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Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson

Published on 2 weeks ago

Maybe it’s time to give the flag a little space 😅

(source vid is by TikTok/@ mustangsally1989 )

#shorts #raywilliamjohnson

TheMC_YT TheMC_YT . 2 minutes ago
RJFett RJFett . 42 minutes ago
I love ur shirt, boba Fett’s my fav
Lathurshithan Vishnuvarthan Lathurshithan Vishnuvarthan . 1 hour ago
Ohh homelander is here😂
Vera_is_cringe Vera_is_cringe . 1 hour ago
If you're proud to be American, then I'm proud to be Russian....
belenciussys belenciussys . 1 hour ago
Amma reecan lamo
Antoni Roszkowski Antoni Roszkowski . 1 hour ago
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Khazam's Family Khazam's Family . 2 hours ago
America man : JUSTICE!
William Luna William Luna . 2 hours ago
If America is invaded, those are the first people to leave the country and beg Canada for asylum.
Lebanon 🇱🇧 Lebanon 🇱🇧 . 2 hours ago
"I'm proud to be an amereeeeeecan
Doggo Serbia Doggo Serbia . 4 hours ago
Bruh they should be in shame cause they are Americans
Cubing Pedia Cubing Pedia . 5 hours ago
Also american :-- wearing underwear with print of american flag
Da Dyl Da Dyl . 6 hours ago
How mad Brits see Americans 💀💀:
MO ABo MO ABo . 6 hours ago
"Amercians" "begins laughing"
Caleb Matthew Caleb Matthew . 8 hours ago
I swear, that’s how LGBTQ members are with their flags.
Flat Earth is a Hoax Flat Earth is a Hoax . 8 hours ago
I just got here 10 minutes after listening to 'American Idiot' by Green Day. Strange
Nathan Voelker Nathan Voelker . 9 hours ago
Nice reference
Suz Q Suz Q . 9 hours ago
That my friends is what we call Nationalism🫤
awesomejuda awesomejuda . 9 hours ago
Nahhh 💀💀💀
MeowingCatOnSteroids55 MeowingCatOnSteroids55 . 10 hours ago
Why not the nazi flag??
Kieran Ercolino Kieran Ercolino . 10 hours ago
Matt D Matt D . 10 hours ago
Isn't this what Americans do?
-A Canadian
rusu florin rusu florin . 10 hours ago
Am canadian and me after see thsi💀
agent Jeff agent Jeff . 10 hours ago
Genesis Jackson Genesis Jackson . 11 hours ago
BulletTV BulletTV . 11 hours ago
Hmm yes thats how you prounounce american.
Noah Swartzendruber Noah Swartzendruber . 11 hours ago
I respect anyone who knows Rex quan do
Samantha Winchester Samantha Winchester . 11 hours ago
Those folks are ready for Trumps civil war
ethan ethan . 11 hours ago
POV: this is how everyone acted during the pledge of allegiance don’t lie we’ve all done it
3X0TIC M00N 3X0TIC M00N . 12 hours ago
*-RWJ 2022*
Blebsnek Blebsnek . 12 hours ago
“what is this music”
it’s his own song

Probabilitys Probabilitys . 12 hours ago
WhAt DiD hE saaAaAaAaaY
s s . 13 hours ago
the guy wearing the flag reminds me of erica from stranger things 😂
Dani Dani . 13 hours ago
Kaopii Kaopii . 14 hours ago
Sees the dad‘s cape get reminded of Kevin Durant LOL
Diana Harris Diana Harris . 14 hours ago
People who’ve played Bioshock Infinite: “Oh look it’s Modern day Columbia.”
elitesnipah elitesnipah . 14 hours ago
What north Korea wishes their people were like, ITS ALL BACKWARDA PEOPLE
Question’s!?!?!? Question’s!?!?!? . 14 hours ago
I am ashamed of being American
Scarlett Starr Scarlett Starr . 15 hours ago
Why is the music in alien song why does that even exist
Roemer Z Roemer Z . 15 hours ago
Is it just me or have the stars on the flag need to be on the other side
Brady Toresdahl Brady Toresdahl . 16 hours ago
Kneel for the cross and not the flag
Lily Lily . 16 hours ago
No it's not
Eh Soe Eh Soe . 16 hours ago
Rex: new students welcome
Block Builder Block Builder . 16 hours ago
Little girl and HES on the floor noe

Mr Wendigo Mr Wendigo . 17 hours ago
Instead of prising our countrys we should praise the people
Alexandra Wolf Alexandra Wolf . 17 hours ago
We sure this isn’t the Turpin family 2.0?
Kacper Młodowiec Kacper Młodowiec . 18 hours ago
They are praying over weirdest country
Matthew Thompson Matthew Thompson . 18 hours ago
"What did they lose a contact lense"

Vncent _ Vncent _ . 18 hours ago
Is it weird when I warship the German flag?

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