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Undisputed: Skip and Shannon

Undisputed: Skip and Shannon

Published on 5 days ago

UNDISPUTED - NFL designates Peter C. Harvey to hear Deshaun Watson appeal | Skip & Shannon react

Anthony Thomas Anthony Thomas . 36 minutes ago
I'm not gonna lie I'm getting tired skip. I could listen to shannon all day but skip maybe need to retire
You You . 39 minutes ago
The grand jury didn't proceed probably because they felt maybe some of them want completely truthful and it wasn't enough evidence without unreasonable doubt 🤔
You You . 44 minutes ago
Up cries calls for some funny business for more punishment this sounds like double jeopardy to me to please others!!
Kouros Jackson Kouros Jackson . 1 hour ago
they already set down for a whole season but ain't nobody saying nothing about that! But the patriot owner gets a slap on the wrist. so they want to give him a total 2yr suspension. somebody make it make sense!!!!!! I'm willing to bet them women was paid by the Texans cause he didn't want to play for them anymore!
King Louie67 King Louie67 . 2 hours ago
Lebrun stay on unc mind lol
Terrance Manning Terrance Manning . 2 hours ago
This is what happens when you don’t negotiate on your CBA. They agreed to it. It involves 20+ sexual assault allegations. The NFLPA shouldn’t be putting another dime of money into this. It’s a hill that isn’t worth dying on and you’ll just be wasting money on cases and issues that are actually worth fighting. Heck I’d rather see them get more upset about Ridley’s suspension then a guy who needs to have his massages recorded to ensure nothing bad happens. Plus he can use all that money they gave him to defend himself. If he wanted to not be suspended longer he could have taken the plea deal offered. Now if I’m the league I give him the max punishment per each allegation as an individual offense. So 1-6 games per allegation / law suit. As a minimum. Maybe more because he committed perjury which is a felony.
Cee Jay Cee Jay . 3 hours ago
If he was found guilty then I can see it but he was found innocent and you're still running him through the dirt and every man in this damn world knows about these little nasty little ladies running around trying to get a bag you're all need to be ashamed of yourselves until it happens to you
Cee Jay Cee Jay . 3 hours ago
Wow now to get a black prosecutor prosecutor black man y'all don't see this s*** happening you see how the NFL works yo it's going to be a n***** for life unbelievable and watch how this little cool operates he's about to dance for the NFL and the NFL commissioner gets away Scott free this is b*******
Omar Edwards Omar Edwards . 4 hours ago
Roger just using another black man to punish another black man
SUNY Rizson SUNY Rizson . 4 hours ago
is this the same process y'all took when big Ben raped 2 women✌🏽or when 310pds seahawks beat an African American female to a coma an held another female and her 3months old daughter hostage for a month beating her as well🤑🚨
BadassTexas903 BadassTexas903 . 4 hours ago
Dude in the thumbnail looks like Shyne 😂
celli 21 celli 21 . 5 hours ago
Roger Godell is a Racist
Mr. Heylel Mr. Heylel . 8 hours ago
Passing judgment for a man who was never charged or convicted is pure nonsense
brandon snider brandon snider . 8 hours ago
I thought Deshaun Watson had just got saved in Israel and baptized in the Jordan River and then comes home and smashed 50 hoes
dontizzle805 dontizzle805 . 15 hours ago
he already was suspended a year total bull
jose ortiz jose ortiz . 15 hours ago
His teammates better hope they girls not masseuse mans on the prowl 6 games isn't enough
Mikel Keith Mikel Keith . 20 hours ago
We all know this is going to Damion Trumps Supreme Court, they are going to put an end all these frivolous accusations against people without proof. Anybody with any common sense knows that massage therapist is code work for prostitution, and all those ladies had to do was walk out the door when he did something that they thought was inappropriate.
Mikel Keith Mikel Keith . 20 hours ago
Keeping people ignorant is the best friend of people in power, but NFL not punishing their owners for the same type of embarrassing crimes, has exposed its hypocrisy. There might not be football played when this agreement is up.
Greg Phillips EL Greg Phillips EL . 20 hours ago
All the while he didn't get convicted of anything.
Jeremy James Jeremy James . 20 hours ago
Poor guy. He's worth 300 million, but still a victim of today's racist society that's always trying to keep the black man down. Only in America would this ever be stated.
Jeremy James Jeremy James . 20 hours ago
I've never seen so many ambiguous race cards being pulled in a single comment section ever lol gotta love woketards
NFL so full of sh** I swear, the most hypocritical organization of racist, pig headed old school owners, ROBERT KRAFT(owner of the Patriots) had a FAR WORST situation then Deshaun Watson
