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Inspired J

Inspired J

Published on 2 weeks ago

Here We Celebrate @jaxwritessongs!
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jax writes songs tiktok
jax parody Best of Song Parodies

Check out Jax writes songs tiktok or jax writes songs, maybe jaxwritessongs tiktok or by name tiktok name jaxwritessongs and finally jax writes songs tiktok. Maybe Jaxwrites songs POV. Sometimes we might do jax parody The Best of Best Song Parodies of time tok or Jax writes songs tiktok song parody. Either way, we lover her! And its all from the JAX PERSPECTIVE !
Jax writes songs
Jax TikTok Compilation 🎹 (@jaxwritessongs)
jaxwritessongs tiktok
jax writes songs tiktok
jax parody ultimate Best Song Parodies
Jax writes songs tiktok song parody

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Niomi Felix Niomi Felix . 2 hours ago
Yes continue singing a in sure with that voice you’ll be a great singer
Epiccenter Epiccenter . 2 hours ago
Tanya P Tanya P . 3 hours ago
LOVE this kids confidence... amazing choice of song. I FREAKING LOVE Jax, and im SO glad she is learning these concepts, too love yourself at a young age. also... very impressive vocals for her age.
pareena singh pareena singh . 4 hours ago
SLAYY bestie
Ava Uppal Ava Uppal . 4 hours ago
She is sooo cute
Maria Guzman Maria Guzman . 5 hours ago
Her voice is awesome
Kelly Carpenter Kelly Carpenter . 5 hours ago
Wait a minute did I meet you at the pool at Disney
Bread Bread Bread Bread . 5 hours ago
Spread the word about God
Bread Bread Bread Bread . 5 hours ago
Spread the word about God
Veronica Lai Veronica Lai . 6 hours ago
so cuteee
I love this
Stephanie Karp Loosvelt Stephanie Karp Loosvelt . 8 hours ago
Omg i love this song
lll🇬🇧 lll🇬🇧 . 8 hours ago
Gooosh cuteee! And she sings perfectly!🥰🥰💓
Zoie Jurgens Zoie Jurgens . 8 hours ago
This is so cute but .. she probably doesn’t understand the message and meaning of the song and how eating disorders are such a big problem and how beauty stander are just terrible
Emily Emily . 13 hours ago
those kids looked so bored
I love animals 5050 I love animals 5050 . 14 hours ago
It’s to screamy
Nicholas wonder Nicholas wonder . 14 hours ago
And I love jax
Nicholas wonder Nicholas wonder . 14 hours ago
That's the cutest girl I have ever saw
Dannielle Harris Dannielle Harris . 15 hours ago
You You . 16 hours ago
She might be a future artist
Gacha me Gacha me . 17 hours ago
Who else sang along?
Mya Jennings Mya Jennings . 17 hours ago
Good job
ʚpiinkbvnnyɞ ʚpiinkbvnnyɞ . 20 hours ago
The next jax 😎
AYLA😀 AYLA😀 . 21 hours ago
not trying to be rude but she is bad, sounds like maranda sings and im better at singing
BunnyQueen BunnyQueen . 21 hours ago
the fact that she can carry the courage to sing in front of many people.. I CANT🤣🤣
Heydi Cohens Heydi Cohens . 21 hours ago
That is so cute I love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Prime Time Motion Prime Time Motion . 21 hours ago
That kid is a legend
Juan Paulino Juan Paulino . 22 hours ago
Everyone’s talking about the girls voice:me talking about the people in the Back
MrFunnyAndrew22 MrFunnyAndrew22 . 22 hours ago
Jax needs to see this asap!
Sugah J1 Sugah J1 . 22 hours ago
While I was watching this it made me smile
Diamond fam Diamond fam . 1 day ago
she is so CUTE
Elizabeth Viglasky Elizabeth Viglasky . 1 day ago
She’s really good at singing sing louder she feels so good like Beyoncé
Rose Scott Rose Scott . 1 day ago
Girl boss
Carlie Garcia Carlie Garcia . 1 day ago
Omg the cutest
ʟᴏᴡᴋᴇʏ ʀᴀɪɴ ʟᴏᴡᴋᴇʏ ʀᴀɪɴ . 1 day ago
shes so good at singing for her age omg! shes prob better then me now lol 😭
PreppyRosie PreppyRosie . 1 day ago
Rose Gold Rose Gold . 1 day ago
She is soo cute💙
Taurus Taurus . 1 day ago
what school is this?
Cassidy Martin Cassidy Martin . 1 day ago
Had Jax seen this????
Bella’s world and games Bella’s world and games . 1 day ago
She is such a good singer
Annie playz roblox Annie playz roblox . 1 day ago
go little girl i wouldn’t think that a little girl would sing that at that age especially when her parents are there listening and millions of people could see this all around the world!
Jessica Wild Jessica Wild . 1 day ago
Jax is my hero… She’s caused a worldwide wave of girls this little recognizing that everybody is beautiful. This is priceless.
Izzy Izzy . 1 day ago
Every one in the background 👁👄👁 the little girl 🎤👁👄👁💅
-ˋˏ deffohails !! ɞ -ˋˏ deffohails !! ɞ . 1 day ago
so freaking cute !!!
deffocams !! deffocams !! . 1 day ago
So freaking cute💕❤️❤️❤️
Kaylee Young Kaylee Young . 1 day ago
I sing it all the time
TropicalJade🌴 TropicalJade🌴 . 1 day ago
0:32 💀💀💀 oHiO
Malika-Ann Wiles Malika-Ann Wiles . 2 days ago
So cute
DK DK . 2 days ago

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