Play / Download 1v1 against Torontos BIGGEST MENACE for $1,000
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Published on 3 weeks ago

seggiehoops seggiehoops . 3 weeks ago
If y’all could subscribe and turn on post notifications it would really help me to continue creating content 💕🤞🏽
its_Vert_ YT its_Vert_ YT . 3 hours ago
Didn’t he get socked 😂
Zoltan Zoltan . 13 hours ago
Canada’s biggest joke*
Cristiano drinking chocolate memes Cristiano drinking chocolate memes . 21 hours ago
And the he got bis ass beaten 11-1
Yaa Yaman Yaa Yaman . 1 day ago
Bro Indian guys asss he scored one point and thought he was like that ha
Kai Martinez Kai Martinez . 1 day ago
You lost🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ram Guy Ram Guy . 2 days ago
Easy grand bro 😎. One basket.
Brandon Kelly Brandon Kelly . 2 days ago
What a goof
GageSells GageSells . 2 days ago
Nah it’s a tuff act. He got snook and ain’t do shit about it
Oliver Rudin Oliver Rudin . 2 days ago
Bro stayed calm
Boss style Bre, greets from Switzerland
dukky dukky . 2 days ago
Oops, i think u Was the white guy
joaquin iniestra joaquin iniestra . 2 days ago
Big mouth but keeps his word
Justin White Justin White . 2 days ago
I bet I’ll score one
Trevor Sanders Trevor Sanders . 3 days ago
Two tools ..
Antoine Miller Jr. Antoine Miller Jr. . 3 days ago
This shit lame asf, definitely not doing this shit in Compton or Dallas.. These mfs gotta be Wisconsin or some.
Boast more but you ain't got moves hahahaha badass
DomZ Cairy DomZ Cairy . 3 days ago
He’s dumbass he pushes u push back says don’t do that shit how make sense
Ronjoe Filoteo Ronjoe Filoteo . 3 days ago
Man of his word ig🤷‍♂️
Aman L Aman L . 4 days ago
Challenged me you'll never touch the ball again bruh
Yan Hui Lai Yan Hui Lai . 4 days ago
All aggressive and passive aggressive shit aside, bro wore boxers only to the court.
Polberus Polberus . 4 days ago
What a jerk.
Bobby Jukes Bobby Jukes . 4 days ago
What a sausage
IshaDanialHaikalIsazali IshaDanialHaikalIsazali . 4 days ago
DunkDude 99 DunkDude 99 . 4 days ago
Thomas Williams Thomas Williams . 4 days ago
That’s why it was funny when he got rocked
YDCALO YDCALO . 4 days ago
I like how he got punched
MrMu Luis MrMu Luis . 5 days ago
1v1 cash if he that tuff
Bwalk420 Bwalk420 . 5 days ago
If his did sum shi like dis to me I’m scrape his ass om Ian gon lie he tweaken 😂😂💯
Chris Parker Chris Parker . 5 days ago
Wish the nba would let players play like this aggressive and trash talking this is what basketball is all about
retro rampage retro rampage . 5 days ago
This is an awful way to make money tbh all of that trash talk for money?? The world we are living in is soo wrong I'm sp disappointed of what I'm seeing
Honcho Honcho . 5 days ago
Hahaha you lost? Smh wow
muammar gadaffi fan muammar gadaffi fan . 5 days ago
Actin like this how you get shot 😂 most people dont play like that
ylvinci ylvinci . 5 days ago
thats mad disrespectful
cody Breedlove cody Breedlove . 5 days ago
The white dude lived in my town for a while, just know damn well he ain’t playin or talkin like that around here lol, fuck around and get his ass beat by the wrong one
Mr. Klutch Mr. Klutch . 5 days ago
Too much cringe
Demarco Green Demarco Green . 5 days ago
I do not like tht nigga he be twekin when he hoop beo still,got a buck on his dumb assssssss STOPIDDDD1😂😂😂😂💪💪💪💯💯💪🐐🐐
Vince carter Vince carter . 5 days ago
Tell him come with me 😡
Will’s Sports World Will’s Sports World . 5 days ago
This dudes acts like he’s MJ😂😂 hooping against janitors talking crazy and being mad disrespectful
Tyjuan Ross Tyjuan Ross . 5 days ago
Dude is a wack and don’t no how to play defense
gaming god gaming god . 5 days ago
Bro it really couldn’t be me as soon as he push me that hard bro getting slapped in his mouth
Chris Bearden Chris Bearden . 5 days ago
What good acting this is! Said noone
jocu87 jocu87 . 5 days ago
All that shit talk. All jumpers, no offense. Out of breath after a few run backs, no defense. Glad you lost
TH4T GUY TH4T GUY . 5 days ago
if it was me it would turn from basketball to boxing real quick
Corey Lea Corey Lea . 5 days ago
Panganiban, Martin Henri A. Panganiban, Martin Henri A. . 5 days ago
Ang these kids tell they're gonna fuck up the wanna be tough. Like bro you guys are online HAHAHAHAAHH social media made you guys too much comfortable without proving shit
PaulMcGrady PaulMcGrady . 5 days ago
too many cocky big heads players nowadays
Mario Muñoz Mario Muñoz . 6 days ago
Two are bad
no context. why is he paying in american but this is in toronto?

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