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Published on 3 years ago

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Wyatt Brown Wyatt Brown . 19 hours ago
Lori Parker Lori Parker . 2 days ago
That was just adorable!!!!
lindalovesal lindalovesal . 2 days ago
Love the thanks ❤️🇨🇦
Cindy Russell Cindy Russell . 4 days ago
What a beautiful tribute. First hearing this and cried all the way thru it. What love and friendship. ❤️
Amberette Allen Amberette Allen . 4 days ago
I love how your u and your family is so family oriented and youve kept that the whole way , way to go love you all
Marcy Beger Marcy Beger . 6 days ago
I love the fact you get to know the whole family,and their quite an amazing bunch! Walker takes them to his concerts gets them involved I just love that. I wish them all the best! In everything they do God bless them all! Did I mention I love his music? my grandchildren sing and dance to all his music, so keep singing WALKER HAYES💕😊👍🙏💕
Chaning songs Chaning songs . 1 week ago
Hey Walker Hayes I am your biggest fan I just wanted to say please do a show in Auburn I love you so much and I even have you on my iPad screen
Melissa Melissa . 1 week ago
Love this song. Touches my heart. I lost my husband in 2014. Miss him more and more every day
changrif changrif . 2 weeks ago
jkiddsavage jkiddsavage . 2 weeks ago
Great video Walker! Loved your music in 2016! Your family is adorable
Tanya Miller Tanya Miller . 2 weeks ago
This man is absolutely,love his songs,his family values and god..❤❤
Natalie Gibbs Natalie Gibbs . 3 weeks ago
Unbelievably beautiful. Fabulous singer. Lucky lady. ❤
Lil KJ Lil KJ . 4 weeks ago
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE 😍😍😩 I still love this 🫠
Christen Bult Christen Bult . 1 month ago
Walker Hayes is so talented, he is a amazing singing but the song are not all about him I like that
Ronnie Curd Ronnie Curd . 1 month ago
Her favorite season is football
Sadie LeClere Sadie LeClere . 1 month ago
He has such a calm and gentle voice. So much talent!! On top that he is a good loving husband and father!! So wonderful to see. My sister and her friends flew from Seattle to see him in Fargo. They loved the concert!!!
lisa lariviere lisa lariviere . 1 month ago
I love you and your songs beautiful family ❤🌹
Connie Frick Connie Frick . 1 month ago
Thanks for making this song
Rodica2006 Rodica2006 . 1 month ago
I hope, I am able to find a love like this someday. Pls never stop making such great music! Greatings from Munich <3
bonjubon bonjubon . 1 month ago
MAKES ME TEAR UP!!!😥😥 LOVED seeing him in St.Louis 7-1-22 hearing his story right from his amazing and if anybody deserves to be where he is now, It's him. A Gifted man...Craig was right, and Walker Hayes your gift as a songwriter/singer/entertainer/familyman/Jesus Loving guy is without a doubt God Given!!! Love everything about your journey, you, your family...and what inspired you. THANK YOU for proclaiming Jesus on stage❤🙏🏻✝️
Linda Rowell Linda Rowell . 1 month ago
wish I had a friend that felt like this about me. sweet sincere song. about half the way book no words. walker b I lost MY home 7 yrs ago to alcohol and drugs. u keep that family with 24/7 for support.
Susan Meade Susan Meade . 1 month ago
Walker Hayes.. you have touched our lives and made us laugh... thank you.
Maureen Dowd Maureen Dowd . 2 months ago
You and your family are a dream!
Dolloffx6 Dolloffx6 . 2 months ago
Best song ever!!
laura yardley laura yardley . 2 months ago
Omg I'm so in love with this song and all his songs ❤️
Eric Melton Eric Melton . 2 months ago
wow this song hit me in the heart I haven't teared up from a song since my son purposed great job on this song I hope to keep hearing your music for years to come
Mad Scientist FPV & TJ Mad Scientist FPV & TJ . 2 months ago
This is THEE BEST tribute to a wife I have ever seen!!!! Man way to go! And how do other guys top this?!?!?
Tammy Woodard Tammy Woodard . 2 months ago
This may be my favorite video ever 😍 ❤️ 😭
Isabelle Snow Isabelle Snow . 2 months ago
So cute 🥰
Robert Fladung Robert Fladung . 2 months ago
Such a touching song!!
Crystal Willmore Crystal Willmore . 2 months ago
This song reminds me of my husband AJ and our family 💯❤️
tamara berry tamara berry . 2 months ago
I just discovered this beautiful talent on klove fan awards.. he's amazing..I'm a new fan for sure
April Smith April Smith . 2 months ago
So sweet! Love this song and video! 💕
Jason Jason . 2 months ago
Man I've awesome song. I've been a fan since his tour with Bobby Bones. I saw him in Durham he stole the show imo. Glad to see him getting love and the recognition he deserves.
Dara Leehyun Dara Leehyun . 2 months ago
He is the ENTIRE package, gorgeous, talented....OMG I wish a man just like him would come into my life and marry me! Lucky lady who is his wife.....LOVE his music!
Kim Rodgers Kim Rodgers . 2 months ago
Well that’ll make you cry forever. Makes you want one of him LOL. That kind of unconditional appreciative love is very far in few between. God bless them
Jebediah Jebediah . 2 months ago
What a True Love....
Tori Bowman Tori Bowman . 2 months ago
"dont ever watch the office without her"
"her favorite season is football"
"better watch your mouth and your grammar"
I like this lady.
Courtney Peebles Courtney Peebles . 3 months ago
This is the cutest polyamory song!
Deseree Aranka Deseree Aranka . 3 months ago
This is perfect I love this 💋❤️😘😍😊 someday...🤷‍♀️
QuiSnJoe Reed QuiSnJoe Reed . 3 months ago
This dude is talented!!!
Kim Bates Kim Bates . 3 months ago
I would love to see and hear him sing at the Kansas State fair in Hutchinson! I love his songs and I enjoy the videos.
Steven West Steven West . 3 months ago
Walker Hayes is my favorite music producer.
Candy Parks Candy Parks . 3 months ago
I am absolutely in love with this family. Stumbled on Walker Hayes and now I'm totally hooked on everything he sings.
Robert Bowman Robert Bowman . 3 months ago
Dude is alright. This crap isnt country. 🤣😂
John Woodard John Woodard . 3 months ago
Great song
Tigistu Siba Tigistu Siba . 3 months ago
An amazing history and family! Thanks God that he knows what and who to create. This unique family's history teaches us what is a genuine family means. God bless this kind of people including Craig!! Thank you CTD! I listened Walker's interview when I was driving home from work and tuned to Muddy radio just yesterday May 16 2022 and tried to find more about. How I am lucky that got the opportunity to introduce to this amazing people!
Tigistu Siba Tigistu Siba . 3 months ago
I am so impressed by this great artist and his amazing family. God bless you dears!!
Linda Rowell Linda Rowell . 3 months ago
would give anything for somebody to love me this much
Morgan Smith Morgan Smith . 3 months ago
So good

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