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Published on 4 weeks ago

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Meagan Collins Meagan Collins . 1 day ago
This has been out for 3 weeks and just now seeing it??? I love this!
Only God Knows Why Only God Knows Why . 2 days ago
Heard this song 1 time.

Knew it was a hit.
Hit me for a like to get this song to the top like Wolfman Jack did!
Only God Knows Why Only God Knows Why . 2 days ago
I been livin that Yall life
Backroadin them dirt roads
In a 97 Tahoe
Marry Lauria Marry Lauria . 3 days ago
Makes me feel good..He is truly special
Marva Broadnax Marva Broadnax . 3 days ago
I love you ❤ walker Hayes
Deb Dobrosky Deb Dobrosky . 4 days ago
Awesome!!!! Love this!!! 🎉
Peggy Gibbons Peggy Gibbons . 5 days ago
I can not even IMAGINE how much fun y'all had making this video!! Walker & his family are My Happy Place.
KBA KBA . 1 week ago
Walker makes EVERYTHING in life seem- amazing!!🎶💜
Daniel Skora Daniel Skora . 1 week ago
This is Country Grammar but from a white person's perspective
JommiSalami JommiSalami . 1 week ago
Walker Hayes is the future of country music and I am 100% here for that
Nikki Nicklus Nikki Nicklus . 1 week ago
carrie white carrie white . 2 weeks ago
good one
Ellie 17 Ellie 17 . 2 weeks ago
Y’all life my fav
Alissa Swofford Alissa Swofford . 2 weeks ago
💞 Admittedly addicted 😎
Bridg Baswell Bridg Baswell . 2 weeks ago
This is the best song you made this is my favorite song and you girl
Momog4329 Momog4329 . 2 weeks ago
He is so freaking awesome I love all of his songs
Toni Grant Toni Grant . 2 weeks ago
I love this! We definitely love our football here in the south. My daughter’s marching band is performing Fancy Like during their halftime show this season and I can’t wait to hear them play it.
Cooper Dolloff Cooper Dolloff . 2 weeks ago
Sheena Thomson Sheena Thomson . 2 weeks ago
😎Lauren Alaina has no fame...and u..gly. She's been trying to get into music business for the last 11 years, but she failed because of her ugliness. Kane Brown is the only one who supports her financially, but he doesn't have any career neither cuz he can't sing. He's wasting his time. Because of her odd looks and weird behaviors on youtube, she will never make it. Never. 😅😅
𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚖𝚎😙 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚖𝚎😙 . 3 weeks ago
I like how my mom tell me to walk it off instead of “cross your legs” 😅
Harper Petty Harper Petty . 3 weeks ago
This is the best song
Sheena Thomson Sheena Thomson . 3 weeks ago
😎😎😎Lauren Alaina has no fame...and u..gly. She's been trying to get into music business for the last 11 years, but she can't because of her ugliness. Kane Brown is the only one who supports her financially, but he doesn't have much of a career neither cuz he can't sing. Because of her odd looks and weird behaviors on youtube, she will never make it. Never. 😅😅
Tina Rawls Tina Rawls . 3 weeks ago
Cool song
Animal Kingdom 101 🐾🪴 Animal Kingdom 101 🐾🪴 . 3 weeks ago
I love this song ❤️
The bitch ridin'... Shiiiiitt hell yeah!!! Yes sir!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍
Cole Stanley Cole Stanley . 3 weeks ago
This is made for tik tok and its trash.
Daisy Johnson Daisy Johnson . 3 weeks ago
🙃 I want to reiterate that
all Kane Brown's upcoming events and concerts will be cancelled due to his poor vocal. He's a country music destroyer and an embarrassment to real country singers like Luke Combs, Walker Hayes or Cody Johnson. Everybody is leaving Kane Brown cuz he can't sing. He can't even sing a kid's lullaby song. Kane Brown and Khalid they both can't sing squat. Their voices are not marketable. Their albums are not sellable. Never on pitch and can't even carry a tune. I wouldn't go to their concerts even if they pay me....people literally fall asleep during their concerts. We're fed up with their mediocre performances at CMA awards. They should be permanently banned from the American music industry.
Jacque McCoy Jacque McCoy . 3 weeks ago
I love every song you make. You are uplifting and so fun! I have never seen a performer adore and share his family with us a lot, like you do, and I ❤️it! You make my day every time I put on ur music! I love the dance steps too! Keep it coming Walker fam❤️
Bo Buffington Bo Buffington . 3 weeks ago
I love how u show your fam! I got a pic with Craig!!
Katie Glass Katie Glass . 3 weeks ago
God bless you, yours and Craig, y'all.
Troy Thomas Troy Thomas . 3 weeks ago
That went too far into rap. He's done. 2 hit wonder.
Maria Mendez Maria Mendez . 3 weeks ago
I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Nikki Nicklus Nikki Nicklus . 3 weeks ago
Never knew his daughter was a Cheerleader
Michael Newton Michael Newton . 3 weeks ago
I’m convinced that Walker Hayes is the Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash of mainstream country music. This guy just makes his music purposely cringe out of pure pettiness.

