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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Published on 2 weeks ago

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00:00 - Alex Jones Takes the Stand
07:06 - Sponsor
07:52 - Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyonce to Change “Partition” Lyric
10:56 - Robinhood Points Blame at Crypto During Massive Layoffs
13:41 - Gen Z Racks Up Credit Card Debt as Inflation Soars
15:50 - Sponsor
17:14 - Kansas Voters Send Clear Message on the Overturning of Roe v Wade
20:15 - Senate Passes PACT Act


Alex Jones Takes the Stand:

Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyonce to Change “Partition” Lyric:

Robinhood Points Blame at Crypto During Massive Layoffs:

Gen Z Racks Up Credit Card Debt as Inflation Soars:

Kansas Voters Send Clear Message on the Overturning of Roe v Wade:

Senate Passes PACT Act:
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ArabellaTurner ArabellaTurner . 2 weeks ago
I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child then being tormented and threatened over it. These parents have spent a larger percent of their lives being harassed over the horrific deaths of the children than getting to raise these children. It’s truly the stuff of nightmares. There’s no recompense Alex can provide them to make up for this, but I hope he pays to the fullest the courts can demand of him.
Zachary Edwards Zachary Edwards . 1 day ago
Alex is losing it
SKYJN SKYJN . 1 day ago
Jones is off his [email protected]*!ing head. What a c!#t. 😡
Cookie Cookie . 2 days ago
alex jones is probably on the spectrum
Jareako bailey Jareako bailey . 2 days ago
Just a little bit of news from this Bible belt state of kansas... they are currently working to try and delegitimize almost 200k votes saying the votes were fraudulent cause alot of the people didn't vote for the primaries... but what they're not saying is the people didn't have a political party affiliation so on their ballots they didn't have the option to vote in the primaries their ballot only had that 1 question about the abortion rights and that's it
Max Vega Max Vega . 3 days ago
Dude Alex Jones is hilarious he should of been a comedian lol
Heather M Heather M . 3 days ago
That Gen Z debt story hit home hard. I’ve been couch surfing for a month now even though I’m salaried and work full time. But make too much to get help from government programs. I’m just stuck and it’s impossible to survive. Glad I’m not alone in all this but damn. We shouldn’t have to live this way.
Michael Mendoza Michael Mendoza . 3 days ago
The debt hits so close to home…I had to live out of my car for a couple months just to make ends meet
isabelle mohl isabelle mohl . 3 days ago
the gen z segment hits. im gen z and a junior in college and I work two jobs up to 30hrs a week total while being a full time student just to live and I'm just avoiding a credit card as long as possible
Olbohn Olbohn . 3 days ago
It's actually sickening to watch Phil demonize the party in favor of his party literally every single video. "Republicans and their scum bag tactics. Let the voice of the people be heard. Oh btw, Republicans are for some reason going to have a 80% to win the house. Let's change that people, go vote!" Isn't the House's representative voted in by the people? The hypocrisy is insane.
Benny guerrero Benny guerrero . 4 days ago
What’s up you beautiful pieces of shit!!!!
Evee knig Evee knig . 4 days ago
The judge having to talk to Alex Jones like he was in kindergarten
Also I cannot imagine the fucking rage I'd feel if I had a child who died so traumatically only to be told that they never existed, that I don't exist, etc.
T We T We . 4 days ago
I used to respect you Phil why are you lying to ur audience
Bmore Queen Bmore Queen . 5 days ago
Credit card debt has always been an issue with young people. I'm 36 now but I screwed up my credit when I was in my early 20s. In my early 30s is when i started to fix it and rebuild it. I think a big portion has to do with mismanagement of money when you're young. Don't cry about credit card debt if you're still spending $10 a day on coffee, $15 a day on fast food. I still live paycheck to paycheck but I learned to live within my means so no I don't have much but my bills are paid on time and my credit cards are paid in full every month.
Jaquelyn Chrisdon Jaquelyn Chrisdon . 5 days ago
Yeahhh… I can’t get my credit card down past $1000 I keep making $1000 payments every month, maybe $900, $800, or whatever just to try to get it down but it KEEPS GROWING. Yes I know “just stop using your credit card” but like… gas? Groceries? Tuition? Clothing? Toiletries to keep myself not stinky asf in this climate change hellhole?? Doctors visits for my chronic illness, etc. inflation has me reeling. My mom is a nurse and sends me money occasionally and I’m STILL struggling. I can’t imagine being on my own in this. I’m privileged to have help.
Alex Claxton Alex Claxton . 5 days ago
I feel obligated to say that learning styles have no scientific support and in fact everyone benefits from multimodal instruction.
#Mystcon #Mystcon . 5 days ago
Hi Phil I don't see the 60% off for the Rocket Language what am I missing?
snowboundmage snowboundmage . 5 days ago
That beyonce story is just a nice example of "give an inch they take a mile"
Dashdragon Dashdragon . 6 days ago
Lewinsky was a victim of society, not Clinton and people need to quit conflating that bullshit. It was a consensual extramarital affair that she initiated and they were both at fault for it occurring. As the person who was married and in the position of power he had a greater responsibility to not pursue or allow it to continue, but that doesn't magically make her a victim from him for it. All the idiocy of the fallout of it afterwards and the hell she was put through during and after the impeachment was because of our society being immature little puritan shits.
Silixtu Hibiski Silixtu Hibiski . 6 days ago
As a Gen Z (born 2001, ) I am working and going to college, and even though I get school payed for and literally thousands back afterwards I still have to work as a cook for 20 hours a week and doordash on the side to make rent, and I'm 3 months late on a $1000 worth of credit card debt. I'm probably not going to be able to pay on on it this month and likely will have difficulty making rent. I live about a mile from my job and often run out of gas because I can't afford to fill it up (and my gas meter's broken.)

