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Jay & Sharon

Jay & Sharon

Published on 1 week ago

QR codes for everything?

Khaleel Moore Khaleel Moore . 39 seconds ago
The hell
Baron Sabas Baron Sabas . 13 minutes ago
For those of you interested, the qr code said "Hello :)"
Dr_Deepslate GG Dr_Deepslate GG . 17 minutes ago
Gah, piss!
Gamergirafje Gamergirafje . 21 minutes ago
Me thinking abt a rickroll lol
(Camille)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! (Camille)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! . 24 minutes ago
They are smoking some real shit when they write this.
Mell O' Melon Mell O' Melon . 25 minutes ago
No wonder he needed some water
1 1 1 1 . 28 minutes ago
Fun fact, in the latter portion of the video, something apparently similar happened to astronauts.

See to pee in space, you need to use a condom-like tube that functions similar to how the bathroom QR code works in this video. And this tube came in three sizes - small, medium and large. And allegedly some people weren't very honest about their size and created a huge mess.
So NASA had to rename the sizes large, massive and another synonym for massive I can't remember
Bolia Fops Bolia Fops . 37 minutes ago
"We use QR codes instead of paper and glass to use less paper" Me: But your QR codes are printed on paper
Juan Juan . 44 minutes ago
the fourth dimension be like:
Reel M See Reel M See . 1 hour ago
Rachel W Rachel W . 1 hour ago
Mmmmmmm! Orange juice
pr0dz pr0dz . 1 hour ago
This is some futuristic humor. Probably will hit hard in a few decades.
Xiuying Bao Xiuying Bao . 1 hour ago
RustyCog RustyCog . 2 hours ago
And that’s how I became a registered s** offender
Eternal Virgin Eternal Virgin . 2 hours ago
Oh no
Free5355 Free5355 . 2 hours ago
Dang bro that lemonade be hitting different💀
hail zrary hail zrary . 2 hours ago
QR to take a dump
King T Animations King T Animations . 2 hours ago
I needed a QR code to watch this video
Debangshi Ghosh Debangshi Ghosh . 2 hours ago
Most disgusting video
elipse elipse . 2 hours ago
What happens if you call the teacher he do you go to the principle office or what
?_cloudy_genshin_? ?_cloudy_genshin_? . 2 hours ago
Bro sometimes I wonder how he does all of this videos with a straigh face 😂
Hannah Duncan Hannah Duncan . 2 hours ago
Ur mom Ur mom . 2 hours ago
I tried to use a menu QR code on my flight but it didn’t work
Chantel Franklin Chantel Franklin . 3 hours ago
Umm I asked for water not for pineapple juice
Lifa Makofane Lifa Makofane . 3 hours ago
Imagine having a QR code to access your bed
S3NS S3NS . 3 hours ago
You already won before this even started
qskaa qskaa . 3 hours ago
is no one gonna talk about how he sayed „were trying to be more green“ and then used the paper once, and threw it away 💀
TLL_Bizzarre TLL_Bizzarre . 3 hours ago
Forbidden Apple Juice
Echo Playz Echo Playz . 3 hours ago
It’s a lemonade QR code now
Kenny Jey Kenny Jey . 3 hours ago
Dude coughed on the qr water code , him peeing just saves anyone trying to drink such a smelly drink,r i p that restaurant reputation tho 😂
Hussain Hussain . 3 hours ago
Its a square ..
Elle van Veelen Elle van Veelen . 3 hours ago
So dehydrated
Andre Llana Andre Llana . 3 hours ago
Bro need to go to the urologist with that color pee!!!🙃
Hritika Pal Hritika Pal . 3 hours ago
You guys took the QR code insanely at whole different horizon 😂
m0rlana m0rlana . 3 hours ago
Ha ha I’m not eating here
RadioActive foxy RadioActive foxy . 3 hours ago
The code brings you to a website called Hi : )
Amir Amir . 3 hours ago
Man just added orange juice to the menu.
Esra Bulut Esra Bulut . 3 hours ago
Love it
Darth Tlieveus Darth Tlieveus . 3 hours ago
Enjoyed it!
Merve Şengül Merve Şengül . 3 hours ago
Made my day!
Christopher Meza Christopher Meza . 3 hours ago
But what about a restroom for women 🤔 😐😐😐😐
Orhan KİNG Orhan KİNG . 3 hours ago
When will the next video drop?
lshkwhehkwhw lshkwhehkwhw . 3 hours ago
Ali_Aliyev_PRO🇦🇿 Ali_Aliyev_PRO🇦🇿 . 3 hours ago
Liked and subscribed
Curse Beats Curse Beats . 3 hours ago

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