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Published on 7 years ago

“Unstoppable" by Sia
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I'm unstoppable
I'm a Porsche with no brakes
I'm invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I'm so powerful
I don't need batteries to play
I'm so confident, yeah, I'm unstoppable today
Unstoppable today, unstoppable today
Unstoppable today, I'm unstoppable today

#Sia #Unstoppable #Pop

Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.

Easley's Easley's . 51 minutes ago
I like the song but I have a problem of accepting the picture its cind of weird
gabriel jaime hoyos hoyos gabriel jaime hoyos hoyos . 1 hour ago
Hermosa canción me encanta 💝
Olufemi Rotimi Olufemi Rotimi . 2 hours ago
Im not gonna allow her stop me,she does not deserve me,im gonna be unstoppable ,im going to dig deep and find my happiness again.
Odin's Rache Odin's Rache . 9 hours ago
Ich habe Krebs! Dieser Song beflügelt! Thanks
Seva Myles Seva Myles . 10 hours ago
This is my moms favorite song.
Ankita Ringe Ankita Ringe . 24 hours ago
The lyrics are so motivational
I just feel to listen this song again and again
Ashley Chandler Ashley Chandler . 1 day ago

Eleazar Chalasani Eleazar Chalasani . 1 day ago
Listening to this song in 2022..
Alguaii Alguaii . 2 days ago
Here’s a question
Why is Tik tok so obsessed with this song !? Like it’s everywhere like ugh
aCecelia aCecelia . 2 days ago
Mae Clowe Mae Clowe . 3 days ago
Awesome song!!
Iliana Yepez Iliana Yepez . 3 days ago
Karen Mojica Karen Mojica . 4 days ago
I love the song so much it blessed me powerful and God bless you sending you a lot of love
Karl Hansen Karl Hansen . 4 days ago
Becarful drivin. This song will get you a speeding ticket..changes your mood in seconds...😁👮‍♂️😛
Jitendar Kumar Anand Jitendar Kumar Anand . 4 days ago
lOVELY sONG TO HERE..........
Pooja Singh Pooja Singh . 5 days ago
This is my favorite song
1888bry 1888bry . 5 days ago
A Visitor from the Past

by Thelen Paulk

I had a dream the other night,
I did not understand
A figure walking through the mist,
with flintlock in his hand

His clothes were torn and dirty;
As he stood their by my bed,
he took off his three cornered hat
And speaking low, he said,

"We fought a revolution
to secure our Liberty
We wrote the Constitution,
as a shield from tyranny

For future generations
this legacy we gave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

The freedom we secured for you,
we hoped you'd always keep
But tyrants labored endlessly,
while your parents were asleep

Your freedom gone - Your courage lost
You're no more than a slave
In this, the land of the free
and the home of the brave

You buy a permit to travel,
and a permit to own a gun
Permits to start a business
or to build a place for one

On land that you believe you own,
you pay a yearly rent
Although you have no voice in choosing,
how the money's spent

Your children must attend a school,
that does not educate
Your Christian values can't be taught,
according to the State

You read about the current news
in a regulated press
You pay a tax you do not owe,
to please the IRS

Your money is no longer made
of silver or gold
You trade your wealth for paper,
so your life can be controlled

You pay for crimes
that make your nation turn
from God in shame
You've taken Satans number,
as you traded in your name

You've given government control
to those who do you harm,
so they can padlock churches,
and steal the family farm

And keep our country deep in debt,
put men of God in jail,
harass your fellow countrymen
While corrupted courts prevail

Your public servants
don't uphold the solemn oath they swore
Your daughters visit doctors,
so their children won't be born

Your leaders ship artillery
and guns to foreign shores,
and send your sons to slaughter,
to fight other peoples wars

Can you regain your freedom,
for which we fought and died,
or don't you have the courage
or the faith to stand with pride

Are there no more values
for which you would fight to save,
or do you wish your children,
to live in fear and be a slave

Sons of the Republic,
arise and take a stand
Defend the Constitution,
the supreme law of the land

Preserve our great Republic,
and teach each God given right,
and pray to God to keep the torch
of freedom burning bright..."
jean-marie zeyen jean-marie zeyen . 5 days ago
love that voice !!
Biljana Green Biljana Green . 6 days ago
Bellissima canzone!!!
잼민 관리부 잼민 관리부 . 6 days ago
진짜 가사가 좋은것 같음
Terry Baker Terry Baker . 6 days ago
Wish I could understand more words than just unstoppable! Might not understand that one either if it wasn't the name of the song!!!!!
vicki vayda vicki vayda . 7 days ago
I'm 64 and this song reminds me how I got here.
Phú Nguyễn Trọng Phú Nguyễn Trọng . 1 week ago
titktok drive me here 😂
Sherri G. Sherri G. . 1 week ago
Thank you
Matt Haas Matt Haas . 1 week ago
What's up with all the beans in these comments lol
Jude Rider Jude Rider . 1 week ago
I whole heartedly agree 👍
Linda Gamez Linda Gamez . 1 week ago
Iam a porche without brakes
Alin Jamatia Alin Jamatia . 1 week ago
My favourite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
About SC About SC . 1 week ago
Abigblueworld Abigblueworld . 1 week ago
I really love this song, TBH, heard from TikTok, now it's really good.

Top 5 favorite.
Just Some Guy Without A Hairline Just Some Guy Without A Hairline . 1 week ago
Thumbnail scared the freak out of me, awesome song tho
Workout Motivation Workout Motivation . 2 weeks ago
ARMS WORKOUT JUST FINISHED FOR 04/08/2022, ON 6:00PM - 7:00PM! 💯👊👍🔥💪💪
Sarah Carrizales Sarah Carrizales . 2 weeks ago
Why put that hideous picture though? I guess that the type of stuff people like now.
Carlos Eduardo Oliveira Carlos Eduardo Oliveira . 2 weeks ago
Que música foda. Conheci na propaganda do Samsung X22
jackson and mia jackson and mia . 2 weeks ago
Who else is genuinely scared if that picture. I was scared of it since I was 5
sandra dearing sandra dearing . 2 weeks ago
unstoppable is said a lot.
Bella Tindale Bella Tindale . 2 weeks ago
This song is pure magic ❤️
SIA great i love it
Timothy Yancey K. Recess Timothy Yancey K. Recess . 2 weeks ago
You did it Sia 👸🏼🇬🇭
Chris Cross Chris Cross . 2 weeks ago
why is it back in the top100?
it's barbie robian it's barbie robian . 2 weeks ago
From 1:40 my favorite time start here
Colonel Banana Colonel Banana . 2 weeks ago
Omg. How did I not know about this song? I must have been living under a rock. This is my new anthem.
Pedro Rina Pedro Rina . 2 weeks ago
غواص في بحر المعرفه غواص في بحر المعرفه . 2 weeks ago
Amazing Video!❤Maa Shaa Allah
Kenneth Hughes Kenneth Hughes . 2 weeks ago
I can’t stop listening to this, heeeelp me
Deepak Bohara Deepak Bohara . 2 weeks ago
Sia u've been unsual as usual.
hazel webster hazel webster . 2 weeks ago
She sounds like rihanna a bit
Tahreem Tahreem . 2 weeks ago
Anyone listening to this masterpiece in July 2022
cemo almalki cemo almalki . 2 weeks ago
Bone on bone my lady 😍😍👍👍

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