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Published on 7 months ago

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Craig Stevens Craig Stevens . 5 days ago
Peggy Gibbons Peggy Gibbons . 7 days ago
We have a Craig and his name is Troy. He didn't give us a vehicle but he's given us so much more! He is my brother's AA sponsor. My brother has been clean & sober for 35 yrs. He's disabled now and stubborn as a Missouri MULE! He won't listen to anyone BUT Troy! When we had to tell my brother he can't see well enough to drive anymore, when my brother brought in some skank that was stealing him blind, when we told my brother, after about 45 falls, that he needs to start using a walker now & he always refused to listen, all we had to do was Call Troy.
Kendal Johnson Kendal Johnson . 1 week ago
Stephani Stephani . 1 week ago
Great song! I love Walkers testimony! God is powerful! Prayer is real! God bless Craig for showing Walker Gods grace! God is good!
J Dawg J Dawg . 1 week ago
Favorite!!!! Makes me tear up! We can all rise above!!
Lisa Choate Lisa Choate . 3 weeks ago
This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you to all the Craigs out there doing Jesus' work! May God bless you with more that your heart can hold!
Chrissy Luna Chrissy Luna . 4 weeks ago
I gotta admit ,I've been really stressed over something and after hearing this song, I smiled instead of wanting to cry and I felt peaceful for a bit. Thank you for reminding me ,that I could be worse off and I'm blessed with what I do have. Thank you for such a fantastic song .
Diane P Diane P . 4 weeks ago
Every time I listen to this I’m like WOW!!! Such a strong message! Thank you Walker and God bless you and yours!
Genevieve Mount Genevieve Mount . 1 month ago
I love the remix of this
Candice Burgess Candice Burgess . 1 month ago
this awesome song. love song. God always shows up using his children of God. this song is so awesome. walker keep great work. May God bless you and famliy on your journey in life.
Belinda Wilson Belinda Wilson . 1 month ago
This is an amazing song.!!! I love this .
Paula Lamar Paula Lamar . 2 months ago
I just found this song today and the story behind it. I can’t stop listening to it and reading about how it all began. I’m so proud of Walker and how God placed Craig in his life. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Rachael Watson Rachael Watson . 2 months ago
My two year old boy is just getting it to this song! 😂 Love it! ❤️
Kathy Yoder Lang Kathy Yoder Lang . 2 months ago
OK, y'all made ME cry! Kathy Yoder Treat - Christian Country Recording Artist from WAY back ;)
Avery Williams Avery Williams . 2 months ago
I didn’t know until tonight that this song was based off of something in the Hayes’ lives. It makes me appreciate it even more.

Thank you for sharing your story and I think it’s simply amazing how you and Craig have built a relationship over the years. ❤️
Randy W. Harris Randy W. Harris . 2 months ago
Tears. Every single time I listen.
Noneya McFarland Noneya McFarland . 2 months ago
You may be tick tok famous for an Applebee's shake and keeping your daughters off poles

But THIS is the best song you've ever written
Michael Fitzpatrick Michael Fitzpatrick . 3 months ago
Several weeks ago I heard "Fancy Like" and thought .. this doesn't sound like country .. maybe hip-hop?? .... Then I heard AA. As an old fart self taught on guitar I liked AA. Took it to our senior center (now, don't laugh) and while our host was trying to hook up with our remote teacher .. I ran through the chords with another man and woman in our class ... went "cool".

Next stop I heard the Bobby Bones interview from 2 years prior ... Oh man, this guy is a regular guy with his high school sweetheart & 6 kids .. cool.

Then for some reason I decided to nail AA on my guitar .. All went well .. until I heard a 1 hour 40 minute podcast with Walker & Craig .. Yes ... the "Craig". ,,, I immediately ordered the book from Amazon. Lots of grins and tears later, I'm here today.

If you do nothing else .... buy, rent , steal, this book .... the world will be much better for it .. and we really need it!

.... and yes .... "Yes I am" ....