So let me get this right, the NFL hires an INDEPENDENT "Outside" Authority to Rule on the case, only to in what we will find, eventually OVERRULE the independents findings/rulings? - NFL: We Hired INDEPENDANT counsel so it can SEEM LIKE we are being "OBJECTIVE...NFL to JUDGE SUE ROBINSON..."Oh no! see, you didn't rule like we NEEDED TO RULE on this case, never mind, we will take it from here, thanks.
Roy Crite Roy Crite . 22 hours ago
None of this is fair. NFL and Roger Goodell acting like a spoiled child.
Dustin Devaul Dustin Devaul . 22 hours ago
Roger doesn't want him to play week 12 against The Texans
KennyJ KennyJ . 23 hours ago
Man leave that man alone. He should take it to the courts as triple jeopardy.... this is sad and ridiculous. If anything if they think he did anything it should be paying to sleep with them and they should be locked up to. This is all about money.... he should've recorded them all.
Peter DeCuir Peter DeCuir . 1 day ago
Deshawn should retire. He has generational wealth. Remorseful? He hasn't been found guilty of anything
Adrian Johnson Adrian Johnson . 1 day ago
This irony to me is that Roger is basically saying that Sue's decision was wrong. From my vantage point that sexist. I'm amazed there's no outcry about that. The generation of professional victims has been silent on this.
Jeremy Bolden Jeremy Bolden . 1 day ago
Found not guilty of malicious acts. That’s what they do at those places
Jeremy Bolden Jeremy Bolden . 1 day ago
Remorseful for what. Having sex. Really. Man did nothing wrong
johnshaft64 johnshaft64 . 1 day ago
Watson should have been fined plus the Browns for reworking his contract so he wouldn't lose more money.
atc237 atc237 . 1 day ago
These talking heads are leaving out one little fact . Multiple grand juries found a lack of evidence file an indictment. Maybe they feel they’re brighter ?
WeareMaryland301 WeareMaryland301 . 1 day ago
Just my opinion, if Kap was banned for a peaceful protest now that the NFL supports Watson should never play football again, period. He is a predator in his behavior that should not be tolerated and should be made an example of..
Casey Gould Casey Gould . 1 day ago
Deshawn is lucky he's not in jail for the rest of his life. He's a piece of s*** rapist; he can't pay off and intimidate the NFL like he did his victims, and this is the only justice they'll ever get. The NFL rightly wants to set a new precedent of indefinite suspensions for sexual predators.
Tim Athias Tim Athias . 2 days ago
This isn’t the NFL‘s business! The man hasn’t been convicted of anything leave him alone
Brandon Penn Brandon Penn . 2 days ago
If the court system couldn't indict him twice the NFL shouldn't be able to punish him any further it should be over
TheRickestRickMLBB TheRickestRickMLBB . 2 days ago
So let me get this straight DW gets accused by multiple women isn't found guilty but somehow might lose his job yet the ladies that accused him still have work that's super cool I guess. Kinda makes the NFL look bad going all in.
greg .hannah greg .hannah . 2 days ago
Congratulations nfl. You have a professional arbitrator but you have never defined what penalities are, so she can only go by precident. Then when you do not get the result you want, you appeal and waste the womans time and pervert the process. Goodell, you are a jackwagon. Neat trick hiring a black attorney to do the dirty work too. I am done with the nfl, I will stick with college ball which they are also ruining.
Graphicace Design Graphicace Design . 2 days ago
It’s amazing at the highest level of our judicial system they found nothing now it goes to clown court We hold NFL players to the highest standard in our country no other entertainer and NFL players are entertainers the NFL is entertainment escapism we don’t hold the President of the United States see Donald Trump nor do we hold congressmen see Adam gates to the same standard no other entertainer is held to this standard for non-criminal behavior
Eddy Huang kuan Fuk Huang kuan Fuk Eddy Huang kuan Fuk Huang kuan Fuk . 2 days ago
NFL are hypocrite .
Jay Weemhoff Jay Weemhoff . 2 days ago
Robert Kraft got caught on camera 7 times getting jerked off by women who were sex trafficked to this country….. what should his punishment be? Let’s review the tape
I’m not showing I’m remorseful for something I don’t think I did wrong….
Shaka Zulu Shaka Zulu . 2 days ago
What about Big Ben from Pittsburg
Susan Matesic Susan Matesic . 2 days ago
Guarrented if brady did this Goodell would him a slap on the wrist
God is Great God is Great . 2 days ago
Nathan Brewer Nathan Brewer . 2 days ago
Why aren't the Texans getting fined and suspended?
Blaine Slaughter Blaine Slaughter . 2 days ago
I don’t believe the women are completely innocent in this. He settled the cases, all but one. Let’s move on from this, give him a second chance. Give him 7 games, fine him 20 million and move on from this.
newcaddie newcaddie . 2 days ago
The didn’t do all that for BIG BEN

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