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Published on 2 weeks ago

i cant believe i scammed mrbeast into giving me a free video lmao


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and go subscribe to mrbeast if u havent i guess :3


Ludwig Ludwig . 2 weeks ago
I somehow scammed MrBeast into letting me upload this video he made on MY channel ...

hope u enjoy :)
Muhammed Arhaam Muhammed Arhaam . 2 hours ago
hisoka hisoka . 8 hours ago
i feel like that sumo wrestler was a a waste of potential and they should have hooked the things on him
MiniKing MiniKing . 11 hours ago
Bro chandler is an ass for going to the bathroom in the middle of the challenge. I would be sooo pissed
adventure kid adventure kid . 11 hours ago
The best video I've ever seen from Mr B's and he scrapped it I can't believe
MiniKing MiniKing . 11 hours ago
This whole video was so disorganized and you didn’t know what was happening half the time. Can see why Mrbeast didn’t like this…
MiniKing MiniKing . 11 hours ago
Literally the reason jimmy didn’t like this video was because Ludwig himself obviously had no clue what was going on, didn’t even explain to Chris and the other guy what they were looking for. Completely disorganized.
M K M K . 13 hours ago
They really need a new sumo wrestler
KillerMiller KillerMiller . 18 hours ago
At 2:42 the perfect response from Chris to Ludwig saying it’s a sunken chest would have been “like yours?”
Owen MacKinnon Owen MacKinnon . 20 hours ago
How did mr beast not like this
Mop Bot Mop Bot . 22 hours ago
i think mrbeast should have another channel where he uploads all the videos he doesnt like and call it “Mr Beast Graveyard” or something
Chimesha Chimesha . 22 hours ago
shame no sumo action :(
huy son huy son . 23 hours ago
I’m confused how did blue get a car? Cause mrbeast said at the end said to blue you got a car?
Okay Gamer Okay Gamer . 23 hours ago
That sumo dude must feel shamed..
Wìnd Wìnd . 1 day ago
That video was actually awesome and super entertaining. There had to of been some actual secret behind the scenes reason he didn't wanna upload it.
No way he just said "it's not good enough".
Wìnd Wìnd . 1 day ago
9:23 don't record that pls
Nolan's purpose to Mr Beast is just being a person to bury alive lol
Kris Kris . 1 day ago
why cant someone bury 100k infront of my door as well....
DarknessWithin DarknessWithin . 1 day ago
That would be a gangsta video tho.
L. J. L. J. . 1 day ago
Appalled by that sumo speed run.
angel fabian angel fabian . 1 day ago
dude basically traded the Camaro for 100k
Mark Delapenha Mark Delapenha . 1 day ago
nice coordinates 3:08
Sam Jasek Sam Jasek . 1 day ago
2 weeks and only 6.6 million views?
Is mister beast washed?
Brandon E Brandon E . 1 day ago
2:59 looks like jimmy is only for team seas and not team lakes 😭
Cristian Mazariegos Cristian Mazariegos . 2 days ago
Dante Asher Dante Asher . 2 days ago
broo why did he not put this on his youtube it was very good
Gina Gina . 2 days ago
Omg I remember that yard episode this is so funny 😭
Kain Kain . 2 days ago
Yeah why do people like these? Like this video isn't even that fun? Just is like a flagrant expression of wealth.
Curb Curb . 2 days ago
Venmo must hate mr beast for this
Hey Jamie Hey Jamie . 2 days ago
Well Ludwig does know all about sunken chests. I’m sure that’s why mr beast gave him that task.
Sassia Sassia . 2 days ago
also ludwig is here LMAOOO
Superarash Superarash . 2 days ago
5:45 math nerds congregate
halcy halcy . 2 days ago
Reminder that if this video doesn't get 3.4 million views in the next 24 hours, Mr. Beast loses a bet with Ludwig made on The Yard podcast. Ludwig out scamming people as usual
UnknownHost UnknownHost . 2 days ago
Great work. Best video you have ever made by far. I don't think you could ever tops this... Unless 😏
Soulcolt sub please Soulcolt sub please . 2 days ago
Soulcolt sub please Soulcolt sub please . 2 days ago
Lonsai Lonsai . 2 days ago
they didnt give the sumo wrestler a chance lmao
_WinningBacn _WinningBacn . 2 days ago
Lego Stud Lego Stud . 2 days ago
Where’s good old Brandon AKA the AK guy to aim the cannons for them 😂
Zainab Richardson Zainab Richardson . 2 days ago
Jimmy making Ludwig explain to the contestants that they have to look for a "sunken chest" has to be the most elaborate and expensive setup to a pectus excavatum joke. Bravo
Chris P Carroll Chris P Carroll . 2 days ago
Floyd A Owens Floyd A Owens . 2 days ago
you best!
sacke110 sacke110 . 2 days ago
Amazing how close it was considering blue had to wait 30m more than red.
Ethan Lofgren Ethan Lofgren . 2 days ago
9:23 What the HELL, Chris?! 😠😡
Thirty_Blade Thirty_Blade . 2 days ago
Ludwig was like the npc that u will always hit skip when it starts talking
Noobie Q Noobie Q . 2 days ago
why did mrbeast scrap it?
dizzy_mp4 dizzy_mp4 . 2 days ago

POV: you unlocked a new car in Burnout: Paradise City
acat66 acat66 . 2 days ago
Ludwig's most popular video isnt even his lmao....
Consumer Thoughts Consumer Thoughts . 3 days ago
@mrbeast do a beast scraps
The Black’s Chaos The Black’s Chaos . 3 days ago
Can I just have a car? We are financially being put into a whole where we will not be axle to pay rent and it’s a long story but I just need a working car that’s reliable to get my girls to school and back

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