Kindness Rocks,
Ellsie Beal Ellsie Beal . 3 months ago
Love ya
traci speagle traci speagle . 3 months ago
A little bit of your story was told at our church on the 15th of this month already liked your other songs so I had to find out more another song I like🥰love that you and your daughter make dances to go with your songs that are kid appropriate. Much love my brother in christ God has blessed you with a gift like Craig told you with your writing keep telling your testimony in your songs your making a difference. God bless you and your family!!congratulations on your sobriety you got this!! You can do all things thru christ who gives you stretch❤
Destiny S Destiny S . 3 months ago
Brilliant 👌
Bro&Bro TV Bro&Bro TV . 3 months ago
If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and He will never leave you 💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️
Lexi Lexi . 3 months ago
I So LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!!
Denni Miles Denni Miles . 3 months ago
Trust Jesus ✝️ He'll Meet you right where you are and Save you from your sins. Give your life to Him. He's the only way to Heaven ✝️
Kara Smith Kara Smith . 3 months ago
This has been on repeat since your concert the other day at the Ryman. Loved the old version but after hearing your testimony this version gives me CHILLS. Amazing all around! Can’t wait to read Craig & your book! You’re truly an inspiration to many! God bless you and your beautiful family.
amythest503 amythest503 . 4 months ago
U just don't know what your music does, it makes that one feeling emotion that's been numb for so long dance and that one tear that just won't stop, stop, thank you, and that look that u have make u crack that smile ones more, thank you
cotton xx bunny cotton xx bunny . 5 months ago
I love this because my brothers name is Craig and he literally is just like that
Alissa Swofford Alissa Swofford . 5 months ago
Thomas Haslam Thomas Haslam . 5 months ago
Love walker and from my home town mobile Alabama RTR 😍 ❤️ this song is the bomb 💣
Peggy Marshall Peggy Marshall . 5 months ago
Sweet Bama Sweet Bama . 5 months ago
This is great!
Linda Derry Linda Derry . 5 months ago
I love Mercy Me and Walker Hayes. That Christ love. Not putting one down just love despite our short comings which we all have but in many different forms
Tim Smith Tim Smith . 5 months ago
Congratulations! You made a shitty song even shittier.
Jake & Brandy Stapleton Jake & Brandy Stapleton . 6 months ago
Love mercy me , I'm from Texas just like the lead singer
Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams . 6 months ago
Walker this one is also good. I am sleepy now it's 12 o'clock at night. Going to sleep. Nothing but love for you 🥰🥰🥰
Beckery Beckery . 6 months ago
I rarely listen to country but now I'm 100% HOOKED on this guy! Been listening to him all night!
AGA_kaykay AGA_kaykay . 6 months ago
Omg you responded to my sister can you respond to me also I am so excited for your concert in Jacksonville live your music and the dances byeee !!!!✌️✌️✌️
splizz splizz . 6 months ago
I dont understand why this song isn't on the radio? Love this song😊
animallov3r 🐎 animallov3r 🐎 . 6 months ago
And I Love it was my first time and it just made me tear up I just love it 😭
animallov3r 🐎 animallov3r 🐎 . 6 months ago
Oh my word this made me tear up
Denise Lickliter Denise Lickliter . 6 months ago
FN32 DXer FN32 DXer . 6 months ago
not religious but this slaps
Lisa Carpenter Lisa Carpenter . 6 months ago
Does Walker Hayes ever reply back?
Lisa Carpenter Lisa Carpenter . 6 months ago
This song is so amazing Walker Hayes!! Thank you for your awesome music!! ❤️
Ann Darrow Ann Darrow . 6 months ago
Walker I was watching your interview onn Gratitude hosted by Bardi ToTo, I was into it and you kept my attention " I heard you brother".
Julie Y Julie Y . 6 months ago
Joseph P Joseph P . 6 months ago
Watered down Christian radio version 😑 this is the stuff that makes millennials wanna leave
Dave McG Dave McG . 6 months ago
This song goes hard. That beat and the beautiful lyrics
Craig Otta Craig Otta . 6 months ago
As a Craig, I endorse this song.
Sandra Foxworth Sandra Foxworth . 6 months ago
My my my I Love this man & his music even more now!!

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