to the media and I mean all!
Shelly Viescas Shelly Viescas . 1 day ago
What happens when you hire your lawyer off Craig's List...
Spade 760 Spade 760 . 1 day ago
still waiting for the left to respect state rights when it doesn't apply to their beliefs.
Charles1er Smeyers Charles1er Smeyers . 2 days ago
And now Republicans shall remove some rights without votes for it!
Rvve Duio Rvve Duio . 2 days ago
I really believe his lawyer wants him to pay for the things he’s said. No objection or anything.
AzeraV AzeraV . 2 days ago
Well done Kansas.
Phil Lawrence Phil Lawrence . 2 days ago
Thank you Kansas
Lazaven Lazaven . 2 days ago
I think Alex dog stepped on a bee!
angela casella angela casella . 2 days ago
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Johnny Carmichael Johnny Carmichael . 2 days ago
The earth is getting lighter
Cathy Elings-Sysel Cathy Elings-Sysel . 2 days ago
Shocking. Shocking I tell you.
L F L F . 2 days ago
GB GB . 2 days ago
I'm with Brad.
Xerolaw Embers
M Long M Long . 2 days ago
That Alex Jones snafu will go down in infamy! And the lawyer!!! Was it a not corrected accident? Was it? Was it? "How do I legally hand this nut to the prosecution so I can keep my license?"
Murdock88 Murdock88 . 2 days ago
These so-called tough loud mouths, when they are in court, they all turn into [email protected][email protected]$

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