tldr; yes, I am feeling the inflation and so are my gen z brethren
Kat Bugarin Kat Bugarin . 6 days ago
I'm really happy to know that I am not alone in the story about credit and pay check to paycheck living
Khalidtopdog Khalidtopdog . 6 days ago
I wanna get the 10,000
Marlaysia Simmons Marlaysia Simmons . 6 days ago
I'm literally being evicted rn, 10k would do me and my kid amazingly🥲
• m • i • m • i • • m • i • m • i • . 6 days ago
Devid Icke is next lol 😆😂
SooperTim SooperTim . 6 days ago
The Alex Jones text message clip could have started five seconds sooner for context...
Natalie Clark Natalie Clark . 7 days ago
GO KANSAS! Three days after this Indiana passed the first ban on abortions since Roe v Wade was overturned.
Steve S Steve S . 7 days ago
I usually hate prosecutors.. HATE, THEM... but sometimes... juuuust sometimes, they actually can be the "good guys".
vinod pandiyan vinod pandiyan . 7 days ago
Gosh, Alex is evil incarnate
Miss So Miss So . 7 days ago
I hope there is a special place in Hell for folks like Alex Jones.
Typical Demoness Typical Demoness . 7 days ago
We can’t say “spaz” or “spaz attack ” now? This is going too goddamn far.
Rafael Avila Rafael Avila . 1 week ago
Personally, I think all slurs should be excluded from music; especially the f-slur and the n-word. Everyone should stop normalizing derogatory language.
JackWolfGaming JackWolfGaming . 1 week ago
My opinion on abortion?
I have a penis, so, I don't get an opinion.
JackWolfGaming JackWolfGaming . 1 week ago
You... shouldn't be giving Credit Cards to kids, first of all.
"Way back when", you couldn't even GET a CC without having 5 years of work history. You also couldn't spend more than $100 a month for the first year.
Unless I'm thinking about the future... I get those backward some times.
JackWolfGaming JackWolfGaming . 1 week ago
You don't change art. It's subjective. If it's offensive, then don't listen to it. Don't watch it. Don't look at it.

If you're bitching about these lyrics, you haven't heard metal or gangster rap.
This is just ... why the fuck?

The moment you start making music for the crowd, instead of yourself?
You're fucked.
Jessica Jessica . 1 week ago
I adore the parents lawyer so much.
Becka Becka . 1 week ago
I have a Master's and Bachelor's in biomedical engineering from an Ivy League. More than half of my income goes to rent, groceries, and student loan debt. It's weirdly, but sadly comforting that other people understand this struggle.
tap836 tap836 . 1 week ago
With only about 31% of the Kansas population voting in the Primaries on the abortion topic, having 59% vote in favor of protecting those rights I think doesn't really man anything in terms of what the overall population wants. The voter turnout and results was probably only that high due to the significant campaigning towards young liberal voters to get them to vote. But given how low those numbers still are, it isn't a good predictor on what the overall population thinks/wants.
Vanessa Russell Vanessa Russell . 1 week ago
A lot of people have gone to school thinking it'd make life better but instead we are left with crippling debt and no jobs. My one friend has applied to jobs for two years and has only received two calls back. As my bank account lowers and my credit card use increases, my bank decided to mail me a pre-approvement for a limit increase from 3000 to 6000. Its like they want us to be in debt. Not to mention when I was a kid, a house would go for maybe12000 and now they go for half a mill. Most people feel 'damned if I do, damned if I don't.' Like we are stuck on a awful merry-go-round with no possibility of life progress. We are all beyond burnt out and don't really see a point to all of this.
Swishy Blue Swishy Blue . 1 week ago
That pan out to his lawyer was giving me hard Wright and Edgeworth vibes.
Mikes Tech Rescue Mikes Tech Rescue . 1 week ago
I'm the most beautiful blasterd I know
ragnarox16 ragnarox16 . 1 week ago
Oh wow... I love this Alex Jones trial. 🔥 🔥 🔥 Fuck that guy
queenannsrevenge100 queenannsrevenge100 . 1 week ago
Regarding altering music that is offensive: I’m against it, because it’s a representation of both art and the artist at the time they made the art. At least use it as a way to teach about an era and culture than trying to censor it retroactively.
INNER INNER . 1 week ago
Alex Jones is EVIL. He’s doing this ONLY FOR MONEY.
ASMR Problems ASMR Problems . 1 week ago
I've always been a bastard but never a lucky one
EvilM0nkeyRules EvilM0nkeyRules . 1 week ago
Portfolio??? Lul what's that
rsmith137 rsmith137 . 1 week ago
Let me start by saying i absolutely HATE Beyoncé’s music. Not my style at all. With that in mind, its absolutely ridiculous that she has to go back and edit her old songs because the American snowflakes are getting their feelings hurt again.
Dru Nature Dru Nature . 1 week ago
WHOA WTF!? Alex Jones actually believes the shit he says!? the dude is legit crazy as hell, and here I thought he was a sane grifter... jESUS!!
Bart M Bart M . 1 week ago
Those text messages are beyond slimy. I can’t believe there is no way to punish those responsible. What a nightmare.
Marcion of Sinope Marcion of Sinope . 1 week ago
When I hear "has no place in music" all I can think of is the Satanic Panic and offended religious people demanding music be removed or edited. Gtfoh.
Still Newports Newton Still Newports Newton . 1 week ago
Bunch of sissy asss shit. Aside from the Alex Jones being a complete monster. Spaz isn't insensitive.

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