Guy knows he’s cringe. Guy goes out of his way to be cringe. He knows everyone in country’s core audience hates him and he loves it!! He purposely makes his music like this because he knows the “bougiemoms” and Marty Smith wannabe dudebros will lap this up with a spoon!!!
amanda watson amanda watson . 3 weeks ago
Would love to see him play at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Ga
Melissa Witt Melissa Witt . 3 weeks ago
Always puttin that feel good music out. Luvvv
Itsnevaeh Itsnevaeh . 3 weeks ago
Not a huge country music fan but I gotta say I love everything he puts out. AA is forever my favorite.
Chrissy Luna Chrissy Luna . 3 weeks ago
Listen to this song down in South Texas. Loven it.
Cowboy DeHaan Cowboy DeHaan . 3 weeks ago
This guy is not good and not country
Brittlee Marchant Brittlee Marchant . 3 weeks ago
You guys are amazing at what you do.
Jim Fitz Jim Fitz . 3 weeks ago
Anybody else thing this should be Monday night football new theme song lol
Weldon Weldon . 3 weeks ago
That cliché game stronger than Applebees song…
SoFloVixen SoFloVixen . 4 weeks ago
Checking in for Town of Davie🤠 in South Florida🌴 started as a small horse town🏇🏽 w/ local rodeo grounds🏟 & a few honky-tonks (Davie Junction, Desperados Cowboys & RoundUp) local Elementary school taught me to square dance & from there I was in love but although we’ve grown💪🏼 a bit in my 38yrs into a “little big town” we’re still a “never heard of it” kinda town here in SoFlo everybody knows the Keys🤿 Miami🛥 Fort Lauderdale🎣 & of course Orlando🏰 (Disney World) but I don’t love them “more than my hometown”🫶🏼 right next to the Seminole Hollywood FL Hardrock🎸 & stretching out to the Everglades🐊 (best part of living in this prime location👌🏼 is ten minutes in any direction, I get the best of all worlds in South Florida the “land of diversity”) so I’m leaving this comment here cuz I’m just curious🤔 to see if anybody else knows of the Town of Davie FL🤷🏼‍♀️
Barbara Holly Barbara Holly . 4 weeks ago
Didn’t know it could get better.
Jeri Thomson Jeri Thomson . 4 weeks ago
Great Cameos Lolly, Lela, Craig! Love it y’all.
Linda Blevins Linda Blevins . 4 weeks ago
Love it keep up the music
Heidi Walker Heidi Walker . 4 weeks ago
Please keep the great songs coming ! By the way I live in the north and my Nephew and Niece are going to your concert !
Inkling's Racing and Gaming Inkling's Racing and Gaming . 4 weeks ago
The bass be hitting harder than Walmart’s bread
Lana getz Lana getz . 4 weeks ago
I know I'll get a lot of haters for this but it seemed just like a big commercial for a bunch of name brand stuff, Definitely geared for high school kids. I'm personally disappointed but to each his own right
Marguerite Smith Marguerite Smith . 4 weeks ago
Omg thank u God and walker Hayes for this song I heard it on my break at nursing home I love it y'all! Amen ❤️

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