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Jack Farber

Jack Farber

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Viktard Lame Viktard Lame . 5 hours ago
do a video on who the real father of Jamie Lynn Spears baby is
Heartache Anon Heartache Anon . 7 hours ago
It’s a college not a high school so that explains the price
Camden Jackson Camden Jackson . 7 hours ago
When Dan Schneider sees a young lady with feet 🥸
Arie O Arie O . 8 hours ago
aaah of course the feetman himself
trident gaming trident gaming . 9 hours ago
Maybe great vid man
Ssemaj Ssemaj . 9 hours ago
This is a real thing. It’s called San Pasqual academy.
Rin Herdez Rin Herdez . 15 hours ago
So you’re telling me that PCA is even more expensive than Elite Way School? Bruhhhhhh
RoyalcollarsCo RoyalcollarsCo . 16 hours ago
Yeah I remember when they interviewed Jamie Lynn and the reason why she quite was because of Dan… he was a major pervert creep!
yep yep . 17 hours ago
666th comment
Evan G Evan G . 18 hours ago
The foot man
Roisin Hart Roisin Hart . 21 hours ago
Ooh.... No wonder those kids came out fucked up. Dan lookin SKETCH.
Ashley Apollodor Ashley Apollodor . 22 hours ago
Dan Schneider is a creep
N R N R . 22 hours ago
Dan “Pedo” Schneider
ANU START ANU START . 24 hours ago
Liquidtoastvr Liquidtoastvr . 1 day ago
Dan should be locked up watch the video about Amanda Cosgroves bday on set the only person she don't want around is him
Yessa Yessa . 1 day ago
Must have *gone* well
Mariah Mariah . 1 day ago
Victor Munhoz Victor Munhoz . 1 day ago
It's so absurd how some people can talk about Dan Shitter without mentioning how perverted he is
Sanchit Chavan Sanchit Chavan . 1 day ago
“Lack of parental guidance”
“Dan Schneider”
*Uh oh*
S H S H . 1 day ago
Dan “the foot man” Schneider
Isabella Stockhall Isabella Stockhall . 2 days ago
Lucario Lucario . 2 days ago
Never seen it..
Ruby Lemons Ruby Lemons . 2 days ago
Can we agree that the tuition for this college would probably not be the same if it was a boarding school ? Kinda stupid analogy
Natetheoggod Natetheoggod . 2 days ago
"We always wanted to kno" 😂
Unknown Provider Unknown Provider . 2 days ago
How much would it cost to go there?
First let me tell you everything irrelevant about Britney’s spears younger sister
Kevin Klingman Kevin Klingman . 2 days ago
Wow shoutout to Dan Schneider for making such great shows! What a great guy!
Bi Curious Dirt Bike Boi Bi Curious Dirt Bike Boi . 2 days ago
Reminder that Dan Schneider and Brian Peck raped many of the kids who worked under them
Tuney Tuney . 2 days ago
Dan “hold her down” schneider
KD Burner KD Burner . 2 days ago
“the man responsible for iCarly, Drake&Josh and Jennette McCurdy’s childhood trauma”
C.A. C.A. . 2 days ago
Was it really based in highschool I always assumed it was college lol, but then again Dustin went to that school with his sister, def gave off more college vibes with the dorms and such
Yeah "introduced"
GC_Roades GC_Roades . 2 days ago
I’ve been to Pepperdine
jennifer williams jennifer williams . 2 days ago
Most high schools that are on tv are filmed at colleges
SamWise Tinyhands SamWise Tinyhands . 2 days ago
Dude, please do some research before you talk about anything involving Dan. The reason no supervision is around is because of Dan. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ALONE WITH DAN. There are reasons. Just look up the rumor who Jamie Lynn’s baby daddy really suspected to be. You don’t want to praise him or the show. If that doesn’t change your mind look up what he did to Amanda.
L L L L . 3 days ago
"the man responsible for drake and josh, icarly, and being a groomer with a foot fetish"
DragonFlies DragonFlies . 3 days ago
This show made my nephew want to go to a boarding school because he thought all boarding schools are like this.🤦🏾
Ladoo X Ladoo X . 3 days ago
The foot fetish thing is furthered by the fact that th production logo is feet...
Mary Angier Mary Angier . 3 days ago
Dan “Only fans” Schneider
Valerie Mendoza Valerie Mendoza . 3 days ago
👁🫦👁 my college program costs $19,994
錐生みみ 錐生みみ . 3 days ago
There we go. I forgot his name. All that feet stuff made me feel weird AF.... probably why I don't like feet to a phobic degree.
amanda trimm-thorns amanda trimm-thorns . 3 days ago
My dad went to Pepperdine. I remember him feeling famous when he discovered the show my siblings and I were obsessed with was his school lol
DK DK . 3 days ago
Oop. Need more research, IMG Academy is 90k in Florida. Purr
Melissa Hayward Melissa Hayward . 3 days ago
And no mention of the fact that Schneider is a pedo ?
Sooo insane. Cause all of the performances were trash from ALL of Dan’s shows cause he didn’t cast based on talent…he liked the feet of the young. Why do some people just get money?🙄
Invictus Invictus . 3 days ago
I was hoping the people in the comments knew what was up with Dan glad everyone knows
MT M MT M . 3 days ago
I think the question we have is why a pt cruiser? Lol
Suz Q Suz Q . 3 days ago
Dan Schneider is a creep & was back then
•Kettz• •Kettz• . 3 days ago
We all know our smiles faded away when we heard Dan Schneider

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