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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on 10 months ago

Musical guest Walker Hayes performs "Fancy Like" for The Tonight Show.

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Walker Hayes: Fancy Like | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


YellowBlueBus Kressyl YellowBlueBus Kressyl . 1 month ago
Nice song
Lunatic Fringe Lunatic Fringe . 3 months ago
Please don’t over play this song!!!! I love it and no matter what else happens, we can’t let become the Achy Breaky Heart of 2022!!!!
Moe Whitfield Moe Whitfield . 4 months ago
can tell ya got a hit when the homies be slappin this in their whips.
Jeff Flores Jeff Flores . 4 months ago
ủng hộ nhé
Donna Kilby Donna Kilby . 5 months ago
Sweet man great song 🎵 it's awesome it's my ring tone
Jaden Eldridge Jaden Eldridge . 5 months ago
I love this guy he amazing I love his song♥️♥️🎆🎆 goo walker Hayes
Bill Gates leaving ya moms house Bill Gates leaving ya moms house . 7 months ago
Sulema Hernández Sulema Hernández . 7 months ago
Emma Knihal Emma Knihal . 7 months ago
Why didn’t he sing “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”?
Gina Ciabattoni Gina Ciabattoni . 7 months ago
What does walker Hayes tattoo say
Fathahurahmad Al Zuhri Fathahurahmad Al Zuhri . 8 months ago
Too many brands in 1 song lol
Yoshis Island Yoshis Island . 8 months ago
Walker Hayes is 👍😎🤠
cat😺 cat😺 . 8 months ago
it is my faf
D Amore D Amore . 8 months ago
He is awesome
The channel's sound is terrible
Seriously… I have watched Walker Hayes sing this and no lie… About 500 times… This is one sweet song…!!… I played at work for the clients and crank it up till the windows shake. Alex in Vermont
greg thomas greg thomas . 8 months ago
This is a good song to listen to when you're on a date with your sister.
greg thomas greg thomas . 8 months ago
This country rap genre needs to go away.
Samantha Granruth Samantha Granruth . 9 months ago
Walker you are hot!🔥💐
Marcos Martinez Marcos Martinez . 9 months ago
He is handsome, bless him.
Karolyn Tierno Karolyn Tierno . 9 months ago
BITZY BITZY . 9 months ago
I’m not a fan of country songs but this song is good. Like some crack was put in this song
Nancy Peake Nancy Peake . 9 months ago
Great job Walker
Go get them....
It's your time to shine ❤🙏❤
Darlene life after 50 Darlene life after 50 . 9 months ago
Love this guy . He has a beautiful family too .
john b john b . 9 months ago
This dude looks ridiculous up there trying to sound hip hop
Jake & Brandy Stapleton Jake & Brandy Stapleton . 9 months ago
Love it 😂
Marcus Delfs Marcus Delfs . 9 months ago
Ah nothing like riding around on my horse in red dead listening to this song 😁😁😁
Diana Fancy Diana Fancy . 9 months ago
This is going to be another song people will sing to me because my last name is Fancy. For years they sang Reba song to me . I hope my coworkers don't find it.
Michael Smithey Michael Smithey . 9 months ago
Walker hayes definetly no country music artist
Michael Smithey Michael Smithey . 9 months ago
Good song for applebees commercial not so much for anything else just my opinion...
Missy Predum Missy Predum . 9 months ago
I think this is a good song to promote selective hearing
Delores Zuniga Delores Zuniga . 9 months ago
I know this I like the song it reminded me when I met my first husband my kids there I didn't have to put makeup because I didn't wear makeup he accepted me as I am I'm an old woman in my sixties he's a good singer and I enjoyed the song
username username . 9 months ago
I could not hate this song anymore.
Barb Wood Barb Wood . 9 months ago
Soooooo disappointed that Walker didn’t get his time on the couch! Cmon Jimmy!
Bob Woodruff Bob Woodruff . 9 months ago
Great singer. Awful song.
April Rawls April Rawls . 9 months ago
This sucks.
Jerry Dilliard Jerry Dilliard . 9 months ago
Do NOT call this country! Alabama and Dixieland Delight ain't enough to make this song anything other than a pop song!
Grey Sinclaire Grey Sinclaire . 9 months ago
Just saw this guy at Nashville North in Idaho last weekend back to back shows sold out. Insane concert!
Mary Jones Mary Jones . 9 months ago
He should collab with Nico Moon!
Carl Wockner Carl Wockner . 9 months ago
LOVE this song!! I did a Looping mashup of Fancy Like + Shivers by Ed Sheeran - hope you like it!
Amy Morris Amy Morris . 9 months ago
What a really cute song! Be interested to hear more of his stuff!
K DLR K DLR . 9 months ago
He's Not Bad to Look At!
Aidan W Aidan W . 9 months ago
So many people hating on this song........ he wrote it with his family for TikTok. Now that sounds like a family I want to be a part of.
B Fielder B Fielder . 9 months ago
This song couldn't suck anymore.
Brady Lopez Brady Lopez . 9 months ago
Wow country sucks
Clara Raimundi Clara Raimundi . 9 months ago
You did great Walker! Keep it up! Bring the party to all...
Dennis Worley Dennis Worley . 9 months ago
Let's go Brandon!!!
Alan Collins Alan Collins . 9 months ago
Sad that he will always be remembered for this song.
kendall kendall . 9 months ago
Doesnt Matter Doesnt Matter . 10 months ago
Sad seeing all the obedience masks in the LA crowd. Give me the crowds from a Vegas fight or a Brandon rally at a college football game.
Rachel McIntyre Smith Rachel McIntyre Smith . 10 months ago
So happy to see him getting all this success 💜

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