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Published on 2 weeks ago

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MisterOddStuff MisterOddStuff . 46 minutes ago
I love how he appreciates more the artistry behind the joke more than the joke itself
Akumuvirus Akumuvirus . 2 hours ago
SaidIt Loud SaidIt Loud . 5 hours ago
I'm female and a victim of CDV BUT I LIKE THE FUCKING JOKE β™₯️
Buster 928 Buster 928 . 6 hours ago
OR .... " I prefer my women like my Bourbon.... 12 years old and all mixed up with coke ..." ...
Mantis toboggan Mantis toboggan . 6 hours ago
I’ve seen worse and laughed my ass off each time.
Angry Pepper shaker Angry Pepper shaker . 6 hours ago
I don’t like the joke, but I respect your right to make it.
the flying dutchguy the flying dutchguy . 7 hours ago
they fall like todlers. thats not wrongπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mark Mark . 10 hours ago
That’s not really my sense of humor, and I’m a mild person. But personally I wouldn’t post it online and name the restaurant knowing everyone could see. If I’m uncomfortable some place, I’ll just… not go there again. It’s not complicated to not be an asshole
Shane Pettit Shane Pettit . 11 hours ago
Georgi Botov Georgi Botov . 12 hours ago
I bet the person who posted on FB was proud to find out she got 2 people livelihood taken away from them. Cancel culture at its best! Its really sickening...
Sunlight of the Spirit-Tarot Readings-Astrology Sunlight of the Spirit-Tarot Readings-Astrology . 12 hours ago
zhivago zhivago . 14 hours ago
Z M Z M . 16 hours ago
Funny joke, but I do feel like it wasn't worth keeping it up if someone was uncomfortable by it.
Victoria Perez Victoria Perez . 17 hours ago
I’m a victim of domestic violence but I have to admit that is freaking hilarious … what a shame they lost their jobs over that
Kool Breeze Kool Breeze . 18 hours ago

πŸ˜πŸ€”πŸ˜’πŸ€­πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ 😐
Jeremy Calnan Jeremy Calnan . 22 hours ago
Because I was going to cut it out in the shape of a fish and mount it on the wall...farcry
31tomcat 31tomcat . 23 hours ago
This is how facism starts. Censoring anyone who doesn't agree with, or causes you offence
Dan Comp Dan Comp . 1 day ago
Fired for a joke...about 5% of Americans understand the implications of this.
Murray C Murray C . 1 day ago
I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where we have a local brewery that's very popular, and they also have a sense of humor. One of their beers is called "Dirty Blonde", and they came up with an advertising banner they read "Everyone Enjoys a Dirty Blonde from Dartmouth"


All it took was ONE WOMAN to lose her shit and complained and took her offense to the media. The folks at Nine Locks enjoyed the free advertising, and they "fixed" the banner by painting a "^" between "Blonde" and "From" with the word "Beer" floating above so that it now read "Everyone Enjoys a Dirty Blonde {beer} From Dartmouth"
MCDC MCDC . 1 day ago
Leave it to the softies in texas, smh
Does IT Matter Does IT Matter . 1 day ago
White people want people to be fired
Jaxxson Stone Jaxxson Stone . 2 days ago
Dark humor is depressed people trying *not* to unalive themselves, so honestly when I see it I just feel empty.
Science is fun Science is fun . 2 days ago
Agreed. That is a funny joke. Especially for Dallas, Texas.
SuperiorPosterior SuperiorPosterior . 2 days ago
You know what the best punchline would have been? "We don't sell domestic beer."
TranscenDaMental TranscenDaMental . 2 days ago
77 dead 77 dead . 2 days ago
I say we make social media illegal. this shit is giving sensitive people a platform to lay out their eggshells.

