Play / Download 'He shot my arm off': Store owner shoots would-be robber
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FOX 11 Los Angeles

FOX 11 Los Angeles

Published on 2 weeks ago

The owner of a store that was targeted by would-be robbers turned the tables on one of the suspects by opening fire on him in Norco. STORY:

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Alexander Antonio Alexander Antonio . 55 minutes ago
Yea alot of white people now visits the store now
engineer 40C engineer 40C . 6 hours ago
Good shooting ace, it is your full right to defend yourself.
Mr. Garfield Farts Mr. Garfield Farts . 8 hours ago
If a person gets shot in the arm they would be dead. A person would bleed out in seconds.
timetravela timetravela . 10 hours ago
See why guns are a good thing.
Donna Stephens Donna Stephens . 10 hours ago
There's teslas in the back of her
American Bulldog American Bulldog . 12 hours ago
Way to go.
Monica Reese Monica Reese . 12 hours ago
Good for the owner
SargentT SargentT . 13 hours ago
Learn HeadShots
Every fcknoneOfThem
The guy that tried to rob the store is probably a rapper wannabe, DJ such and such, or lil dipstick
Steve Steve . 14 hours ago
Not another legally owned AR15 by a "bad guy"😅

Hats off to the owner!!👌

The Irony with Congress passing the "Assault Weapons Ban" is there is 80 Billion Dollars worth of Military Hardware that was left behind in the M.E.

Most of those small arms "AR15s" will end up on the Black Market and make their way to South, Central and North America!! So make sure you still continue to Disarm Law Abiding Citizens!!👌

The absolute worse and most embarrassing President, Vice President and Administration in US HISTORY!
Aw this little punk he's going to whine because somebody shot back, it's called Thug Life pal, it's the life you chose, no turning back now
Nothing but bedwars Nothing but bedwars . 14 hours ago
Old man be saying not today sister
Mr. Dino Mr. Dino . 19 hours ago
Lmao why the fuck are they robbing people driving around in a 40,000 dollar car
HUGO HUGO HUGO HUGO . 20 hours ago
All most the shame, that's American subculture, unfortunately widespread around the world.
Bill Rayvan Bill Rayvan . 21 hours ago
Damn going safari on an african just as it aught to be .
Steve Mason Steve Mason . 23 hours ago
Good man
paul potato paul potato . 23 hours ago
a goood story for a change
PsyKlown PsyKlown . 1 day ago
Good job, every business should arm themselves like this. Well done sir.
ShockZ ShockZ . 1 day ago
He had no hesitation to shoot him
Zombiegirl Fanter Zombiegirl Fanter . 1 day ago
I think Every store owner should protect their business in this manner. Maybe thieves will stop trying to rob places.
No Filter Reviews No Filter Reviews . 2 days ago
But he was a "good kid"
DentoniusX7 DentoniusX7 . 2 days ago
I guess now they really can park in the handicapped parking
Pauli G Pauli G . 2 days ago
Bless the Koreans of LA shoot out.
Pauli G Pauli G . 2 days ago
Entitlement Biden government will pay the price
Pauli G Pauli G . 2 days ago
Bless the 2nd Amendment
Lacey P Lacey P . 2 days ago
OMG I didn't know that the store owner had a heart attack right after the attack! :(
Aweful Waffle Aweful Waffle . 2 days ago
I’ve watched this so many times. That piece of crap screaming just brings joy to my heart.
🌜Erin Boyer 🌞 🌜Erin Boyer 🌞 . 2 days ago
I’m glad the robber got shot. It’s a shame he didn’t drop the robber in his tracks
CleanEarth CleanEarth . 2 days ago
The robber's not a biologist how did he know he shot his arm off is he gender pronouning his body parts?
I.P I.P . 2 days ago
Good job.
Andrew Cooper Andrew Cooper . 2 days ago
That's what you get
Robert Gift Robert Gift . 2 days ago
Sorry not a better aim. But understandable in such a situation. Thank you, police, for finding and arresting all of the criminals involved.
Was the robber's gun ready to fire?
Even criminal's life is infinitelyaluable. I would only fire *warning shots* , center mass.
YouTube Sucks YouTube Sucks . 2 days ago
I would rather his head blown off. Aim a little higher next time.
Jacob Timberlake Jacob Timberlake . 2 days ago
Can someone give that young man a hand, I think he’s gonna need it! Lmao
MitchyB701 MitchyB701 . 2 days ago
“When people are doing violence against us we have a right to defend ourselves!”
Damn Right!
James California James California . 2 days ago
Hence the old saying : _" The One Armed Bandit "_ ... 😉👌
Moe11032 Moe11032 . 2 days ago
At least they were ready to park at the handicap spot
Wertyuhgt44 Watcher Wertyuhgt44 Watcher . 2 days ago
BLM. Surprised the store owner wasn’t charged.
Q Kelly Q Kelly . 2 days ago
Pops said, Not today
CON CON . 2 days ago
Bobby tr Bobby tr . 2 days ago
0:37 would be funnier if she said they got the last surprise of their lives.
Philomeno Supotanio Philomeno Supotanio . 2 days ago
I would have loaded double zero cartridges in my shotgun!
brooke lyn brooke lyn . 2 days ago
Good times!
MrsJason Voorhees MrsJason Voorhees . 2 days ago
The perp had what was coming to him
Eric LaMotte Eric LaMotte . 3 days ago
Surprise Cali doesn’t prosecute the store owner saying the criminal was just hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Spaceman Spaceman . 3 days ago
Jenniffer J.M Jenniffer J.M . 3 days ago
julia marisol julia marisol . 3 days ago
Nice!!!!! Beautiful..,
We need to see that more often.
TheKnightDrag0n TheKnightDrag0n . 3 days ago
Shoot first, ask questions later.

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