Play / Download The most disrespectful move in basketball history! 👏 #shorts
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Josh Singh Shorts

Josh Singh Shorts

Published on 1 week ago

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KingGru KingGru . 15 hours ago
not really the mostly disrespectful move since it's a competitive sport.
Alex Tsompanoglou Alex Tsompanoglou . 1 day ago
He went to far when he throw the ball to his face
KaiLeo11 KaiLeo11 . 1 day ago
Plot Twist : the cop wanted him to play for prison basketball team
JOY VIGO JOY VIGO . 2 days ago
What if bone collector vs proffeser live
Pokbtw Pokbtw . 2 days ago
Bonecollector is so nice in person tho
Wyatt Shughart Wyatt Shughart . 2 days ago
Bounces ball off cops head, cop pulls out gun
RJD2Gaming RJD2Gaming . 2 days ago
He’s just copying the Pefessy
Alseddi Alseddi . 2 days ago
wtf why is he getting arrested. imagine after a nba match the winnig team gets arrested for playing good
Unknown's Creation Zone Unknown's Creation Zone . 2 days ago
Legends are not those people who shows off in a disrespectful manner bruh.
GoldanBoi GoldanBoi . 2 days ago
Basketball guy: Why u arrest me?
Cop: “cuz my ankle hurts”
ENDERSTEVE 275692 ENDERSTEVE 275692 . 2 days ago
This is why everyone hate that black guy. Sorry, if I'm saying racist. If i was him i wouldn't throw the ball at cop's head. Brain damage, if hit the head.
Jeffrey Clute Jeffrey Clute . 3 days ago
Fake cop and arrest lol
ThanosDoomJuggernaut ThanosDoomJuggernaut . 3 days ago
EthTheMan EthTheMan . 3 days ago
Thats his sig aha😂😂
Adam Kissassi Adam Kissassi . 3 days ago
Nah boi you off to the gulag
awful_rahh awful_rahh . 3 days ago
💀L police
Lol Logan Lol Logan . 3 days ago
He got out of jail winning the lawsuit
VideoGameClips VideoGameClips . 3 days ago
When a toxic guy meets the nice guy.
Yehsyfkrgis Yehsyfkrgis . 3 days ago
Imagine the cop be like after losing
Pewpew 💀💀💀💀💀
Archer Bachoco Archer Bachoco . 3 days ago
Ghostbuster JE Ghostbuster JE . 3 days ago
he asked him to play in the jail team😅
TCt83067695 TCt83067695 . 3 days ago
Fake. He's black. The cop would have shot him 10x because the basketball is a "weapon"
Oliver Stanton Oliver Stanton . 3 days ago
What was disrespectful
Tiger_moon Tiger_moon . 4 days ago
BRN Nix BRN Nix . 4 days ago
The alternative challenge to The miles bridges challenge
Dabama Dabama . 4 days ago
Cop W
Jeremiah Laporte Jeremiah Laporte . 4 days ago
reznov reznov . 4 days ago
Nigga back to home
DestroyerJ7 DestroyerJ7 . 4 days ago
Bro took it personally 🤣
kari kari . 4 days ago
If you can't win him in 1v1, arrest him.
theonlyjaecrowderfan theonlyjaecrowderfan . 4 days ago
Suffering from success
Ike Love Ike Love . 5 days ago
Jeremy Lin down bad
AIR TIME AIR TIME . 5 days ago
The rich bacon hair The rich bacon hair . 5 days ago
we need bone collecter vs the proffesor
SharkoPlayz SharkoPlayz . 5 days ago
Best 1v1 ever bone collector vs the professor
Headphone Dog Headphone Dog . 5 days ago
I mean I don’t think him getting arrested had anything to do with the move being dirty. Throwing a basketball at someone’s head is definitely assault. I mean like I know that this is fake and all but still
Timber Gilmore Timber Gilmore . 5 days ago
Is that real
DigitalBlox DigitalBlox . 5 days ago
Jb2funny Jb2funny . 5 days ago
Finna get locked up
heath crowell heath crowell . 5 days ago
LankyEditz LankyEditz . 5 days ago
Later on he was arrested
Michael Laurole Michael Laurole . 5 days ago
l that cop is a sore loser
Aqbil F Aqbil F . 5 days ago
Now u can play in jail
Dashie with nine necks Dashie with nine necks . 5 days ago
Why is that something that would probably happen like actually though
NukeyCarl NukeyCarl . 5 days ago
His head was soo tough
RedfireYT Alonso RedfireYT Alonso . 5 days ago
There all the same-👴
DaveRBX DaveRBX . 5 days ago
I was the basketball he went to jail
FTC daddy FTC daddy . 6 days ago
darkNovaskar darkNovaskar . 6 days ago
He should of shot him for hitting him with the ball
Noel Dule Noel Dule . 6 days ago
That is what I call ragequit

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