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Scared of Frogs

Scared of Frogs

Published on 1 week ago

Alternate Curtain Call 2 artwork by Reddit user u/piomat100.

Richard Löwenherz Richard Löwenherz . 3 days ago
This >>>>> gaymes new album
First Name First Name . 3 days ago
This is awful. Wtf?! They should’ve kept this locked away.
KD Byrne KD Byrne . 7 days ago
whi....skey....why ski?? fuckn hell y not
Gun puppy Gun puppy . 1 week ago
No way this was recorded in 09
Josh Wells Josh Wells . 1 week ago
Not bad the chorus was gold 🤣 this is actual pretty dope track 🔥🔥🔥💯
Michael Deering Michael Deering . 1 week ago
Flow is terrible
Michael Deering Michael Deering . 1 week ago
People actually think this good!?!? Just because words rhyme doesn’t make the song good open your eyes people
Glory Glory . 1 week ago
This has Busta ft Eminem vibes
JayTooSavy JayTooSavy . 1 week ago
This sounds fucking incredible! Em & 50 killed this joint too,plus Dre is such an amazing fit with Shady and don’t sleep on Sly Piper on the background vocals during Em’s Hook👊🏽🐐🔥🎯💯(Obviously Em’s part is re-recorded but he can still do the Relapse accent and this flow on this song reminds me of “Medicine Ball”)
Finn Redmond Finn Redmond . 1 week ago
50 spitting ahead of his time if this is 09
MakDeeZiL MakDeeZiL . 1 week ago
Em murdered track 😈

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