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Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

Published on 2 weeks ago


Brooklyn and Bailey are partnering with The Alliance for Period Supplies to help end period poverty. They are spending the next 22-25 days crossing all 50 states before Bailey’s next period. Their goal is to raise $100,000 which equals 1 million period supplies. Let’s #endperiodpoverty together!

The Alliance for Period Supplies is a program that runs under The National Diaper Bank Network. Donations will be collected by NDBN but 100% of funds will ONLY be used by the Alliance for Period Supplies to purchase period supplies for those experiencing period poverty.

To learn more about period poverty, click HERE:

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Brooklyn and Bailey Brooklyn and Bailey . 2 weeks ago
I can see lots of ppl asking (and even
getting mad about) us not going to Hawaii and Alaska. Here’s why: we originally planned to hit all 50 (hence the titles) but near the end we decided to prioritize mental health and head home. Our ultimate goal was to raise money for period poverty and WE DID! 48/50 states in 22 days is a huge feat and the fact that we managed to even do that is insane! From the beginning we’ve said we would “try” to hit all 50 but there was never a guarantee we would have time or the capacity to do so. Please remember to be kind in the comments as this was HARD and all for something GOOD and we are proud of what we’ve managed to do❤️
UFC UFC . 5 days ago
Little Flower Little Flower . 6 days ago
Omg I was JUST at 4 Corners a few weeks ago!!! That’s CRAZY!
Taylor Taylor . 1 week ago
I love that you brought up Amarillo cuz that's where I live🇺🇸
AshT AshT . 1 week ago
I want to know how much they spent on gas for this whole trip!
Sophie Turner Sophie Turner . 1 week ago
Sometimes Brooklyn and kamri look like twins I can’t
siena halle siena halle . 1 week ago
Who else is binge watching these videos during they’re periods?
Nicholas D Nicholas D . 1 week ago
What about Hawaii and Alaska
MrHalo4ftw MrHalo4ftw . 2 weeks ago
Charley Marie Charley Marie . 2 weeks ago
When I’m watching this video I’m in TX too come on a road trip to see my sister in SA !!
Norah B. Norah B. . 2 weeks ago
I guess jt makes sense that you couldn’t get to ALL 50 states because, as Bailey said, you can’t drive across the ocean🤪
Clara -My New Private vidoe Clara -My New Private vidoe . 2 weeks ago
One thing that I learned from this series is that Kamri and Asa might be my favorite duo. They just seem like chaotic besties and I'm so here for it
Emme Emme . 2 weeks ago
I love how Brooklyn said that Texas Roadhouse was popular for the rolls and stuff & the only thing that i remember about the restaurant was the peanuts 😂
Destiny Salazar Destiny Salazar . 2 weeks ago
KaitlynCKC KaitlynCKC . 2 weeks ago
I believe you were in bernaillio New Mexico
Maci Verden Maci Verden . 2 weeks ago
texas roadhouse rolls and butter 👌🏻
Abigail Martin Abigail Martin . 2 weeks ago
There is one thing ice cream doesn’t fix.....lactose intolerance
Nads Sparkle Nads Sparkle . 2 weeks ago
Got get my doc Dr pepper Brooklyn says. Love the travel journey I have been following. Beautiful girls. Beautiful views. Sending lots of love from nz. Love red nails bailey. Sending a hug from nz for effort put the VIDEOS. Love Asa,s cartwheel,s. Love you guys xxx sad for Brooklyn could not get her dr pepper this time. I guess have stick to water for now xx
Emma Grace Emma Grace . 2 weeks ago
I feel like only going to the four corners and not actually going inside the states doesn’t count😭
also did anyone notice that lightning at 8:51👀
Sarah Sorace Sarah Sorace . 2 weeks ago
So you didn't really go to all 50 states... got it.
Olivia Rose Olivia Rose . 2 weeks ago
So it wasn’t accomplished since you didn’t hit all 50
Epona Epona . 2 weeks ago
I loved this series! So sad it‘s nearly over 😥
Thank you so much fot everything! 😍❤️
photographoptikum photographoptikum . 2 weeks ago
Oddly enough, I've never been so excited for a woman to get her period, and without proof it's all just publicity anyway..
Self Destruction Self Destruction . 2 weeks ago
Why Bailey haven't came on her period yet? issa baby on the way 🤔
Toca girl Toca girl . 2 weeks ago
Congrats y’all!👏🏻🎉
Naomi Farmer Naomi Farmer . 2 weeks ago
I love Texas road house! I can never get enough of their rolls😍😋 but I've never been to one in Texas only the one in cda Idaho.
