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Eddie Spaghetti

Eddie Spaghetti

Published on 3 weeks ago

Devon Allen started 0.099 seconds after the starting gun and was disqualified by 0.001 seconds. This was during the 2022 Track and Field World Championship. This was the most ridiculous disqualification I have ever seen.

Rory Q Rory Q . 7 hours ago
my hands life my hands life . 9 hours ago
Reaction time level... LEGEND
Savanna Doll Savanna Doll . 10 hours ago
Alex Cover Alex Cover . 11 hours ago
Miss Tiny Trader88 Miss Tiny Trader88 . 11 hours ago
Dumbest rule ever. 🙄
telescope3 telescope3 . 11 hours ago
Dumb rule. They want you to be fast, but not quick.
C.R. Castaneda C.R. Castaneda . 17 hours ago
I this level I always wonder if it's fun anymore for them.
omar ezzar omar ezzar . 1 day ago
Because he predicted it and run it’s the rule
Drawn From Scratch Drawn From Scratch . 1 day ago
That’s dumb as hell
Stan Stan . 1 day ago
I wonder what's next being too quiet in a library.
Death knight Death knight . 1 day ago
Stupid ass rule
J Moulty J Moulty . 1 day ago
That’s the stupidest rule I’ve ever seen
17 AUMECH4032 HARiDHARAN.B 17 AUMECH4032 HARiDHARAN.B . 1 day ago
How did he know to stop the Allen at exact time 😢😓😢😢😢😢😢😢 please tell me anybody 😭
Michael Dingo Michael Dingo . 2 days ago
Imagine getting punished for being too good at the one thing you been training to do all your life
e sandstrom e sandstrom . 2 days ago
Kar Kraftsman Kar Kraftsman . 2 days ago
Gonken88 Gonken88 . 2 days ago
"Dumb rule" yeah it's put there to prevent people from cheating by starting before they hear the shot, but being close enough to get away with it.
Moshe Carmeli Moshe Carmeli . 2 days ago
If your reaction time is .001 seconds would you not suspect that the person was simply anticipating the gunshot instead of reacting to it?
sth2020 sth2020 . 2 days ago
Can’t win on a hole shot? Dumb
MineDinos MineDinos . 2 days ago
That shouldn’t be a rule
Planet of the Idiots Planet of the Idiots . 2 days ago
insanity !!!
Caleb Hayes Caleb Hayes . 2 days ago
IamSomebodyWithHim IamSomebodyWithHim . 2 days ago
What's the speed of the shot?
Rob Stewart Rob Stewart . 2 days ago
Kurt Olson Kurt Olson . 2 days ago
Stupid rules are still stupid. But mr. Allen is an awesome guy that has impeccable attitude.
hegotleggy hegotleggy . 2 days ago
At that time scale, every runner hears the gunshot at different times because the speed of sound is very finite. Bad practice.
Dubblesteel Dubblesteel . 2 days ago
Thtz stupid
Dzl Dzl . 2 days ago
That's the most fucked up rule.
Destroyer Destroyer . 2 days ago
That's so stupid 1/1000 of a second. STUPID!!!!!
Jeffery Burney Jeffery Burney . 2 days ago
That's sooo stupid
Jack Burgess Jack Burgess . 2 days ago
That is a fucking joke of a rule
syed man syed man . 3 days ago
Bruh his reaction is good if gunshot then go boom dumb rules
DoubleOddBS DoubleOddBS . 3 days ago
What a stupid rule ! As long as it was after the shot, so what if he has good reflexes ! Dumb ass rules !
FrostedFire FrostedFire . 3 days ago
Fck this rules
Leo Cain Leo Cain . 3 days ago
that is dumb
Gary Scott Gary Scott . 3 days ago
naya naya . 3 days ago
It’s even dumber because the 0.1 rule was based off of ONE study from the 50s made by a Finnish scientist on 7 average sprinters to find their average reaction time. Not only can you train your reaction time to be faster, but the study was done years ago on AVERAGE sprinters. These guys are world class and it’s a shame that their career is controlled by faulty technology and dumb rules
U sub to me I sub to u!!!!!!! U sub to me I sub to u!!!!!!! . 3 days ago
That’s such a dumb rule
Bill Bachmeier Bill Bachmeier . 3 days ago
I'd be so MAD I feel bad for the man
kp kp . 3 days ago
Das kann keiner verstehen
Andre Smith Andre Smith . 3 days ago
Dumb as hell rule. If you're fast then you're fast.
Greg's tow life Greg's tow life . 3 days ago
That's bull shit
Hairday23 Hairday23 . 3 days ago
This rule is not fair
Reginald Johnson Reginald Johnson . 3 days ago
Now that’s one stupid rule!
HOPEduality HOPEduality . 3 days ago
For a track and field sport that's a dumb fuckin rule 😭😭😭
John John . 3 days ago
Why can’t you just let them run the race and then add the jumped time onto that athletes final time? Seems a lot more fair and equal to everybody else running the race as well as just easier and safer. 🤷🏼
DreddCardin... DreddCardin... . 4 days ago
this is Barry allen
Captain Blue Shell Captain Blue Shell . 4 days ago
*When was this rule made, though?*
_About 5 seconds ago......_
Ardeane Frazer Ardeane Frazer . 4 days ago

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