Play / Download Eminem’s just spelling out verses now? Wtf? | Eminem ft. 50cent- Is This Love (09) | Curtain Call 2
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Cliff Beats

Cliff Beats

Published on 1 week ago

Even during the Relapse era Eminem dumbed it down for us. His brain just works on a different level man. I’d have to listen to this a few times to even catch half of wtf this man was saying. And props to 50 for getting a little shady 😂

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AOD!!! We’ve gotten to 153k in a little over a year!! We accomplished more then I ever imagined and it’s all because of you! You guys are absolutely killing it! And YOU are all amazing! I love you all!! -Cliff

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Michael Fleming Michael Fleming . 4 hours ago
Could you do a breakdown from this cat,

 KAAN "knowledge above all nonsense"

Rap God Remix - straight out killed it


Concealed the outro

Prasenjeet Gaikwad Prasenjeet Gaikwad . 3 days ago
The hook is just awesome, I can keep it playing the whole day
Venomousgamer420 Venomousgamer420 . 4 days ago
The album cover confirms Eminem is an Illuminatti member. A photo of him doing the devil horns hand gesture while hiding and showing one eye. For the who don't know the one eye is a common Illuminati symbol called the All Seeing Eye just like the one on the back of every single American dollar bill. Most people don't see this shit even when it's right in front of them.
Alex Lindbjerg Alex Lindbjerg . 4 days ago
Does these line refer to a review he got in Vibe magazine?
Say like eight or nine
'Cause on a scale of one to ten, that's how I rate your vibe
Let me be your vibrator (Get it?)
John W John W . 4 days ago
the thing that confuses me with the album cover is that there are four scores and why is the first place score less than the second place score... the first place score does have 8/5 in it which was release date for this album though.
Jacob Payne Jacob Payne . 4 days ago
I would think proof would be the 4th
Javier Urtubia Javier Urtubia . 6 days ago
So I wanted to point this out, I think this is an old 2009 Beat with new vocals by Em and 50. Why I say that is listening to their voices that sounds like more recent EM and 50 sound older. Plus if you listen to the lyrics 50 says d*ck rob like Bruce Jenner. Bruce didn't have the sex change till 2017.
Dave Cosman Dave Cosman . 6 days ago
That Emily rose bar was disrespectful asf
Sally Woolverton Sally Woolverton . 6 days ago
I absolutely Love your reactions!!
The 🐐 is the 🐐 for a reason!
Awww, I'm listening to your message as I type Cliff, and I must say you are the real deal !!
What a wonderful message to your subscribers or in my case a fan. I will keep that message in mind . A lot has happened to me the past 5 years and I take 1 day at a time knowing God is right by my side guiding me through my struggles.
No it isn't drugs nor alcohol!!
It's a lot of personal stuff that I'm not going to air in the comment section.
Thank you for caring about other people and wanting to make your busy schedule available to those who need to talk etc...
You are my angel! May God continue to bless you abundantly in all that you do professionally but most importantly keep you healthy, happy and safe!❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭
Anne Williamson Anne Williamson . 6 days ago
The first verse almost broke my brain. I had to stop, listen to the song with lyrics (I’m a visual learner and the spelling, out loud, brought back the ghost of past spelling tests), then came back to the reaction.

It was that or break out a pencil and paper to write out what is spelled but Eminem can rap fast! You never know…decided that would likely be the case, wasted time. Lyrics first for me! 🤣🤣

C-Note, major props for hanging in for that first verse, as tired and early in the AM, it was. Great reaction as always.
Stephennn Stephennn . 6 days ago
When cliff says " that's all I know ".
It's guaranteed, he knows more.
Matt Garrad Matt Garrad . 6 days ago
@cliffbeats, can you do a kim reaction? recently been going back through his old stuff and this one fascinates me.
seeker seeker . 7 days ago
Its just so familiar i cant put my finger on it but i feel like ive heard it before a dozen times lol.
Recycle.... that should be the title. Bored with these frauds and talentless puppets and their canned beats. He should read dr suess books to his beats and knock baby shark the fuck out.
Chay Wilder Chay Wilder . 7 days ago
Oh I'd love an album with more like this
Bonny Rhode Bonny Rhode . 7 days ago
Have you reacted to “the way I am” by ‘Em yet?
mmddhh34 mmddhh34 . 7 days ago
I've been on eminem since day one... I love many songs that many people hate, I honestly feel like EMS lost right now. This is bait for the haters I think... Em was on his way out the door for real this time.. and too much has stirred up.. hes probably scrapped his last to projects due to this.. his next new album is going to be every bit of him beginning to end. And hes going to have gems in the bank. So when he does hang it up. We will get a record every May.
Josh Wells Josh Wells . 1 week ago
Wtf I can't spell right now 🤣 it's for 4 in the morning don't be to rough on yourself
Francis van den Abeelen Francis van den Abeelen . 1 week ago
HeistBreaker HeistBreaker . 1 week ago
Rap God Remix
Cindy W Cindy W . 1 week ago
Hahahah. You should know by now that you need a good night's sleep before tackling an Em track 🤣🤣🤣.

