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Published on 13 years ago

New Album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ Out Now:

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Driggz801 Driggz801 . 13 hours ago
Best Mormon rock banda ever.
Donizetti Solis Donizetti Solis . 15 hours ago
Automáticamente al terminar de escuchar esta rolita me dieron unas ganas de ir a escuchar carrera contra la muerte de los tigers jajaja
Christopher Zuniga Christopher Zuniga . 24 hours ago
PintoAlpha PintoAlpha . 1 day ago
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Orlando Secatero Orlando Secatero . 1 day ago
Well just fast forward 90 seconds to wait for the song, sorry but, this isn't for me.....
Glauber Santos Glauber Santos . 1 day ago
Guitar hero 3
tax evader tax evader . 2 days ago
hearing this for the 1st time. i’ll probably come back here when im old lmao
magnethomewood magnethomewood . 3 days ago
One of the best songs ever written.
carlos andres avendaño rodriguez carlos andres avendaño rodriguez . 4 days ago
Con esta canción conocí a esta banda.
tiene un lugar especial en mi play list.
larga vida al Rock.
Semeki Izuio Semeki Izuio . 4 days ago
Wow I love the culture in this video never seen it before
Kay Molloy Kay Molloy . 5 days ago
Dudes, if your babe is banging some other guy, get off on it,
monoxide twodope monoxide twodope . 5 days ago
Greatest Christian rock band of all time...
Closing Yak Closing Yak . 5 days ago
I'm 16, the start of my teens lockdown was in swing, i got into music cause of this song, and I've kept falling in love with it, ive just had a break up and it's helping
SneekyCheekz SneekyCheekz . 6 days ago
Holy fuck what a time to be alive in music between 2000-2010
Reactor Cowboy Reactor Cowboy . 6 days ago
A long time ago, we were young. I don't miss it, but damn I grieve for those kids who used to be us.
Tim 1002 Tim 1002 . 1 week ago
Thank you for the pain the killers, very cool
Astral Astral . 1 week ago
Fun fact: the scenes in the video are played in reverse
daniel silva daniel silva . 1 week ago
I don’t know if i can watch this video anymore i see my mom my mother when i watch it an i fell. Bad😢😢
I guess Devil's Water is basically a sexual relationship that's based on lust and loneliness instead of love.
Ale Cantero Ale Cantero . 1 week ago
Guitar hero 3 ❤
GoldenGreenfroG GoldenGreenfroG . 1 week ago
Ahhhhh the days of guitar hero.....
Chris Stephens Chris Stephens . 1 week ago
This was the only song I was able to 100% on Medium difficulty in Guitar Hero 3 when I was like 11. Since then it's been engraved into my brain.
Morgan van Ravenswaay Morgan van Ravenswaay . 1 week ago
This unexpectedly hit close to home. I was not expecting this video from an English rock song.
Reminds me of my dream to finally live my dream of living with my mexican bf, and then the agony I felt when I found out he cheated.
QuantNerdCT QuantNerdCT . 2 weeks ago
It's 2022 and I am still loving The Killers! <3
Matias Alfaro Matias Alfaro . 2 weeks ago
que temazo men pasan los años y sigue siendo una locura, nostalgia de gh3
Michael Munkers Michael Munkers . 2 weeks ago
some day we will hang out and have fun the best thing from vegas
Michael Gibson Michael Gibson . 2 weeks ago
sorry for your loss .
young forever young forever . 2 weeks ago
This song is a GOAT!
Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi . 2 weeks ago
Eu gosto de traficrente hipocrisias. É divertido ver como precisam de aprovação da elite criminosa que os despreza. se humilha lá. Eu adoro.
Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi Aline Sanchez Ramirez Baruchi . 2 weeks ago
deixem Caio Castro em paz.
eddykiller86 eddykiller86 . 2 weeks ago
Ojala me muera
Richard Peters Richard Peters . 2 weeks ago
Great lyrics♥️
Neil Patrick Scullion Neil Patrick Scullion . 2 weeks ago
Me at 27- tune. Me at 40- word
Tassandra Tassandra . 2 weeks ago
I'm confused as hell...
Lost me after she she leaves the cheating husband and she's randomly up the cliff?!?!
Mackenzie Bequette Mackenzie Bequette . 2 weeks ago
First song I played on guitar hero without missing a note when I was 11 still play sometimes 🙏🏻
addimarstrus kradira addimarstrus kradira . 2 weeks ago
looking at my rgb mouse at an odd, off-to-the-side angle and i swear it's got a sad face. this song reminds me of a sad face too
Perry Perry . 2 weeks ago
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Jack Lowenfeld Jack Lowenfeld . 2 weeks ago
Kev L Kev L . 2 weeks ago
Hated his 'tache. Glad he got rid of it!
Brandon Weber Brandon Weber . 2 weeks ago
If you are here because you are sad, alone, or missing someone; just know you are not alone in the struggle.
patrick grondines patrick grondines . 3 weeks ago
2022 anyone?
Sadie Harris Sadie Harris . 3 weeks ago
milo20060 milo20060 . 3 weeks ago
Don’t care much about the drama that people overreacting.

But this is very good sounding.
Vicente Ortiz Vicente Ortiz . 3 weeks ago
Solo es vídeo musical o también ay película alguien que me ayude?
Mark Rose Mark Rose . 3 weeks ago
Great song. Still rocks on. The killers best song.
Luana Munhoz Luana Munhoz . 3 weeks ago
Minha banda favorita, essa música me traz boas lembranças… 🖤
SnarkyJohnny SnarkyJohnny . 3 weeks ago
They told a very emotional story with this song and video. One of their best .
Arbol Maldonado Arbol Maldonado . 3 weeks ago
El buen Gomorra si vieron cloroformo de telerisa deportes
Moore Moore . 3 weeks ago
horrible vid tho…lets make a video of this guy cheating…like come on guys seriously
Raul Macias Raul Macias . 3 weeks ago
One of the finest videos ever filmed!

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