Squirrel Master23 Squirrel Master23 . 2 weeks ago
FUN FACT: being from the Four Corners… the monument is miles off from actually touching the four states! It’s in New Mexico.
Just Tyra N Just Tyra N . 2 weeks ago
Maybe one day I will do this in my country 🇺🇬 Uganda Thanks for inspiring ❤️
Molly Holmes Molly Holmes . 2 weeks ago
I loved this video so much 💗💗
Polumesyats Studios Polumesyats Studios . 2 weeks ago
Fun fact the four corners isn’t actually at the real four corners, it’s actually in the middle of nowhere lol
Taylor Meadows Taylor Meadows . 2 weeks ago
Where is your white sweater thing from bailey
Lizbeth Moreno Lizbeth Moreno . 2 weeks ago
@4:00 “Somewhere in New Mexico” had me observing the background for a solid 5 minutes to realize you were at the Warrior gas station in Bernalillo 😂
Erica Berger Erica Berger . 2 weeks ago
Love how Bailey said she hates honey but ate the cinnamon honey butter from Texas Roadhouse! 😂
Emily Armstrong Emily Armstrong . 2 weeks ago
Technically 48 states right?? Making sure I didn’t miss you going to Alaska and Hawaii!!😇
B. Gamble B. Gamble . 2 weeks ago
This is extremely sad. Let's be honest here, the vulgarity in these videos is nonsense and disrespectful. You ladies can do better and the girls who watch your videos don't need to hear this nonsense. Please don't use the excuse that "we grew up" "we're adults now," real adults would understand and respect that their demographic includes viewers of all ages and would edit their content not to include such filth. You don't need to act and talk like children but you also don't need to be blatantly vulgar and constant with adult innuendos.
Kayleigh Chapman Kayleigh Chapman . 2 weeks ago
THE ROLLS OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Andropolis Emily Andropolis . 2 weeks ago
So proud of you guys!! This is such an amazing thing you guys did!! Definitely going to miss these videos! But so proud and love you all💕
Danica Dyal Danica Dyal . 2 weeks ago
there’s a churro shake at sonic and it pretttty good👌🏼
Joni Smith Joni Smith . 2 weeks ago
I actually drove through that town on Route (said like you say it) 66. When I did drive through it, I even said, this looks like the town that the movie cars was based off of.
G Lucht G Lucht . 2 weeks ago
Here in PA we need the rain Bailey! Send it our way! We need a nice soaking rain for our fields and farmland! It’s so dry! We are in a drought and been praying for a good rain for a while! Over a month now since good rain 🌧
G Lucht G Lucht . 2 weeks ago
The intense breathe out at 8:16
Isla 🔞 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛 Isla 🔞 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛 . 2 weeks ago
A cool spin off you could do - if any of the other ladies on the trip got their period while travelling, what impact did that have on their travelling. Sometimes having your period can be difficult to engage in all activities, whether it be because you dont have access to suitable period products or to pain relief etc
Or another idea, when you have your period another time, live in your car and document how it is getting access to showers and comfort etc while on your period. I've heard it's really tough on women who are homeless/living in their car, perhaps even see if you can interview women who are or have been homeless and how that's impacted their period, access to products and service
Misty Villines Misty Villines . 2 weeks ago
Omggggg I’m so upset I wish I would of known y’all where going to Amarillo I would have been there in a heart beat
Sophie Miskic Sophie Miskic . 2 weeks ago
so sad that trip is over. it was soooooo fun to watch
CatsRus🌚 CatsRus🌚 . 2 weeks ago
What about Alaska and Hawaii
Tatiana Lorenzo Tatiana Lorenzo . 2 weeks ago
Asa: “Oh yes… I’m going to eat it all”…
Me: that’s what she said… 😂
Ariana Ariana . 2 weeks ago
“I feel like the theme of this trip has been rain” meanwhile me in Dallas with absolutely zero rain in at least the past month
Adriana Swanson Adriana Swanson . 2 weeks ago
Does Bailey know that the Texas Roadhouse butter has honey in it??
Devon Devon . 2 weeks ago
Patiently waiting for the last video 🤣
Katja Huskinson Katja Huskinson . 2 weeks ago
Lol @ Bailey saying she does not like honey at all and then chowing down on Texas Roadhouse rolls and what I'm pretty sure is cinnamon honey butter 😉😅

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