Either way, great video 💙
Hawlucha Lucha Hawlucha Lucha . 1 week ago
1. Eminem
2. Marshall Mathers
3. Slim Shady
4. B. Rabbit?
ReallyStupidGaming ReallyStupidGaming . 1 week ago
i had to re listen to the spelling bars many times to understand what he meant, the cadence when hes spelling is too unorthodox lol it sounds crazy
Jason Miller Jason Miller . 1 week ago
This is a song that deserved a Royce verse
Kirsty ONeill Kirsty ONeill . 1 week ago
Em is crazy lyrical with it xx this was good not my fave but still enjoyed the beat and Ems verse xx
brock83995 brock83995 . 1 week ago
Take rap like Bruce Jenner. He’s gonna take the rap game by the balls. Or how Bruce Jenner went trans. But that happened in 2015, this says it’s from ‘09
Kieran Jansen Kieran Jansen . 1 week ago
Yo dude I'm from South Africa 🇿🇦!!!,
Love the content can you react to Eminem stimulate or kings never die💯 you won't regret it🙆😅.
RolandW RolandW . 1 week ago
Small YouTube
TheTalantonX TheTalantonX . 1 week ago
My guy, I felt your eyerolling, handwaving, headshaking reaction in my soul. Today you're my spirit animal.
James Russell James Russell . 1 week ago
All of this mental energy you’re putting out rn trying to spell can be solved by subtitles lol
murder orgy murder orgy . 1 week ago
This generation is dumb AF
NintenDak NintenDak . 1 week ago
I am so sorry you have to deal with this mental torture...
Haught Gaming Haught Gaming . 1 week ago
Fk I was horrible in spelling... Why? This was 2009!
703Tyme 703Tyme . 1 week ago
I'm not Laughing at you, I'm laughing with you Cliff....When he hit the "Memory Foam Pillow, Then How We Remembering So Little"......I watched your face and started that's someone who's taken Benzos before......hahaha....but They're Terribly addictive, but if you take too many you will literally forget days.....Sad But True......but still I laughed at that moment
I love the trash talkers thinking this guy is out of it. He is leading the game. Everyone saying he stinks are hiding in there closets secretly listening in their pajamas mumbling and wishing they were him.
Jeff Mattina Jeff Mattina . 1 week ago
Gotta know if he pumped this one up you Gottsta know that midnight sometime soon an LP will be coming. 50 year old Em gonna take over the world all over again.
Eminem - Medicine Ball 💊
Eminem - Taking My Ball 🏀
Eminem - Ballin Uncontrollably 💎
John Five John Five . 1 week ago
He is spelling out.....your body is crazy like motherfucking guy with the chainsaw in the white ski(as in ski mask) I don't know where some of you are coming up with your answers lol 😉
melissa winstead melissa winstead . 1 week ago☺.youre over there 4 am trying to decipher Em. I can't even decipher Em being anytime. Truthfully Im not a Stan but like I've said-> I most def can appreciate.
I dont know how a person's tongue can be tied in a pretzel and him rap and you understand what's being rapped BUT THEN you gonna spell rap with a pretzel tongue??😲
Yeah. My brain broke. 😯
Love the reaction as always!
Peace and love always until there!😊❤
Leeroy G Leeroy G . 1 week ago
Bro can you react to eminem Rap God Mr cii remix
Oddz-Modz Oddz-Modz . 1 week ago
Check out the rap god remix man, the beat is awesome. Thanks again ✌️
Motivation Vault Motivation Vault . 1 week ago
on a scale of 1-10 it's how i rate your vibe
let me be your vibrator(vibe-rater)

Mario Mario . 1 week ago
Eminem is legend, and you say that is not good? hahaha you are so funny guy, how much you have songs?
smdownh9 smdownh9 . 1 week ago
digging your hole also means eating her out
DaP84 DaP84 . 1 week ago
Yes Cliff, even Hailie teases Em for being a virgin 😁
Azreal0864 Azreal0864 . 1 week ago
One of these days, I'd love to see you cover some K-Rino. He's been around since the 2Pac and Biggie days, but never really became mainstream...even though he has probably the best dis rap/self-hype of all time in Perpetual Ascension.

He also made an entire sci-fi series as a set of six songs. Starts with Alien Baby, into Annihilation of the Evil Machine, then The Sorcerer's Den, Return of the Sorcerer, Identity Theft, and Planet Exile.
dgj91 dgj91 . 1 week ago
You never did "Step Dad" from Music to Be Murdered By. When you do, don't miss the intro track that goes with it
Sawyer Bloxham Sawyer Bloxham . 1 week ago
I want to rap with Eminem one day. I’m a rapper too, but I need to keep practicing because I’m not very good yet.
Chad Ashman Chad Ashman . 1 week ago
Bro this one was just insane if it wasn’t for you Breaking it down I don’t know if I would’ve been able to. Have a good weekend my friend glad to be a part of the AOD family. 👊💯
91GT347 91GT347 . 1 week ago
Now we know why Game canceled.
joefernandez1980 joefernandez1980 . 1 week ago
Fire lyrics!!!!! But, can we all give love to this Dre beat and the chorus....?! I'm bumping this in my Cadillac, windows down sunroof open! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
BethAnne Hare BethAnne Hare . 1 week ago
Great job, Cliff! When he spelled W-A-I-S-K-E-Y folks assumed he can't spell and was going for whiskey. Em always nods to Detroit in his music....Waiskey River is a river in Detroit. 🐐🔥 And the 4...Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, and the White guy from D12 😂 #4 could also be B-rabbit too!

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