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Matt Slays

Matt Slays

Published on 2 weeks ago

It gets extreme when Matt has to do these dares handcuffed. I can't believe he did this. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo posted "I Survived On $0.01 For 24 Hours with My Baby." Next Matt Slays uploaded "GIGA RICH VS BROKE HIDE AND SEEK." Why does it feel like this is a giant prank in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2022.

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Matt Slays Matt Slays . 2 weeks ago
Don't forget to subscribe if you want a chance to win!
Shelby Schreiber Shelby Schreiber . 12 hours ago
I'm praying yall and peanut🙏🙏
david bean david bean . 16 hours ago
david bean david bean . 16 hours ago
Eliza V Eliza V . 18 hours ago
Peanut and me are kind of the same cause I have Covid and peanut has cancer so like we’re kind of the same
turbo0608 turbo0608 . 20 hours ago
Can I join game master network
Asian star beauty Beauty Asian star beauty Beauty . 1 day ago
i wont a ipom Mat i owas like and subscribe
Miracle Loran Miracle Loran . 1 day ago
noooooo peanut
Kirstin Francalanza Kirstin Francalanza . 1 day ago
I want a lady video when is 80 is the mum for the day
thefairy_hunter5 thefairy_hunter5 . 1 day ago
Uhhh peanut has cancer
Cady Mohamed azab 13 Cady Mohamed azab 13 . 1 day ago
They killed max
Sophia Miller Sophia Miller . 2 days ago
Omg I feel so bad for black jack:( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
gacha and merge gardens time gacha and merge gardens time . 2 days ago
Is it just me or is the scene were Matt has to change zadies diaper was so cute (Zadie is so CUTE!!!!!!!)
sione feasey sione feasey . 2 days ago
I am seeing this on the 15th and when Matt said peanut has cancer i started crying
William Rose William Rose . 2 days ago
Wow 🤩
heather campbell heather campbell . 2 days ago
I hope your Dog is okay
Christy Brewington Christy Brewington . 2 days ago
I’m so sorry for peanut i’m sending prayers
Shalee Mcmullen Shalee Mcmullen . 2 days ago
Can I please have it bc I have not win please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Queeenie Me Queeenie Me . 2 days ago
I’m so sorry for peanut I hope you’ll be okay
Zaynah ♡ Zaynah ♡ . 2 days ago
Name You Name You . 2 days ago
I've been watching you guys since 2016
mesike allvee mesike allvee . 2 days ago
You sure😅
It felt like 10 minutes and 41 seconds
Reaper Clash Reaper Clash . 2 days ago
We love your videos Matt
Noshitha Noshitha . 2 days ago
I love mash
Jade Walsham Jade Walsham . 3 days ago
So sad that peanut has cancer hope he gets better we love u peanut and gm network
Fallon O'Neil Fallon O'Neil . 3 days ago
I love your videos matt
Meagan Bryant Meagan Bryant . 3 days ago
Mia’s life Mia’s life . 4 days ago
We love you peanut
likhitha ravi likhitha ravi . 4 days ago
Hi Matt
likhitha ravi likhitha ravi . 4 days ago
That was so extreme.😯
♡ PAE SQUAD ♡ ♡ PAE SQUAD ♡ . 4 days ago
I pray for you and peanut so that peanut can make it ❤️🙏
Jennifer Richter Jennifer Richter . 4 days ago
Peanut has causer can people witness peanut and pray he will be ok 😿😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
rebecca ellis rebecca ellis . 4 days ago
I love how zadie is like what is going on
Andria Farden Andria Farden . 4 days ago
Who's behind the camera
Flower B Flower B . 5 days ago
Zadie is so adorable 💜❤️‍🔥
Darcie Barnfield Darcie Barnfield . 5 days ago
ZADIE is so cute
Darcie Barnfield Darcie Barnfield . 5 days ago
I love peanut and blackjack so much
The Lacewells The Lacewells . 5 days ago
Addison Fairhead-Gill Addison Fairhead-Gill . 5 days ago
I’m sorry about Peanut.

My dog Hudson has also a bad cancer called Hemangiosarcoma and he will have it for the rest of his life and may not live for that much longer. 😢 never give up hope!
Serenity Chaundy Serenity Chaundy . 5 days ago
It is really disturbing me when he showed the poo on the toilet paper when her changed you your daughter
Samantha Frahm Samantha Frahm . 5 days ago
I think he will be really really mad
Ivory Gordon Ivory Gordon . 5 days ago
Matt l like your name and last name
Froggy audiosx Froggy audiosx . 6 days ago
Take care peanut!!
Tia Aktaa - EIS cm1 Tia Aktaa - EIS cm1 . 6 days ago
Hiii i love your baby and rebeca m’y shool is almost coming
Ava Ava . 6 days ago
Omg i hope peanuts ok! We love both peanut and blackjack , i hope peanuts ok
Katie Rood Katie Rood . 6 days ago
I'm so sorry about peanut Rebbeca and Matt stay strong
Efrain Castaneda Efrain Castaneda . 6 days ago
That's why i am subscribed
Efrain Castaneda Efrain Castaneda . 6 days ago
Lol ur so funny🤣 i luv ur vid
leonard givens leonard givens . 7 days ago

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