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Published on 1 year ago

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Country Music New Country Music New . 3 months ago
Guys Check Out Morgan Wallen New Song "You Proof"
iiquickreflex iiquickreflex . 1 month ago
I put this song on my playlist lol my favorite song bro keep up the work
iiquickreflex iiquickreflex . 1 month ago
Pulling 90 to 100 is my favorite part
Makkedah Show Makkedah Show . 1 month ago
Love this song 😍🤠🇺🇸
calabis calabis . 2 months ago
I like this better than the slightly sped up version he released
Im Reznovv Im Reznovv . 2 months ago
I wish he released this version instead of the other one. But they are both amazing
Darn. This version is better than the actual released version. They added too much background noise, too much “yeah”, and some rhythm is lost
The Groovy Guitar Dude The Groovy Guitar Dude . 2 months ago
For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how for beginners :)

- Standard Tuning - Capo 2nd Fret -

- Picking Pattern -
E| 3 0h3
A|3 0h2
D| 0h2 0 0 0
G| 0 0 0
B| 3 3 3

Repeat this picking pattern through the ENTIRE song!

Hope this helps out! If you get stuck and need a little extra help, I posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)
Daisy Johnson Daisy Johnson . 3 months ago
All Kane Brown's upcoming events and concerts will be cancelled due to his poor vocal. Kane Brown can't even sing a Lullaby song, he's such an embarrassment to real country singers. Everybody is leaving Kane Brown cuz he can't sing. He can't even sing a lullaby song. Kane Brown and Khalid they both can't sing squat. Their voices are not marketable. Their albums are not sellable. Never on pitch and can't even carry a tune. I wouldn't go to their concerts even if they pay me....people literally fall asleep during their concerts. We're fed up with their mediocre performances at CMA awards. They should be permanently banned from the American music industry.
Nash James Nash James . 3 months ago
I ain't gonna lie. I listen to this unreleased version ten times more than the song. Missed the mark on this one my guy
Harry Barnes Harry Barnes . 3 months ago
Lauren Alaina is way way too~u^gly~to be part of any collaboration. That's why she can't find anyone to sing with. Nobody wants to be seen with her or sing with her in public, because she sings like a loser and looks like a fool. She has a pathetic low life. Kane Brown is the only one whom she can depend on, but his music career is falling apart too because of his pathetic lousy performances at CMA awards. He's not gonna last very long in music business either. "Kane Brown and Khalid can't sing is an understatement". They both sound like street singers begging for spare change in the street. I feel sorry for them.
Josh Thompson Josh Thompson . 3 months ago
So glad you put the loud thank you stuff at the end of the video, I needed a good jump scare as I was crying
Zac Thurmond Zac Thurmond . 3 months ago
That’s so nice I thought I were you it was be so so nice I just don’t know what to say Katona saying help us for my grandma and grandpa’s niece charity charity Bella she’s really nice and I have a lot of friends
Jameson Kelley Jameson Kelley . 3 months ago
This song is so trash🗑
Kaitlyn Banner Kaitlyn Banner . 3 months ago
I think if he stuck with a beat like this or even something more blue grass it would be better than the pop/country sound he released it with
Mm Ct Mm Ct . 3 months ago
I like this version best
Over the Top Shot Over the Top Shot . 3 months ago
This version sounds better to me…
Meli H Meli H . 3 months ago
I hope they drop this version too. It’s SO much better
Gwen Gwen . 3 months ago
Oh my god best song ever
Sam Mathewson Sam Mathewson . 3 months ago
The people that leak good songs early with bad audio are the same people that break all the butterfinger bars at Walmart
Alexandra Gillian Alexandra Gillian . 3 months ago
This is wayyyy better than the released version 🫠😩
Addison Stentoft Addison Stentoft . 3 months ago
I like this better than the actual song
Mykayla Belcher Mykayla Belcher . 3 months ago
I like the way this version sounds rather than the released version that came out today
Nathan Wanke Nathan Wanke . 3 months ago
Love that this drops on Friday the thirteenth make it a Good Friday the thirteenth aye!!
Tristan Bell Tristan Bell . 3 months ago
One more day!! Let’s gooo!
Stussy Montana Stussy Montana . 3 months ago
Release tomorrow I’m Excited
Eli Dunn Eli Dunn . 3 months ago
We need this song
Emily’s Tiktok Corner Emily’s Tiktok Corner . 3 months ago
Jesus loves you so much!! He died for our sins and can heal you and forgive you!! all things work together for good
Daniel whan Daniel whan . 3 months ago
no way they put a 30 second outro at the end of this song, really killed the mood.
Danielle Haines Danielle Haines . 3 months ago
You proof comes out on Morgan’s birthday! 🎉🥳🎈🎊🎁
iAM jim iAM jim . 3 months ago
He got so many bangers he’s just sittin on em
Harley Harley . 3 months ago
may 13 needs to hurry tf up
Courtney Browder Courtney Browder . 3 months ago
I’m ready for it to release!!! i’m gonna be jamming to it everyday!
carly thompson carly thompson . 3 months ago
May 13th!!
godslisaru godslisaru . 3 months ago
I don't want him to be "You Proof"!!
Mrs. Samples Mrs. Samples . 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥💯👊🏾💕 I can't stop rocking to this give me more of this vibe it is life!!
Alicia Meza Alicia Meza . 3 months ago
Im going to see him this semptember!!! :)
Donleana Cantrell Donleana Cantrell . 3 months ago
Im here from tik tok and googled everything i thought he was saying to find this song 🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾 Definitely a hit !!!
Logan Furbeck Logan Furbeck . 3 months ago
Country Music New Country Music New . 3 months ago
Hey Guys
News As Come Which You All Waiting For "You Proof" Release on May 13🤩
Enjoy 🥳
Cece Leann Cece Leann . 3 months ago
I can’t wait til he releases this song! Love it there isn’t a song of his I don’t love!
Rhiannon O'Toole Rhiannon O'Toole . 3 months ago
May 13th!!!
Ava Wills Ava Wills . 3 months ago
may 13!!!
Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown . 3 months ago
It’s being released on May 13th 2022
Shawn Buchanan Shawn Buchanan . 3 months ago
It is set to release May 13th
Braden Thacker Braden Thacker . 3 months ago
He just officially announced this song on Instagram
Joe Sanders Joe Sanders . 3 months ago
May 13th 😁😁
DuramaxAD3 DuramaxAD3 . 3 months ago
MAY 13TH !!!!!
Jesus Montoya Jesus Montoya . 3 months ago
Its comming soon!!!
Earthy 117 Earthy 117 . 3 months ago
May 13th!!!!

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