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Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Published on 4 months ago

Cole Swindell - How Is She (Audio)

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K Bower72 K Bower72 . 3 hours ago
You seen to never sing a bad song , I’m sure you could probably sing the phone book and make it a hit
W M W M . 9 hours ago
He needs to do a musicvideo and release as a single! This song is awesome!!
Cody #Warhawk Cody #Warhawk . 1 day ago
As a Coloradan and Denver Broncos fan, I definitely love this song. GO BRONCOS!
Tamekka Knuth Tamekka Knuth . 1 week ago
Here's to Newport menthol cigs
Linda Hughes Linda Hughes . 1 week ago
I Know You Are With Courthey And You Love Her I Miss You
Kay Sheffield Kay Sheffield . 2 weeks ago
I know the feeling Cole baby. ❀️🎡🀠😘
Tamekka Knuth Tamekka Knuth . 2 weeks ago
Not getting over us bank money
Hersnhis Furryanimal Hersnhis Furryanimal . 3 weeks ago
im ok
Jewels Langer Jewels Langer . 4 weeks ago
I have an incredible story to tell one day ~ And this absolutely beautiful song is part of it :) :)
Tamekka Knuth Tamekka Knuth . 1 month ago
Tamekka Knuth Tamekka Knuth . 1 month ago
Gotta love Fanta :)
Nick Schooley Nick Schooley . 1 month ago
I live in Colorado and i love this song
Austin Crumb Austin Crumb . 1 month ago
Hey Cole, I also live in Colorado. If someday you get all your questions answered, I would also love to know how she is making rent out here. Thanks.
Tara Lange Tara Lange . 2 months ago
Leonel Cardenas Leonel Cardenas . 2 months ago
Tamekka Knuth Tamekka Knuth . 2 months ago
Love his music!!
Hopeful Hopeful . 3 months ago
Ben Menkal Ben Menkal . 3 months ago
As a Denverite, I love this song β™₯️
Hawaiian Daddy Hawaiian Daddy . 3 months ago
Live the good life …
Brittnie G Brittnie G . 3 months ago
Love this!
Oguttu Stallon Oguttu Stallon . 3 months ago
Go Cole because I know you going to hold the country music flag πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Much Love from Africa,Uganda
I Can. I Will. I Must. I Can. I Will. I Must. . 3 months ago
Can’t wait for the video to this one!
Erika Yandell-king Erika Yandell-king . 4 months ago
Amazing song Cole swindell love it! My husband Det chad king ocso song working out our marriage our separate really helped us made us stronger.
Hersnhis Furryanimal Hersnhis Furryanimal . 4 months ago
im here relax
Bridgette D. Bridgette D. . 4 months ago
Botch Hurtado Botch Hurtado . 4 months ago
Awesome song Awesome singer especially when your from denver blue and orange. and your ex is a niners fan story of my life freaking amazing
Brandon Boone Brandon Boone . 4 months ago
How is she I can relate to that but the answer is always the same exact I know she's not ok she tries to convince me otherwise but I can hear it in her voice always could. πŸ˜” I had not seen her in 15 years an still I could tell when she was lying haha she got so defensive 🀣 I love everything about her but this time 😐 she should've let me help her way is a woman so damn stubborn.
50shadesofkarl /campin karl 50shadesofkarl /campin karl . 4 months ago
Biggest question is not:
β€œHow is she/he?”
β€œHow can she/he just do that?”
Gia Basra Gia Basra . 4 months ago
Love this song!!!
Amanda Ryan Amanda Ryan . 4 months ago
I miss norman
Pamela Gregory Pamela Gregory . 4 months ago
Great song!!
Lee πŸ•―οΈ Lee πŸ•―οΈ . 4 months ago
Lonely and forgotten.
Katelyn Hill Katelyn Hill . 4 months ago
Cole I need to talk to you
mloms wang mloms wang . 4 months ago
Yes, we have all been there, thanks for putting it down!
Katelyn Hill Katelyn Hill . 4 months ago
We need to talk
Big Daddy J Big Daddy J . 4 months ago
I love you katlyn May I miss you guys more everyday
Marilyn Holloway Marilyn Holloway . 4 months ago
Tell your story Cole ❣️
Pamela Jefferson Pamela Jefferson . 4 months ago
I'm missing my friend " πŸ’”
Loving life Loving life . 4 months ago
Wow this is such a beautiful song and love the video your always bringing out new songs that are just gorgeous God bless you
Jody Bowman Jody Bowman . 4 months ago
Love it Cole
Delmas Buckalew Delmas Buckalew . 4 months ago
Sasha Fox Sasha Fox . 4 months ago
Houston, we have a problem...
How is she? how is he?
Maybe, just maybe.. neither one is...
ВСси Попова ВСси Попова . 4 months ago
Pamela Bower Pamela Bower . 4 months ago
That is and awesome song Cole I love it
Deadmau5fanatic1 Deadmau5fanatic1 . 4 months ago
Gang Gang
Trevor Miller Trevor Miller . 4 months ago
She’s a Chiefs fan 🀘🏻
Pamela Jefferson Pamela Jefferson . 4 months ago
Just a amazing ' love ❀️
none of ya business none of ya business . 4 months ago
I'm good
Hany Hussein Hany Hussein . 4 months ago
Surefire number 1 hit
Tara Moberly Tara Moberly . 4 months ago
Such amazing song CS πŸ‘πŸ½

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