The worst part, it actually effects the real world. Despite those people make a minority of the people outdoors.
Mazie G Mazie G . 2 days ago
I love Bill burr. Can’t wait to see him in concert!!
Life Imitating Death Life Imitating Death . 2 days ago
"I like my beer and violence the same, domestic." There, knocked 2 words off for ya.
o0O-JD-O0o o0O-JD-O0o . 2 days ago
There's a video on YouTube called why colleges are becoming cults. it is an eye opening video that needs to be watched. it is the truth behind this woke BS and race issues.... as it says in the video, it is not that someone was offended , it is how people choose to react to it. often times with no context
macnolds macnolds . 2 days ago
Not gonna support Bill on this one.

Not saying anyone should get fired, but I don't get the joke.

The joke is that they like domestic violence? Feels a bit lazy. Like it's missing something. If they were fans of fancy, imported beer, on the other hand, the reverse joke might work better-- especially if they were donating to a local domestic abuse center. Then they could claim they detest these two "domestic" things.

Or maybe if they said they like domestic beer, but don't support domestic violence. And then provided info for the aforementioned abuse center. Of course, that would be more of an ad than a joke. It really wouldn't be any less/more funny than the original, but at least it would promote something positive.

Doesn't work for me.
V1nce Dylan V1nce Dylan . 2 days ago
I like my women, like I like my wine 13 years old and in my basement.

It's a joke and I don't have Twitter sooooooo haha
Cord Schroeder Cord Schroeder . 2 days ago
TheStp77 TheStp77 . 2 days ago
This guy is brutalπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
David Eberbach David Eberbach . 2 days ago
This clip cut out where Bill said if someone see's the sign, but then the sign makes them go do domestic violence.
Meliodas Dragonsin Meliodas Dragonsin . 2 days ago
Promoting violence
Seljak Magnum Seljak Magnum . 2 days ago
You can't hit a woman, but can we at least slap them, Bill?
John O John O . 2 days ago
Yeah that foreign beer violence is what caused the holocaust, proven fact Hitler was a dick when he drank and the beerhall putsch is what kicked it all off!
Fuck Hitler he was a light weight drinker who started shit 😀
Negi G Negi G . 3 days ago
One of the best jokes I've heard
omegakiller44 omegakiller44 . 3 days ago
And I bet that guy is also asking people to tear down statues that are part of History
D G D G . 3 days ago
I hope whoever got them fired dies a long painful death tomorrow.
littlevini littlevini . 3 days ago
Just to give the opposite perspective it's about the victims it's not that it would cause extra aggressors. All people that like bill burr are idiots. If that offends you, it was just a joke don't worry about it... Get it? Or are you still mad?
KarlitoxWay KarlitoxWay . 3 days ago
Land of the free and you get fired from a BAR for a fucking masterpiece of a joke? That is some tyrannical shit let me tell you
SniperOnSunday SniperOnSunday . 3 days ago
Two jobs lost over a fucking joke. People need to grow some spines, man.
David Bennett David Bennett . 3 days ago
World is to sensitive world is becoming soft all these soft hearted idiots are destroying the real way of life we cant speak freely no more stupidity is everywhere now
Brallant P. Brallant P. . 3 days ago
Idk man if u gonna make a joke bout something a lot of people suffer through it better be a good one. Is like if someone is crying and u wanna cheer them up, u better say something really funny or else u are just making it worse. Something like bring it back around at the end of the show like Dave Chapelle
Byron LaBelle Byron LaBelle . 3 days ago
Fukkin butthurt crybabies. Doin' nothing but wasting our O2.πŸ’€πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
Identifies as 65. Where's my check? Identifies as 65. Where's my check? . 3 days ago
Bill Burr is the weirdest politically incorrect politically correct guy I've ever listened to. Found him a little funny at first, and I still do, but kind of sick of him blaming most everything on white people while pretending you can't say the same thing about other races - even if you're not white.
LUC1F3R0_MF LUC1F3R0_MF . 3 days ago
The offended man definitely beats his woman
Jake Covert Jake Covert . 3 days ago
They fall like toddler's 🀣

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